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This plugin provides a way for users to recommend their friends.
The recommendation page provides 3 operations:

  1. Recommendations received - view all recommendations you have recieved by friends
  2. Recommendations given - view all recommendations you have written for friends
  3. New recommendation - write a new recommendation to your friends


Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:

    * Fixed approving/deleting of given recommendation for a user
    * Fixed showing the 'recommend this user' only if users are friends
    * Fixed "recommend this user" link text to "recommend <username>" which
      is more intuitive
    * Added recommendations count to main profile and recommendation views
    * Added german language file
    * Added river activity information
    * Added option to withdraw recommendation if recommended user hasn't yet
      approved it


Recommendation method:

Available fields for recommendation are:

  1. Title
  2. Recommendation text

Things to keep in mind regarding the operation of this plugin:

  • Recommendations must be approved by the user for others to view them
  • User who is recommending can view his recommendations to friends, even if these recommendations haven't yet been approved by the user
  • Only the user being recommended may delete the recommendation and approve it
  • The plugin adds a Recommendations link in the User's profile menu actions



Liran Tal.






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  • working like charm, only thing i would say is when they approve post it to river while what you are doing is before approved you post.

  • Great!

    But one thing as suggestion i has for you: If User click on friends/non friends profil and then click on their recommentation, it whould be better there is no "friends-select-field" if user whoult write now this specific User a recommentation. Understand me? :D


  • @sam1 I'll take that into account, in which case no need to send 2 river posts but just one, when the user approves it.

    @Cube I don't understand. What "friends select field"? that only shows if you write a new recommendation, and then, it'll only show your friends.

  • Nice :) ... but a few things i think really need sorting out before i can have this on my site:

    1) When you're on a users page, say the user was called "Bob", and you click on the Recommend button, on the next page it has the button "Recommend Bob" but once clicked on Bob is not automatically selected from the drop down list on the next page. You have to manually select Bob again from the list.

    2) I'd like to see a option added to the drop down Tools menu, because as far as i can see theres no other way to get to the recommendation page without first going to your profile page and then clicking on the recommendations link.

    3) And i'd like to see a recommendations widget (that looks kind of like The Wire widget) that can be added to a users profile page, so that anyone who visits there page can see who recommended them aswell as the comment left by the person. So it saves them having to go to the seperate recommendations page.

    Apart from that, very good work and nice update :)

  • Yep, point 1) is exactly what i´m meaning with my last post :D

  • I have two points to make,


    One it should not be possible for a user to give 2 recommendations.

    and two when you send someone a recommendation, that user should be notified, via onsite or email.

    I also agree with the above also.

  • ohh cube its what that u mean huh...from yesterday evening i was thinking about ur got it hehe :-)

    @liri you will get a better figure if ur logging to and check the feature "testimonial"

    It will be better if we are having following features

    1. I choose a link to recommendations a page rather than a widget in the dashboard. In that page two links 1. recommendations recieved 2. recommendations i wrote (delete option for both the recommendations recieved and wrote)  And a link to write a new recommendation with dropdown box for selecting user

    2. link in the profile page as we are having now(avoid the drop down box for selecting user if we are clicking through the link in profile page )



  • damn it! I hate when this happens - I had this page open, I've written my comments to answer all of you, then clicking on "save" - elgg's showing an error about session expires and all my comment text is lost! ANNOYING!

    Anyway, I'll be much more brief now than my previous attempt to comment back

    @Beany - Regarding your points (which sums everyone else after you anyway):

    1. while it does work if you don't select a friend (in the case where you click on Recommend This User) I will fix it to not display that select or automatically display the friend in that select
    2. I didn't add it to the Tools menu in purpose, if every plugin would have been inserted there it would look like a Window's start menu with 50 items. I don't want to add it there but I'll make it a configurable option in next version.
    3. Lawrence already emailed me regarding this widget addon, will be in next version.
  • I hate it when that happens too... i always copy my comment before i press save now!

    And thanks Liri, thats good news, it would also be great if you had a configurable option for putting a Recommendation link in the Tools menu like you say.

  • Hi,

    I'm having a problem with this.  I am running elgg 1.6.1.  See the screen shot:  screenshot

    I think the file is from /recommendations/views/default/recommendations/menu/actions.php

    Any insight into why it's not rendering properly would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!


  • I'm working on 1.5, I've no idea what's changed.
    Maybe one of the other 1.6 experienced developers could comment on this.

  • Hi,


    Need help I getting the missing token security error I fixed it first in the/mod/recommendations/views/default/forms/recommendations/new.php

    But now I can not approve the same error appears ...

    Also when you go to someone else profile and click recommendation you will get a screen that is your !!!!

    Please help


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 5861
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