Recommendations v1.3

Release Notes

Fixed dashboard widget dumping array debug using var_dump.

  • still need some fix to be fully compatible with 1.8

    Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

  • Hi i thanks for the plugin but the approve link isnt sayin" form missing token or its field"

    kindly tel me the way forward.

    m using 1.7.7


  • Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

    found in        recommendations/start.php


    also in: recommendations/models/model.php and recommendations/view.php


    change to    



    But my main concern is line 54 in recommendations/view.php

    $body .= list_entities('object','recommendations', $recommending_user_id, 15, true, true, true);

    after changing list_entities() to elgg_list_entities() the 'given recommendations' button returns a blank page, any ideas
  • Wow even more of a concern after changing these lines, my recommendations page actually shows my admin plugins manager even using a regular login without admin privileges, also shows friends and activity. crazy. 

    I guess just changing lines doesn't work, thought i was on a roll then. i will leave it to you, i'm new to this.

  • Still not fully compatible with elgg 1.8.

  • Hello, is there any way to switch off the error messages showing on the site?

    I can't find out how, please help


  • Hi,

    This plugin work on the 1.8 ? Another plugin is working ? I have error on my elgg version.


  • Any Idea of working recommendations plugin ?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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