Sliding Login v1.1 Bugfix Horlizon Login

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Sliding Login Panel with jQuery

V1.1 Bugfix Horlizon Login

Sliding Login Panel with jQuery

Sliding Login Panel with jQuery


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  • Right! I have it working beautifully with another theme... Well done Dhrup, you were on the money :-)

    I would now like to have "login helpers" like twitter, facebook, OpeniD and/or google connects in the logslide box, but even though they are enabled, they do not appear there, and I can not figure how to include them... any pointers please?

  • Love this plugin. Nice work there Bubu!!!

  • I was able to get around the problem of hiding my other controls (the search box was the only thing on my site that was the issue as I have removed most of the topbar) by simply shoosing the relative option vs absolute in the css file (/view/mod/logslide/views/default/pageshells/css.php).

    Lines 105 - 108..

    /* sliding panel */

    #toppanel {

        /*position: absolute;*/   /*Panel will overlap  content */

        position: relative;   /*Panel will "push" the content down */


    I remarked the absolute line and removed the remarks on the relative and it works really nice now. Scoots the whole page down when it expands. Very slick.

    It doesn't work on IE 6.0 (password box is off screen), but appears to work fine on all new versions of chrome, IE, and Firefox.

    Great plug-in. Check it out in action (changed colors) at


  • i installed and activated this plug on v1.7.3 of elgg.. 

    although it activated ok I have yet to see any changes to any pages anywhere. in other words I'm not seeing the plugin's effects at all.

    I have looked at disabling various plugins that I thought could possibly interfere with it but these made no change.. (I already disabled the theme to see if that made a difference).

    does anyone have any idea what I might be missing?


  • To remove the login from the frontpage.

    1)use the custom_index plugin

    2)open ..\elgg\mod\custom_index\index.php

    3)comment out/remove line 29: $login = elgg_view("account/forms/login");

    Done ^_^


  • Hola



        tengo una duda que lineas y en donde tengo que edtar para que en vez de decir username" aparesca "email"




         I have a question which lines and where I have edtar so that instead of sayingusername "aparesca"email "

      sorry for my English. thanks

  • Hi

    How can i remove the login slider only on the registration page.

  • @M.C.Sajiv On /views/default/account/forms/register.php set the following stying to the main css class of this plugin. (No, I haven't tested it).

    <style type="text/css">

    #CSS_CLASS {

    height: 0;





    Replace CSS_CLASS with the correct class.

  • But, I would highly recommend to perform this by creating a new plugin.

  • Is anyone having problems with IE8, the sliding panel drops down however i get an error once I click to close.

    The error is 'tagName' is null or not an object.

    Is there a quick fix for this error?

  • any updates for this nice plugin ?


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