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This plugin allows you to subscribe to blog posts and group topic discussions, sending you a message whenever a comment is added to a blog post or a reply is added to a group topic discussion to which you are subscribed. It also adds a "My Subscriptions" button on your profile status page.

When you enable the plugin, a new button will appear on all blog post and topic discussion pages, "Subscribe". If you click the button, it will change to "Unsubscribe" and another button will appear, "Show subscribers". If you click on the Show subscribers button, a pop-up window will appear with the profile icons and names of all users who are currently subscribed to that blog post
or topic discussion. You will receive a message from the Elgg system when someone comments on the blog post or replies to the topic discussion. If you're not interested in the post or topic any more, just click on the "Unsubscribe" button. If a post or topic already has subscribers, you'll see the Show subscribers button even if you are not a subscriber.

  • This version is a minor bugfix for some browsers that couldn't resolve the link to a subscriber

  • Cool plugin... when we click either 'show my subscriptions' or 'show subscribers', it brings up the pop-up, but it simply loads the dashboard... any thoughts?

  • abandoned

    Great plugin. Working perfectly on my Elgg 1.6.1 site.

  • Hi, When enabling this plugin, the following is displayed at the very top of the page and in all widgets.  This occurs in both 1.6 and 1.7RC1 versions:

    * @copyright codeBrane 2009 * @link */ require_once($CONFIG->pluginspath . "blogwatch/lib/blogwatchlib.php"); global $CONFIG; /** * Initialises the plugin */ function blogwatch_init() { global $CONFIG; // Initialise our database tables if (!is_blogwatch_schema_installed()) { init_blogwatch_schema(); } extend_view("object/blog", "blogwatch/blogwatch"); extend_view("forum/viewposts", "blogwatch/blogwatch", 1); extend_view('metatags', 'blogwatch/metatags'); if(isloggedin()) { extend_view('profile/status', 'blogwatch/profile'); } } // Register our event handlers register_elgg_event_handler("init", "system", "blogwatch_init"); register_elgg_event_handler('annotate', 'object', 'blogwatch_new_comment'); register_elgg_event_handler('delete', 'object', 'blogwatch_delete_subscriptions'); // Register our cron handler register_plugin_hook('cron', "fiveminute", "blogwatch_cron"); // Register our actions register_action("blogwatch/form", false, $CONFIG->pluginspath . "blogwatch/actions/form.php"); register_action("blogwatch/subscribers", false, $CONFIG->pluginspath . "blogwatch/actions/subscribers.php"); register_action("blogwatch/subscriptions", false, $CONFIG->pluginspath . "blogwatch/actions/subscriptions.php"); // Register the BlogWatch entity register_entity_type('object', 'blogwatch'); add_subtype('object', 'blogwatch', 'BlogWatch'); ?> * @copyright codeBrane 2009 * @link */ $english = array( // River "item:object:blogwatch" => "Updated blog post or group discussion topic", // Notification strings "blogwatch:notify:subject" => "notification", "blogwatch:notify:body:header" => "The following post or topic has been updated", "blogwatch:notify:body:footer" => "please note you may have to login before viewing the post or topic.", // Cron output "blogwatch:cron:return:string" => "blogwatch notifications available", // Main blogwatch view "blogwatch:view:blogwatch:subscribe:button" => "Subscribe", "blogwatch:view:blogwatch:unsubscribe:button" => "Unsubscribe", "blogwatch:view:blogwatch:subscribers:button" => "Show subscribers", "blogwatch:view:blogwatch:subscribers:popup:title" => "Subscribers to", // Profile page "blogwatch:view:profile:status:subscriptions:button" => "Show my subscriptions", "blogwatch:view:profile:subscriptions:popup:title" => "My Subscriptions", ); add_translation("en", $english); ?>

  • @moosh101

    goto start.php

    look at the top line

     * start
     * @package Blogwatch

    change to -->

     * start
     * @package Blogwatch

  • Hi Dhrup.De.Scopp

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.  I am also having serious trouble with email validation in both versions.  New users are not being sent email verifications, so in essence, no one can join my network.  I sincerly appreciate any assistance you, or anyone, can offer.  Many thanks for your time,  Shane.

  • Hi Codebrane,

    We have a small problem with the module Blogwatch in version 1.7 and want to know if it happens to more people.

    By clicking on the "View My Subscriptions" button on the profile of each user, the token is lost and the plugin stops working.

    You have an example of what happens on the link below.

    Let me know you think. Txks.

    A greeting.

  • 0.9.4 should fix all these problems - thanks for letting me know


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