Wookie Widgets v2.0

Release Notes

  • Plugin works with the newest Elgg and Wookie version
  • Drop-down menu for the user to choose which widget should be displayed
  • Height/width of a widget can be specified by the user (and overrides the manifest file definitions)


  • Download plugin and place it in [elggDir]/mod/
  • Adapt file [elggDir]/mod/wookie/views/default/widgets/wookie/functions.php:
    • $vars['entity']->wookie_url (URL to Wookie engine)
    • $vars['entity']->wookie_api_key (your requested API key)
    • $vars['entity']->wookie_shareddatakey (the shared data key)
  • Enable the plugin in Elgg
  • Now you should be able to add Wookie widgets to your dashboard

Notice: You need an up and running Wookie engine for the plugin to work.

The plugin is in a beta state and still needs to be tested. It is also under continuous development.


  • Looks great - has it been tested with 1.5?

  • I'll answer my own question - seems to work fine in 1.5, but am yet to install the wookie engine on my server. WIll try later in the day!

  • I gave it a go and got it working with a Wookie server on my local machine - hurray!
    Note that the shared data key should be set dynamically to the unique id of the widget object - so the id of whatever the entity is in Elgg that contains the widget - rather than a static value. Otherwise there will always be one shared state across all  widgets in Elgg (i.e. all chat widgets everywhere will participate in the same conversation, not just the ones in the same dashboard/profile)

  • Hi,
    Where and how do i get my, URL to Wookie engine,  API key and the shared data key.

  • @jimbob: thanks for testing it with 1.5
    @scott: thanks for your help in setting the shared data key correctly and for adding participants. i have integrated it in version 2.1
    @jose: please use version 2.1 of the plugin, where you only have to set the URL and API key. just get a copy of the wookie engine from www.getwookie.org, install the server either as standalone or in a tomcat application server. if you have wookie running, obtain an API key using wookie's web-interface (navigate to e.g. http://localhost:8080/wookie). the url to the wookie server and the key are the things you have to add to the plugin.


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: Expat (MIT) License
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2200
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