Site Feedback Form v0.3

Release Notes

Adds a Feedback button to all pages so that the user can provide feedback to the site administrator. The feedback can be reviewed by the administrator under the Administration->Site Feedback menu.

0.3 fixes

  1. Fixed position of the form
  2. Captcha support to avoid spam

0.2 fixes

  1. Always keep the form on top
  2. Shrink the wrapper when form is collapsed so that it does not act like invisible div
  3. Added user's mood and about selector to give more richness to feedback
  4. Allow textarea to work when tinyMCE plugin is present (avoid rich textbox)
  5. Auto track the URL from which feedback is provided


  • cool has captcha ..gonna try this later during the day and tell you how it fares!

  • Wow, this looks amazing.  The only thing is that it keeps saying "Could not submit feedback."  Maybe there's something else I need to do to install it?

  • Adding captcha makes the form extend below the page. Therefore I can't seem to find the submit button. Otherwise it seems great! Nice work.


  • Wau, I am very impressed with mood, abut, submit site info, added boxes customization. You work like a charm.

    New suggestions to consider:

    1. Style of title and text customization in css, if possible

    2. There is a button open/close, I know, but autoclose the form after succesfull submission - it looks just a little bit similar concept.

    And now my main HOW?: I am using siteaccess, so I have disabled captcha. Is there any chance to rework your 0.2 with site access (muliti version) or any idea how it can work?


  • @Agus Darwanto - thx I am looking forward

    @Prashant Juvekar - thx for this plugin. It attracts attention, so it is a bigger chance to get response from the first time visitors.

    Very small translation note (tested on 0.2): Mood and about are not yet listening to translations. Can the script buttons - sent, cancel technically be added to translations?

  • Yes, it was the captcha.  I love this!  I do have to mess around with it because I cannot get to my submit button with the captcha.  Also, has anyone noticed their login box?  When I activate this plugin, the username field of the login box becomes disabled.

  • everything is fine. you can do something like this. After clicking submit button, u can add message like " your message has been submitted ". Apart from this, your plugin works like a charm

  • The username field appears to be disabled when trying to login. If I scroll up or down, then it becomes enabled.

    Please suggest a fix for this.

    @Prashant: Great plugin! I was looking for this.

  • Very Nice Job

                                It works for me but I have one question.  After I sent the feed backform, the form still stays open.  A green message reads that the feedback was successfully sent.  Is the form suppose to stay open and the user has to hit cancel to get it to close?  Does your feedback form close after you send it?



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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