Request Notifications v0.1

Release Notes


  • Improve the request listing icons? (comments welcomed).
  • Add new notifications / convince other plugin developers to integrate with this one and write their own request notifications.


  • v0.1

     Initial release

  • By the way, the widget is already integrated with my plugin WidgetLinks, so if you have it installed the widget title will automatically have a link to the detailed notifications page.

  • Ah, another thing... any suggestion of this plugin functionality being copied from facebook will be utterly denied :D

  • I think there are many people waiting for this functionality.  Can/Would this include tracking email invitations before they join in?  There is a separate thread on that.

  • Hmm, this plugin is about keeping the requests _received_ by the user easily accessible from a common point. So far it is not my intention tracking the requests _made_ by the user (as would be such an email invitation).

    Anyway tracking the invitations would be quite a different topic, that would need a revamp of the invitation plugin: invitation codes should be generated uniquely for each invited email address and kept stored in the database together with the inviting user guid, the register process should be overridden to avoid the normal invitation code check and also in order to check for other invitations to the same email address, etc. Not an easy hack i'm afraid.

    All this is something that I've already thought of doing sometimes, but I'm afraid it's not one of my priorities and I already got too many things to do right now (right now studying the friend picker in order to develop a replacement... i really hate the way the current one works :p). Would be really nice if someone fixed the invitations though... :)


  • Ok, I really shouldn't spend so much time in front of the computer, my brain is not really working as it should... i re-read what I wrote before and it wouldn't really be necessary to generate unique invite codes for each email address (that's actually something I'll probably need in the future for another functionality), but anyway the sent invitations would need to be stored and then checked on user registration... easier than what I said above, but would take more time than I have right now. Sorry I can't be of help.

  • cool plugin! thanks

    for bookmark

    the shared bookmarks link opens  BOOKMARKS INBOX.  I think it is more good if it opens your /pg/requestnotifications/index.php and use a method like MESSAGES plugin. Maybe with MArk Read also. If not your plugin shows always the same number of shared bookmarks, also if I readed them.

    for group request/invitations I see that also if I joined that group before or directly on group page, your plugin continues to notify that request. Can you solve this?

  • maybe a graphic like message inbox is more clear in list mode and with delete button on the right...

    lol I'm only thinking about your plugin. this is the first version and it's a good idea to have it on site and improve it :-)

    I hope in future , it will possible a notification requests also with calendar event/tagging photo/

    Many sites don't use friend request and with 1.7 we will have following/followers. it is possible to notify new followers in your plugin and instead of accept/decline, put "send a message" and "view profile".

  • I know I am missing something easy here but I am adding  $area3 .= elgg_view("requestnotifications/sidebox"); to the 3 column river mod and getting an error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_REQUIRE_ONCE in /mod/riverdashboard/index.php on line 1

    I know this is normal a syntax however I am failing to find where this error is. Any assistance would be great.  Really would like to get this working as it will save me time from having to write my own.


  • would be nice to have message alerts included in this mod.

  • Ok, I just lost the long answer I had already wrote... let's try it again :S


    @lord55 Thanks for the comments, lots of things to comment there.

    I could not reproduce the problem with the requests not being deleted after joining the group, but I'll have a deeper look at it and should be solved in the next version.

    The bookmarks mod lacked actions for deleting or saving the shared bookmarks. I've added them, and I'll probably submit a new version of the bookmarks mod with the changes.

    About events, the event_calendar mod really needs to add invitations to events, but as long as that is not implemented I can't add it to this plugin.

    If you don't use the friend_requests plugin, then you don't need to approve/reject friends, so nothing will be shown in this mod.


    @Chad Day  Sorry, I haven't had time for testing the integration with the 3 column dashboard, but as soon as I can I'll try it and add specific instructions (if needed) to integrate both plugins.


    @Fusion If you mean adding a message like "3 unread messages" in the requests box, I'll think about it and maybe add it in the next version.


  • By the way, I think that for the next version of the plugin i'm changing the name to RequestsViews, as the "Notifications" part seems to cause some misunderstanding about the real target of this plugin (the Requests).

    Elgg notifications system really needs some big improvements, but this plugin is not intended to solve that, but to address a different problem: there are many things in elgg that require an answer by the user, and he has no easy way to access them. Group invitations are sent by mail and never shown again, group request must be checked by accessing each one of your owned groups and opening the requests page, etc.

    So this plugins scope is to show the user the "things that are waiting for your answer", and NOT the "things that have happened that may interest you", which is the job of the riverdashboard and notifications plugins.


  • @Fitosan..  my next release of 3 column riverdashboard will work with your plugin. I have already integrated it.

  • @Fusion Perfect, thanks! One less thing for me to do :D

  • @Fitosan - I am really liking this plugin. I can't tell you how aggrevated I get with the closed group requests issue. This is just the sort of thing that ELGG needs.

    @Fusion - Thank you I was hoping you would think about this plugin and I noticed it on kids circle.

  • really stupid question I'm sure, but does this mod need friend_request ?

  • Thanks fitosan...! your plugin works like a charm for groups and bookmark notification. But i'm not seeing any friend request notification, even though someone make me as their friend. if someone is making me as a friend they are able to do it without any acceptance from my side. Do i have to do something for that. Thanks in advance.

  • @shomazta It works with the version of friend_request I have installed (2.1), but it is not required for this plugin to work... you will simply don't see any friend request notifications :)

    @PraveenRamC For the friend requests to work you need to have installed the friend_request plugin. This module just notifies of the requests created by that module, it doesn't create them by itself.

  • abandoned

    This looks really good. I can see it on the dashboard but I can't see it on the riverdashboard. How can I add the code to make it show on the riverdashboard?

  • abandoned

    I am a fool. The instructions are in the readme. (Whacks forehead)

  • Hey this app is great but I am getting an error.  When I get a group request then click on says either accept or decline.  If I click accept I get the following error.  Any advice?


    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

  • @Karl

    I had the same problem. I fixed it by changing line 123 in detailed.php to

    $content .= "<a href='" . $CONFIG->wwwroot . "action/groups/join?user_guid=" . $user->guid . "&group_guid=" . $group->guid . "&__elgg_ts=" . $ts . "&__elgg_token=" . $token . "' title='" . elgg_echo("requestnotifications:approve") . "'>" . elgg_echo("requestnotifications:approve") . "</a>";

    I'm not sure if that's the best way as I'm new to Elgg. Also it might not work for private groups as I only have public ones. As far as I'm aware it just adds the token part to the url for use with elgg 1.7

  • I have the same problem that Karl.. I tried to do this fix but not for that plugin :(

  • adrianyoung  I love u LOL ..well, thnk very much, works for me!


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