Messages with privacy option + more v1.8f

Release Notes

Fixed javascript refresh - only works when logged in now.

Remember to flush cache!

  • i haven't installed this yet.. i'm wondering if you have changed a setting in some way so that admins can mail all site users direct to their email account easily?
    e.g. like the 'mass mailer' plugin did (i'm not seeing a version of that that is functional in 1.8 elgg).

  • This is not a part of this plugin, and I have no plans to include this functionality here (doesn't really belong here).

  • No issues reported - must be ready for production

  • Works fine indeed.

    Not an issue but a suggestion: instead of input/dropdown using the friends picker to allow for selecting multiple recipients without the need of creating collections. I think this feature would not be easy to implement in the core message plugin as its not designed for multiple recipients. But it might be a lot easier to implement in your enhanced message plugin as the option to choose a collection as recipient already made the multiple recipient implementation necessary. I could imagine that quite a lot of users might find it easier to select the friends directly instead of creating a collection first, some might even fail in trying to create collections in the first place.

  • Very nice Work! Thank you! I noticed one small thing: If you forget to select a recipient and click the button "send", subject and message is lost. Maybe you can insert the post variables again, disable the submit-Button or give a warning to the user via java-script.

  • Hi, I use this plugin. I was wondering, is there a way to make it by default for configs so that all new members won't receive messages unless they added a person as a friend? I checked the start.php but unsure about which true/false I need to change? By default its set to 'No' and I want to set it to 'Yes'. Thanks!

  • Anyway you can update this plugin to work right with elgg 1.8.12??? I upgraded and its not functioning correctly, and the buttons in the inbox have issues also.

  • Really like the privacy feature, plus the messages did work better, but can't use it anymore.

  • @Kimberly - I have no troubles using this under Elgg 1.8.12 or earlier versions.

    Regarding changing default  behavior, then it's a bigger rewrite that I really do not have the time for right now - but you're welcome to do the coding youself *S*

  • with this plugin, the admin can read the messages from other users? or what's mean "moderate"?

  • Hello,

    I am using this plugin for friend request confirmations:

    and then installed the plugin from this page.

    The moment I finished installation the site went down and all users just got a php error message saying that something was missing on line 83 of one of the scripts.

    Is there a better combination of scripts to use than the above two?

    I want to have confirmation of friend requests but also want to give people the option not to receive messages from strangers to avoid spamming.

    Thanks in advance.

  • seems to work great with 1.8.18, was just a bit surprised that it seems to overwrite/integrate with the core messages plugin instead of extending it as a seperate plugin.

  • Anyone got an idea how to fix the pagination? Currently it redirects to a non-existing page.

  • Anyone know whether there are language files for this plugin?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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