Elgg Bottom Bar v0.2 alpha

Release Notes

Note: This plugin is still in alpha stage, and most likely has quite a few bugs in it .. you have been warned! ;)

** First chat version - very alpha release for those interested in helping bug test **

Welcome to my first attempt at a plugin!

The bottom_bar plugin adds a fixed bar at the bottom of the browser with an auto updating notification and friends list.

The notification button will show red when there are new notices to be seen. When the button is clicked, the notice is cleared ready for the next update. The friends list auto updates with a list of online friends.

As of v0.2, basic chat has been added to the system, including persistant windows between page loads, chat history, sound notifications and smiley and url translation. There are now some settings for both admin and user to enable/disable chat and a few other bits.

I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.0 & 3.5, and as far as I can tell it works ok. If anyone can test against other browsers/OS I would appreciated it. Also, please let me know if you come across another plugin that this conflicts with.

Known Bugs:

  • Occasional chat messages are lost - still looking into this one.
  • Chrome doesn't cache the sound files for some reason, so can block for a second or two when a notification sound is triggered.
  • Message delivery speed is not always consistant, but that might be due to my sandbox server ;)


Some screenshots ...






(yes I know the notification area is showing the same as the main page .. it was kind of the point to show the notifications were in sync ;) )

All constructive comments welcomed.


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  • @The Mad Professor

    Some bugs discovered:

    1. The message shown when no users are online changes randomly between english and my own language (I made a localized language file)
    2. When testing with 2 users, user1 could see the user2 as online while user2 couldn't see user1 as online. When looking at online users in te member plugin both users where online.
    3. I had to put the plugin at the top of the list, otherwise the bar would go to the top of the page and not be fixed in position.

    Really looking forward to bring this plugin to my users, it's a great piece of work.


  • @slyhne - Thanks for the bug report. Some questions please ...

    re point 1. - I think I know what is causing this, and will look into it.

    re point 2. - Was this constant, or just when they logged on to begin with? The script dynamically slows itself down to reduce load on the server, which is configurable in the admin settings. Does this happen if you turn the max refresh down to say 10 seconds?

    re point 3. - What other plugins do you have please? Do you have anything else installed that modifies either the header, or puts anything at the bottom of the page?

  • Just to confirm, I have tracked down the language bug for the friends online list

  • @Professor

    re point 2. - It's constant, user2 never see user1 online, and user1 allways see user2 online, pretty weird. Even stranger user1 can initiate a chat and user2 gets notified and they can chat, but user2 still see user1 as offline

    re point 3. - It's a 1.6.1 installation with the following ekstra plugins: event_calendar 0.81, tidypics 1.6.3, bloglistssummary 0.2, izap-profile-visitors 1.1, datepicker 0.1, customspotlight 1.0, friend_request 1.5, site_access 2.3, and my own theme converted to Elgg 1.6.1

    I tried moving it above my theme, as its the one tha I know modifies header.

    It's running on a upgraded 1.5 database.

  • @Professor

    Found the conflicting plugin by moving bottom_bar to the bottom and taking it step by step. It's the site_access plugin. Now I'll look into that plugin to see what's conflicting.

    Another thing, when a chat is in progress and you try to see if other friends are online, the friends window is covered a little in the left side of the chat window - not a big issue.. :-)

  • @Slyhne ... Thanks again. The friends one is a strange one, as obviously it picks out the friends in the same way for each user. Can you confirm which browser they are using incase it's something to do with that. If anyone else is able to recreate the problem then please let me know.

    As for the position, I am not sure that I will be able to cure that completely, as with many plugins, order will be important .. even more so when you have something that modifys the header as mine does ... though that said, it shouldn't make a huge difference, as long as it can still write to the header file, unless it's doing something funky with divs.

  • Ah yes - the friends window ... I will tidy that up a bit when I get chance! lol

  • @Professor

    I'm still trying to figure out what's going on...

    user1 is a normal user

    user2 is siteadmin

    Tried a third user (user3), and that worked like i should against user1

    user3 can also see user2 (the siteadmin) as online, but user2 never see anyone online. Looks like there is an issue for admins...

    Does that help? :-)

  • Another little thing.

    When the chat window is open it should minimize when clicking on the name in the bottom bar, and not just when clicking on the minimize symbol.

  • @slyhne ... Not a huge amount as I am testing on my setup using an admin account, and there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work .... friends are friends regardless! lol

    I notice you are using the friends request plugin ... not sounding stupid, but has the admin user accepted the friends request in case it is doing some wierd one-way thing?

  • Chat window closing on clicking the title button should be an easy fix ... I'll look into that one ;)

  • @Professor

    I had the same thought, so I removed user1 as friend and requested a new friendship with user2 - but it's the same behavior :-(

  • @Professor

    ... And friend request was of course accepted by the other user :-)

  • @the mad professor, I had several friends logged in and it still displayed everyone as offline.

  • image

    I think I have fixed the friends online not showing ... will need testing though

  • @slyhne & omaolain - new version just uploaded for testing - should have sorted the friends not showing up bug ...

The Mad Professor

Nutter .. Brit .. that's about it! ;)


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