useravailable v1.0

Release Notes

On register, check username, e-mail availability

  • nice plugin hope it works, thank you bubu

  • Would this be compatible with Jeroen's custom profile plugin?

  • nice work...doe not seem to be compatible with izap_video...

  • It did not seem to work on my 1.6.1 install with Jeroen's custom profile plugin.

  • @Bubu

    this a nice(r) feature than having the disappearing popup mssgs.. hope people put this to good use.. do you want work out a generic plugin to handle the ".....').fadeOut('slow')" javascript for all mssgs so that popups disappear only when clicked ? mostly packaging into a plugin.. not really too much coding effort ;-)

  • Works perfect. Thanks Bubu, you're creating some nice and useful plugins.

  • This is extreme cool, love it :)))

  • i am using 1.6.1 i installed but no effect. not working.  i am using izap videos and profile visitor. any fix is there???

  • if i do any mistake on the form example like any capc code if enter wrong it is redirecting to home page and giving the missmatch error in the homepage only. again i have to click register link or back button i have to. please help me is there any fix for this...

  • This plugin has an essential funcion. It would be nice if availability verification (useravailable)  and quality of the password (passwordchecker) are integrated into more complex definite site access.

    Unfortenatelly this version of useravailable is not working for me, probably due plugins incompatibilities.

    I have tested also your slidebar - nice alfa.

    I am looking forward to your next improved versions. Thx

  • Bug fix if you use izap_video


    replace code

    <input type="text" <?php if ($vars['disabled']) echo ' disabled="yes" '; ?> <?php echo $vars['js']; ?> name="<?php echo $vars['internalname']; ?>" <?php if (isset($vars['internalid'])) echo "id=\"{$vars['internalid']}\""; ?> value="<?php echo htmlentities($vars['value'], null, 'UTF-8'); ?>" class="<?php echo $class ?>" />
  • Thanks for the great plugin Bubu and the the bug fix. However, the bug fix is not working. It breaks the entire site if I replace the code in text.php. The site goes blank, completely.

  • /mod/izap_videos/views/default/input/text.php

    replace code

    * iZAP izap_videos
    * @package youtube, vimeo, veoh and onserver uploading
    * @license GNU Public License version 3
    * @author iZAP Team "<>"
    * @link
    * @version 1.5-2.0
        $class = $vars['class'];
        if (!$class) $class = "input-text";

    <input type="text" <?php if ($vars['disabled']) echo ' disabled="yes" '; ?> <?php echo $vars['js']; ?> name="<?php echo $vars['internalname']; ?>" <?php if (isset($vars['internalid'])) echo "id=\"{$vars['internalid']}\""; ?> value="<?php echo htmlentities($vars['value'], null, 'UTF-8'); ?>" class="<?php echo $class ?>" />
  • Perfect, its working now. Thanks!

  • This is a great plugin but it's not compatible with coppa. it dremove coppa checkbox and so the registration never gets through because you see the coppa message saying you have to be a certain age to register to this site.

  • Great Plugin!!! But I've a question and request.

    It's possible also check the Display Name?... I've tried to replicate the username check but does not work because maybe use the elgg function 'get_user_by_username' (but I think the problem is not only this...)

    Can you help me?


  • Did some fix the bug and create a new plugin yet?

  • Is there a way to limit the max characters for display name and username.  Thanks

  • BuBu,

    I try to use this plugin in Elgg 1.7a. A error apears.

    success: function(data){ //$('#feedBackFormInputs').show(); // show form $("#feedBackFormStatus").html(data); $('#feedbackClose').show(); } }); }

  • Hi BuBu,

    it would be wonderful if the useravailable plugin could be adjusted to work with Elgg 1.7+. Any chance for an update?

  • Has anyone any idea how to get it working in Elgg 1.7+?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2010
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