Site Feedback Form v0.4

Release Notes

Adds a Feedback button to all pages so that the user can provide feedback to the site administrator. The feedback can be reviewed by the administrator under the Administration->Site Feedback menu.

0.4 fixes

  1. Works without captcha enabled too (beware of SPAMMERS)
  2. Fixed captcha input to take up less vertical space (shortens the form)
  3. Display status on success or failure with a close button. After closing form the feedback form is enabled again for another round of feedback!
  4. Fixed issue with div masking page elements (e.g. Login text boxes)

0.3 fixes

  1. Fixed position of the form
  2. Captcha support to avoid spam

0.2 fixes

  1. Always keep the form on top
  2. Shrink the wrapper when form is collapsed so that it does not act like invisible div
  3. Added user's mood and about selector to give more richness to feedback
  4. Allow textarea to work when tinyMCE plugin is present (avoid rich textbox)
  5. Auto track the URL from which feedback is provided


  • Really nice work...

    Found a Bug: I load our Blog site, but the links in the first Blogpost (Blog Titel...) are not clickable. If you open and directly close Feedback, then this links works normaly :D

    Test it here by click on the first blogpost Titel


    Good Night, good fight...


  • @Cube: Try the latest zip file (I just switched it after loading 0.4 up) and this should fix the problem with the non-clickable links.

  • Thx, works fine now :)

    Only for suggestion:

    1. Grab Username for loggedin users, so they don´t need retyping this one.

    2. Make a public page, so users can see what other users write on feedback, of course only if it unlocks by admin.

  • Thanks the form length now fits perfectly.

    When submitting the feedback form I get the successful message. The next time I open the feedback form I have all the criteria of my previous message including the same captcha. The only time it refreshes is when I change the page I'm viewing. Any chance of a refresh on submission of feedback?

    This is a must need for elgg, great work!

  • @Prashant

    Ahhh, plz forget suggestion 1, this works already! ;)

  • Hey!  You're awesome!  Thanks for this plugin.

  • Hi,

    I am facing an issue when I open the Feedback dialog, as it is getting overlapped by the Canvas Header Menu. Here is a screenshot:

    The issue is probably with the Canvas Menu, but I am not sure of the fix. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?


  • I installed it, but there is one problem-when i try to delete the comments from the admin panel it says " THE REQUESTED ACTION WAS NOT DEFINED IN THE SYSTEM" I just cant delete comments. 

  • @Cube, In regard to your #2, I think the equivalent feedback plugin for Joomla writes to a forum instead of an email address. Perhaps this could be reworked to write to a specific group as a discussion topic as well as to the admin backend which it currently does. I think that would be the most useful in my mind.

  • ASide from the error that I cant delete comments, I have this long list of things when i open a comment, something like this " guid: 2185

    type: object   subtype: 19

    owner_guid: 2   container_guid: 2

    site_guid: 1   access_id: 0

    time_created: 1257748299

    time_updated: 1257748299

    enabled: yes

    tables_split: 2

    tables_loaded: 2




    page: /pg/profile/admin

    mood: happy

    about: suggestions

    id: Friends 

    txt: profile

    Are these things normal?

    And can anyone help me how to solve the problem that i cant delete comments....

  • Very good plugin, but I have a problem, I use a modified tinymce plugin, when I turn on the feedback, it becomes a standard tinymce =(

  • Hello,

                    I think I might of run into a bug.  I am not sure if anyone else is having this problem.  It seems like the feedback is messing with the first two text boxes of the registration screen.  The cursor won't let you write anything in these text boxes unless you open and close the feedback feature and only then can you write in the first two fields.  If I disable the feedback feature, the text boxes work.  Try to sign up a new account with the feedback feature enabled.


  • @cofelice

    I think that bug is fixed.  He uploaded two files next to each other, the last one had the bug fixed.  You might have gotten the earlier version.  Mine works fine now, try downloading it again.

  • oh ok thank you, i will give it a try.

  • cool thanks, that's what it was.  thanks for your help

  • Hi

    Ive installed the plugin in 1.6.1

    I can see the feedback button at the left of all the pages .
    BUt when i click on it nothing happens.
    i get this erron in firebug:
    "FeedBack_Toggle is not defined"

    any idea?



  • @Prashand

    I found a problem with media browser (tinyMCE), if you upload at example an image for a new blog post or simliar, you can not embbed this in editor.



  • Hi

    I found the problem ive had.
    It was in the transaltion file. I was using " for the text in the translation file. Ive changet with simple colon and everything worked ok.

  • Hi,

    I'm new to Elgg so excuse my basic questions. I've installed Feedback  1.6 into an Elgg 1.5 site and works great. I've also installed the Uncaptcha plugin and enabled it but for some reason it doesn't show up on the Feedback form.

    Appreciate any suggestions, have a great day,



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