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This plugin allows you to subscribe to blog posts and group topic discussions, sending you a message whenever a comment is added to a blog post or a reply is added to a group topic discussion to which you are subscribed. It also adds a "My Subscriptions" button on your profile status page.

When you enable the plugin, a new button will appear on all blog post and topic discussion pages, "Subscribe". If you click the button, it will change to "Unsubscribe" and another button will appear, "Show subscribers". If you click on the Show subscribers button, a pop-up window will appear with the profile icons and names of all users who are currently subscribed to that blog post
or topic discussion. You will receive a message from the Elgg system when someone comments on the blog post or replies to the topic discussion. If you're not interested in the post or topic any more, just click on the "Unsubscribe" button. If a post or topic already has subscribers, you'll see the Show subscribers button even if you are not a subscriber.

  • @Brane

    I'm sticking my nose around again lolz ;-) but this looks interesting.. I think I will look into your code to adapt this to do same for groups which are created automatically and members added also automatically for some academic friend of mine (at a university around your area).

  • @Dhrup

    feel free to mess with it! I may change it to use class attributes instead of custom database tables as some bloke reckons new tables are bad for Elgg.

  • @Brane

    really cool plugin...

    Too bad it's not possible to use language files...

  • This, is, unbelievable =)

    Since the first time, I think this is one of the features missing in core elgg and the community site for building better communities; notifications. I was going to search / add a trac ticket for it, but before I wanted to take a look at addons, and this addon was submitted 15 mins before =)

    Subscribing to groups is not very helpful sometimes, well most times in my case. I think one thing affecting our community in a bad way is that you probably won't know if someone has replied you, or to a subject you are interested in. This gets worse when time frames get longer. This also discourages people writing comments on threads which are not active for sometime.

    I personally, can only check last 2 3 subjects I have commented on, and it's not easy to track them. This one is needed for this very site =) And users should have an option (on by default) to autosubscribe to any thread they have commented on, and stop getting emails after the first one till they revisit the subject.

    May need some more work, but marked as an essential =)


  • @Dark

    (1)    Why unbeliveable ?? LOLZ ;-) Check out CodeBrane's credentials like I did long ago and you'll be singing the "It's Possible..." refrain..

    (2)    Group Notifications could not be a real a problem provided one is diligent. I have *never missed any posts that holds interest for me. And I never went running around prowling on every post to see what was going on.

    (3)    "Features missing in Core Elgg" in a contradiction because from the start CiurveRider have promoted Elgg as a "Platform" for building Social Networking apllications upon.. even though - out-of-the-box, Elgg does offer most of the usual pre-packaged features one might want. We only get into trouble and blaming the tool when we start asking Elgg to be "like FazeBook" or "SlySpace".


  • Yes, this is a great plugin but.... Ack! It's adding "item:object:blogwatch" in the river filter and searches (literally, that's how it appears because there's no language file but that's not even the problem). Is there any way to remove it from both?

  • @Dhrup

    (3) Yeah, I really used a wrong term for this, I knew just after posting. Core has nothing to do with this kind of stuff, but to provide good messaging between addons and a good base structure to give more possibilities. Just wanted to say I've missed this feature, 3rd party or not, which works very well for me, personally on many forum software and social networks.

    (1) Unbelievable, b/c I've been watching addons for months, nearly in a hourly fashion, and seen this one just after I decided to add a feature request and was going to look for an existing addon, and it was posted 15 mins before =)

    Yeah, but we don't require our community members to be dilligent or intelligent =) It even is a great utility / timesaver for me on something I'm watching for work. If there is a new reply on a thread I commented 6 months ago, and which had no activity for months, I'm not aware of it frankly, if it's not vital.
    And I really wouldn't want to open 10s of threads for different subjects at the same time, as it's not easy to track without a notification system. That's why I like to use Trac, when something I wrote a few months ago has an activity, I'll know about it, and I can write about everything I find.

    On an unprofessional social network, it's a different story, people will have many many more comments, and won't be tracking threads as they won't need it, but it's a very good way to keep the activity and build a better communication.

    So I think a good notification system has a very important place on a big social network.

  • Hi Codebrane,

    This is a nice and useful idea ... I guess this is your first plugin :) and i suggest that you take a few time to see how elgg works and developp this plugin for elgg architecture, which means :

    - dont add any extra table
    - use elgg genuine notifications api
    - use the genuine elgg object class to create new object
    - Do not put views in actions
    and so on ...

    Great idea and great work but i can't use such an exotic module in my installation

  • Glad to see it's useful!

    @Duck absolutely. That's why I wrote it. I just can't remember which topics I read and I don't want to manage loads of RSS subscriptions for them. As the core team say though, Elgg is a platform, so I built a tool for the platform.

    @slyhne I'll look at adding language files and see what that river thing is doing.

    @fabrice This is my second plugin! but the other was purely backend so yes, Elgg UI interaction is new to me. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this so you might want to point it out. It doesn't say don't add new tables anywere. BlogWatch is a genuine ElggObject class (ElggEntity). Where have I put a view in an action? The only views I use are the ones I extend. The only submit buttons point to actions. Also, the Elgg "ORM" does strange things with classes so I'd rather have my own class and cater for its idiosyncracies in its own tables.

    Can't see why plugin helper tables shoud not be used.

  • @fabrice one more thing, isn't notify_user() part of the elgg genuine notifications api? ;)

  • @lawrence no idea why Elgg is doing that. The plugin isn't interacting with the river so it must be elgg doing that. Anyone want to say why?

  • 0.9.1 is now ready folks. I've added languages/en.php

    not sure where the river text is coming from - is there any way to disable that for the plugin?


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