Messages improved - Groups & Collections of friends support v1.1

Release Notes

Plugin "messages" improved  V 1.1 . Now you can send a message to a friend, a group or/and a collection of friends

Fixed: translation problems with the english language.

To Do: fix encoding problems into mails for special chars like "é, à, è..."

special thanks to C4LP


Install :

  1. disable "messages" from the admin panel,
  2. rename the folder "messages" (juste in case...),
  3. copy the new "messages" folder from "" to /mod
  4. enable "messages"

    This plugin is based on the "messages" plugin modified by Facyla.
    By Adrian for the i-com Company


Plugin "messages" amélioré pour écrire aux groupes et groupements de contacts V 1.1.

Corrigé: problèmes de traduction en Anglais

A faire: résoudre le problème d'encodage des caractères spéciaux dans les mails comme "é, à , è ..."

remerciements à C4LP

Installation :

  1. désactiver "messages" depuis le panneau d'administration,
  2. renommer le dossier "messages" (juste au cas où..),
  3. copier le contenu de l'archive (dossier "messages" dans /mod/ ),
  4. réactiver "messages"

    Ce plugin reprend la base du plugin "messages" modifié par Facyla.
    Par Adrian pour la sociéé i-com.

  • Great plugin, tested with 1.6.1 and working perfectly fine. However, there are a few things that would be beneficial to the plugin and all the users.

    Problem: When you are sending a message to user who is not in your contact list, then the compose message header looks like:

    "Send a Message

    [avatar] Username    To:"


    How do I reverse this, so "To:" comes before the Username/avatar that I am sending the message to?


    1- It would be awesome if you can provide a configurable setting for sending a message to Group for users. So admins can configure whether users can send messages to entire groups or not.

    2- And it would be fantastic if you can add "send message to All Users" option for Admins. So they can send message to all Users.


    Thank you

  • Hi Carter,

    thanks for the advice and the really constructiv comment' ; I'll add all this things to my ToDoList ;-)

  • Hi Adrian,

    Could i see the person info whom i sent messages in Sent messages list box, as right now if i sent someone message then i could not able to know that to whom i sent message until i open that message and get to knw..And also I could able to see only 10 messages in the list..Can we see more than 10 sent messages?

  • Hi adrian

    Nice plugin
    THere is a bug in forms/messages.php

    You are not using the translation file for the following lines:

    line 67 :    <p><label><?php echo elgg_echo("messages:to")." l'utilisateur "; ?>: </label>

    line 85:   <p><label><?php echo elgg_echo("messages:to")." le ".elgg_echo("group"); ?>: </label>

    line 98 p><label><?php echo elgg_echo("messages:to")." le ".elgg_echo("regroupement de contacts"); ?>: </label>


  • @viral85: I think this is a bug. Look at the file mod/messages/views/default/messages/view.php. In line 90 you find:

    $user = get_entity($message->toID);

    Change this to

    $user = get_entity($message->toId);

    Worked for me.


  • @Adrian - I'm wondering. Did you base this plugin based on the LATEST official messages (version 0.4 I think) ?

  • Is this plugin compatible with Elgg 1.7?

  • Est-ce que le problème d'encodage des caractères spéciaux dans les mails est désormais résolu ?

  • Very nice plugin, unfortunatelly not working with 1.7

    error Form is missing_token or _ts fields

    Anyone knows how to fix it?

  • anyone has test it with elgg 1.7?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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