Recommendations v1.2

Release Notes


This plugin provides a way for users to recommend their friends.
The recommendation page provides 3 operations:

  1. Recommendations received - view all recommendations you have recieved by friends
  2. Recommendations given - view all recommendations you have written for friends
  3. New recommendation - write a new recommendation to your friends


Changes from 1.1 to 1.2:

    * Fixed displaying the friend name in the select box for new recommendations
      if you clicked on "Recommend <user>"...
    * Added configuration options for menu entry
    * Added widget to profile


Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:

    * Fixed approving/deleting of given recommendation for a user
    * Fixed showing the 'recommend this user' only if users are friends
    * Fixed "recommend this user" link text to "recommend <username>" which
      is more intuitive
    * Added recommendations count to main profile and recommendation views
    * Added german language file
    * Added river activity information
    * Added option to withdraw recommendation if recommended user hasn't yet
      approved it


Recommendation method:

Available fields for recommendation are:

  1. Title
  2. Recommendation text

Things to keep in mind regarding the operation of this plugin:

  • Recommendations must be approved by the user for others to view them
  • User who is recommending can view his recommendations to friends, even if these recommendations haven't yet been approved by the user
  • Only the user being recommended may delete the recommendation and approve it
  • The plugin adds a Recommendations link in the User's profile menu actions



Liran Tal.






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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 5937
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