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Release Notes

Note: This plugin is still in alpha stage, and most likely has quite a few bugs in it .. you have been warned! ;)

Welcome to the first release of my first attempt at a plugin!

The bottom_bar plugin adds a fixed bar at the bottom of the browser with an auto updating notification and friends list.

The notification button will show red when there are new notices to be seen. When the button is clicked, the notice is cleared ready for the next update. The friends list auto updates with a list of online friends.

At the moment, the friends list only shows a list with a clickable link to that persons profile.

I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.0, and as far as I can tell it works ok. If anyone can test against other browsers/OS I would appreciated it. Also, please let me know if you come across another plugin that this conflicts with.

Some screenshots ...




(yes I know the notification area is showing the same as the main page .. it was kind of the point to show the notifications were in sync ;) )

All constructive comments welcomed.

  • @Mad  A screen shot would be cool.

  • Thats realy nice, buuuut it "collides" with the elggchat :(


  • @goof - Added as requested ;)

    @Cube - Hmm .. Don't have elggchat installed. How is it "colliding" and I will have a look.

  • Very nice I will look at it 

  • "colliding" is the wrong word, both tools are on the same place... Elggchat shows behind your plugin if is activated.  But not all have this Chat enabled, is ok. Great work.

  • @Cube - Ah, ok. I'll take a look when I get a few to see if I can do something with it, but I have a feeling they are using the same CSS trick as me.

  • Very nice indeed..however I am getting about 5px on either side of the bar.  Would yoou know the location and line to 100% of screen.

  • I put the slight border there on purpose for the moment to stop the vertical scroll appearing in IE7 at the start of this plugin, and forgot to rework them! I'll add it to the list for the next version.

    If you want to edit it yourself, open views/default/css/bottom_bar.php - change the 99% in the #bb_bar definition and have a play :)

  • This looks really great.... I think this is what Elgg chat is missing - perhaps a combination or maybe add chat function into this?? I like the friends online aswell... i've had trouble with elgg chat shoing friends online etc etc.... will test this out - but i like the look of it so far

  • @Korins - Thanks. The plan is to add chat to the bar similar to facebook, but I wanted to get the basics out in the wild and tested before I moved to the next stage, as my facilities to test are a little limited at the moment. :)

  • @Mad thx I will have a look

  • Chat function is a must mate!!! You can see code from the chat plugin someone made which btw is also amazing. This is just what I need by far, and it works quite well in 1.5 for anyone who wants to know. Only problem is that it doesn't spread across the whole page, but I'll look into that, I'm sure it's a simple layout fix. Thanks man.



  • @The Mad Professor

    If u can add the notification part to the elggchat of jeroen. Then ur plugin will be super cool. :-)

  • Okay to anyone on 1.5

    Edit this file:


    Edit to this:


    #bb_container {
        height: 25px;
        width: 100%;
        bottom: 0px;
        position:fixed; z-index: 10000;


    #bb_bar {
        width: 100%;
        height: 25px;
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
        overflow: hidden;
        border: solid 1px #999999;
        background: #333333 url(<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>_graphics/toptoolbar_background.gif) repeat-x top left;


    #bb_notification_top {
        color: blue;
        font-weight: 900;
        font-size: 12px;
        width: 100%;
        padding: 2px 0px 0px 0px;

    Now it will display across the whole of the screen.

  • Excellent plugin, thanks a lot.

  • Nice Job, just installed it... a few things: if you logout due to been inactive or someother way then in the notification box it goes red - this is great, however when you click it and it shows your homepage within the popup notification so it gets a bit messy there. A follow on from there, once you try to login again after been inactive or other reasons, from say your home page you login and get "  No friends online|0 " on a blank screen after logging in..... in the address bar you get redirected to http://youraddress.com/mod/bottom_bar/update.php?type=mine&nbsp; . best way to replicate it i found was to login using IE then login with the same user name with firefox... it forces one person to get loggedout. My steps from there was first I pressed the red highlighted notification in the bottom bar. It showed my homepage within the pop window. So I then clicked on home - to login again. I logged in and then it redirected me to http://youraddress.com/mod/bottom_bar/update.php?type=mine  &nbsp; ....  i clicked the back button and it showed me as loggin....

    This probably would be very unusal for someone to end up with this senario and i stumbled onto it because i was testing a few other things with my site... however where i see it maybe an issue is when say someone looses internet connectivity and has to login again when using elgg?... i do have quite a few plugins installed and using 1.6.1 so this isn't testing on a fresh site... but this so far is the only issue... it looks really promising!! I think its good you started with the notification and friends online first before the chat option - good to get these right to begin with



  • Hey guys I have cometchat (www.cometchat.com) full integration version which is more like FACEBOOK I'm will to upload it  for anyone who wants to help integrate it with the elgg platform. Nice job by the way on this plugin but i think we can reach our goal faster if we integrate this chatbar.

  • @Korins - Thanks for that. It wasn't a scenario I had considered, but it makes sense. I will look into the redirects and see what's what there.

    @Youngie - Yeah, as I said, chat is coming ;) Also, thanks for the update for people with the CSS. It will be fixed in the next version - I had set it short while I was designing it as IE had a habit of popping up a scroll bar while I was sorting the divs etc, and then forgot to fix it!

  • Is there a notification plugin which works off things like friend requsts new mail?? bit more like facebook notifications? the river shows site activity and friend activity but i think the notifications should be more like new friend requests, mail, posts on your wall, comments on potos - i know some of these are in the river.... is there a plugin like this? the notification plugin already in built does the email notifications and internal email messages ....

    also the site notifications working fine, however the "mine" seems to be showing up the "friends" activity....  

  • Perhaps "mine" was the wrong terminology - it is notifications specifically for you, rather than site wide ones. I will look into seeing if I can hook into friends requests etc. This is not a final version by any stretch of the imagination, and I fully intend to expand and improve it as I go along ;)

    Thanks for the input, and keep the ideas coming

  • does this plugin works for elgg 1.5 ??? i enabled the puglin but it is displaying everything on top of the page that too in a messy way ...

  • @anurag - I've not tested it with 1.5, though Youngie posted some info about working with 1.5 above

  • @The Mad Professor - ha I see, no worries then and I can't wait for the chat function :).

    @anurag - have you tried moving the plugin up and down the list?

  • @The Mad Professor

    Chat as pop up window. That would be nice :-)

    and sound notification ;)

  • @Clinton - Do you mean a pop-up div like facebook, or a full pop out new window?

The Mad Professor

Nutter .. Brit .. that's about it! ;)


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