RiverFaces 0.3 v0.2

Release Notes



 - Added setting parameter to define the user icon size.

 - A couple of changes to css.


  • just woundering.

    will this one work with  the  3 column riverdashboard   ?

  • If it works on the  3 column riverdashboard then i can use this. I do actually think this is a great mod.

  • I have not tried that plugin, but it should probably work well with it... the only way to know for sure is to try it, just copy and enable my plugin and if it does not work well you can disable it. If anyone tries it please write the result of the test, and if there is any problem I'll try to fix it (I'm afraid I have no time today for testing but I'd do it as soon as I can).

  • I got some time and tested the 3 column riverdashboard... the riverfaces plugin "works", but the only thing you get from using my plugin together with it is the possibility to modify the user icon size, and you lose the little time icon in the river items (it would be possible to add it again by modifying my plugin, maybe i'll do it in the next version).

  • Re: Fitosan

    Ah well hope you will get this added in the next version soon then :)
    Couce i realy like this idea.

    And keep up this great work :)

  • Very nice and useful plugin. I've got it installed on one of my sites - will likely update my other production sites with this in a few days. Thank you for your talent and efforts!

  • @Lordfunkey I noticed after my last comment a strange thing when mixing both plugins, the user context menu in the user icons is not working anymore... I'll try to figure it out when i have some time.

    @AlexTanchoco Good to hear that you liked it, please keep me informed if you have any problem with it or if you think of possible improvements / new functionalities.

  • The only thing I can think of, perhaps to visually an option checkbox to add image height and width option so that it matches the gray activity icons using the tiny icons.  Tiny is a bit bigger and Toolbar is a bit too small (almost the same size but not quite).   I know this is too much of nitpicking but since you asked... :-)

  • New version 0.3 available of the RiverFaces plugin.
    - Added small clock next to the time display (idea & icon from the '3 column dashboard' plugin).   
    - Added option to adjust user icon size to that of the small activity type icon (idea from Alex Tanchoco).   
    - Added option to remove the user icon context menu.
    - Spanish translation included.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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