Elgg Bottom Bar v0.6 alpha

Release Notes

Note: This plugin is still in alpha stage, and most likely has quite a few bugs in it .. you have been warned! ;)

** Updated chat version - very alpha release for those interested in helping bug test **

** First release using MySQL via ELGG objects - should solve the SQLite issue **

Welcome to my first attempt at a plugin!

The bottom_bar plugin adds a fixed bar at the bottom of the browser with an auto updating notification and friends list.

The notification button will show red when there are new notices to be seen. When the button is clicked, the notice is cleared ready for the next update. The friends list auto updates with a list of online friends.

As of v0.2, basic chat has been added to the system, including persistant windows between page loads, chat history, sound notifications and smiley and url translation. There are now some settings for both admin and user to enable/disable chat and a few other bits.

I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.0 & 3.5, and as far as I can tell it works ok. If anyone can test against other browsers/OS I would appreciated it. Also, please let me know if you come across another plugin that this conflicts with.

Known Bugs:

  • Chrome doesn't cache the sound files for some reason, so can block for a second or two when a notification sound is triggered.
  • Message delivery speed is not always consistant, but that might be due to my sandbox server ;)


Some screenshots ...






(yes I know the notification area is showing the same as the main page .. it was kind of the point to show the notifications were in sync ;) )

All constructive comments welcomed.


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  • @zeni - Go to the tool administration in the admin panel, and check the settings for the bottom bar.

    @Cronicmann - Thank you. The radio is a bit fussy as to it's source - it needs to be either an mp3 file hosted somewhere, or an icecast stream. If you look in the readme file, there is a sample url you can use to test it.

  • @The Mad Professor:

    I got already the info:

    "Database Options

    SQLite extensions not installed - using ELGG Objects"

    but if i type on the shell sqlite3, i see that sqlite ist installed.

    I have a red hat 4 distribution.

    What can I do?



  • man Please make its name Bottom Bar in USers setting

    At this time its showing its name bottom_bar thats doen;t look nice,

    or can you tell me here How to do that

  • Great plugin.  I was never able to get the sqlite libraries onto my server and this new version works great with the Elgg objects.  I will report any defects if I find some.

  • So our users have said they like the integrated chat.  However they have suggested adding a timestamp to messages so that you can see the last time someone sent you a message

  • @Dave H - Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the timestamps - my only concern is the amount of screen real estate they will take up.

  • Hello,

    I notice that this plugin as page load issue, when i disable the plugin it loads fast.

    you can try to use httpwatch or http page load monitoring software.

    hope it will be fixed, for now i use the elgg_chat latest version.

  • Ok, I will say this once more ...

    At the moment this is alpha software only - there is no code optimization yet, there are still bugs in the software, and this is not recommended in any way for a production site at the moment.

    The alpha version is for people interested in helping me test and bug fix the plugin.

    Once all the features are in place, I will move to a beta version, which will have the javascript compressed and optimized.

    While I do appreciate feedback, please please please please please read all of the notes and the comments before posting about things like page load times etc, as repeating old information is not constructive to the project.

  • @Mad Professor

    It's just that we all are very impatient. I for one accidential told one of my users about this functionality, and ever since all my users have been asking for it... :-)

  • @slyhne - Thanks :)

    All being well I will be publishing the next version this week, which will have the ability to use MySQL directly for the chat, hopefully speeding things up.

  • Wow great job MAD PROF.
    Cant wait for the update.

  • Awesome plug-in. Major props. I have 2 suggestions though.
    it would be a good feature that when you have a chat with somebody, you can close the chat panel by clicking on their button in the bar.
    Also, one of my users has a long username but instead of lengthening the button for my chat with him, his name gets cut off and continued on a new line which goes off the page.
    Look forward to future versions!

  • 2 more things, When a user switches pages, it automatically scrolls to the top of the open chat.
    And it seems that the plug-in has messed with the "Characters left: count. It doesn't change from 140 and you can type all you want but the message will still be cut off at 140 characters.
    Edit: Referring to the character count issue, I just realized that the bar's wire (when you click on the logo) will work on any page except the wire page. The wire page, however, doesn't work whether or not the bar's wire panel is open.   I know that was a little hard to follow so let me know if you didn't understand.

  • @RPicard - Thanks for the comments. I am looking into the clicking on the bottom bar button to minimise - I have been concentrating on getting the chat stable first though. I will look into the username issue as well, but I think that's going to be a case of truncating the name to get it to work properly.
    I will look into the wire problem as well - It was a bit of a quick hack to get it in ;)

  • Mr MadP
    ;-) I likes this heh heh.. gonna sneak into the code to *customize* the cosmetics...re: the chat --> we use a 3D Chat.. so kinda need to change the code...

  • @Dhrup  - No need to change it - you can disable the chat alltogether in the admin settings for the bottom bar ;)

  • @MP
    not follow yr remarkwe *do have a chat -- it is a *different chat will change code tee hee

  • ps: our chat is hosted elsewhere ;-)we're basicallly "simplifying'  and then "rebuilding" it to suit our cosmetic style...

  • @Dhrup - You can disable the chat in my plugin from the admin settings, leaving you to run any other chat you like :)

  • Oki...you have the whole Elgg Menu Array being pulled in..We want to choose *which "Tools" items goto bottom-barso.... gotta code a little bit more, but not big job...

  • PS:Good mawning Mister Professor...HowZ da coffee LOLZ ??? ( I have other friends in the UK that I keep tabs on...  )

  • Coffee is good thanks ... just having my second mug of the day before I start my real work!

  • I'm getting a weird twilight zone error. When I click notifications>mine I'm getting their notifications and they're getting mine. Weird. Any ideas?

  • @Mick - No ideas, but I am going to rework the notifications box once the chat is proven stable

The Mad Professor

Nutter .. Brit .. that's about it! ;)


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