Release Notes

Fixes to known problems from Version 0.4 Beta

  • Width of the collection friend selection fixed
  • Tab Colors/Borders
  • Removed image repeat on the optional logo image
  • Fixed "missing token" error when logging out on an Elgg 1.7 system
  • Fixed login panel width
  • Disables the themer stylesheet when doing system administration to eliminate "garbage" output.  This will also help the admin in case bad color selections makes the rest of the site unreadable.


  • Install like any other plugin by unzipping within the mod directory of your elgg site.
  • Move the themer plugin at the bottom of the plugin list.
  • Disable your elgg site's simple cache (Themer has its own themer CSS caching mechanism).
  • Enable the Themer plugin.
  • Change settings as desired.  NOTE: set Themer caching off while making changes and turn it on after you are done making changes.

New Features

  • Background image option to the topbar
  • Background image option to the header
  • Topbar icon image replacement and link option
  • JQuery Color picker by Stefan Petre ( when editing the custom colors.
  • Option to turn off the Spotlight section (right above the footer section)


Known Issues

  • The profile page haven't been coded for the iPhone and will display rather small because of the scaling. I hope to code this in a much later release.
  • The dashboard with widgets works a bit better with viewing but you can't really edit your dashboard using the iphone.  
  • Drag and drop of the widgets does not seem to work on the iPhone.
  • The friends collection/notification selection also haven't been coded so it doesn't display well on the iPhone.


NOTES: If you are migrating from an 1.6.1 with Themer to an Elgg 1.7 system:

Disable the Themer plugin before you upgrade.

Test your upgraded site before you enable Themer to make sure it works without the customized theme.

If you also have your image url pointing to a file on your site that was uploaded and your URL points to ""  you will need to update the image URL with the new 1.7 download format which is ."".


If you are using Themer on your site, it would be nice if you can share it here by posting a comment or at least click to recommend!  If you are not happy with it, please comment as well.  Many of the fixed issues and new features were inspired by user feedback.

If you want to see a live site with Themer installed please visit

  • Alex, I'm afraid that even after following all the points in these comments I'm still not seeing any changes on my site.  Also, I didn't have the simple cache enabled at all (still don't):

    screenshot 1

    screenshot 2

    I should point out that I've since changed the Mobile Device setting to "No", saved it and reloaded the main site, still no changes.  I haven't yet had time to fill the fields below background image, so if this is the reason then I apologise for this post and will fill them as soon as I can.  However, any more help you can provide would be immense!

    Cheers dude...


  • Thanks Alex so much for working with me.

    Simple Cache is unchecked. Mobile Only is 'No'. Permissions for my data folder are 755. I can see various things have been added in there, like profile pics, so I assume it's working OK? One thing I wasn't sure of is it says in the manual data directory should be:
    chgrp www-data /home/www/data/
    chmod 775 /home/www/data/

    I'm not sure what they mean by asking me to change the group with chgrp www-data. Is that just an example, or is that what the group ownership is supposed to be? If our hosting account user is 'accountname' I have both the owner and group names (ownership?) set to 'accountname'. Am I suppose to change one of these literally to 'www-data' ?

    I'm inserting a screenshot of my dashboard followed by one of my Settings.




  • Hh - and here is my themer settings...


    Themer Settings

  • @poppler Themer currently has no feature to upload images but you can FTP or use the file plugin to do so. You can then provide the URL to the image to be used as background or header image. Just make sure the file/link have public permissions.

  • It looks like I screwed up the html code in my last post so this thread doesn't show properly

  • Sorry about that - it looks like the most recent posts show up to the right of my screenshot. Hopefully once there is enough text to get below that shot, things will go back to normal? Again, sorry.

  • @lj looks like you have the mobile only theme set to yes - setting it to No.

    @moonslice for now, while troubleshooting, please set 'allow individual user themes' to no.

    Also, on check on 'use view filepath cache' on site admin.

    just an observation based on your settings and this is not related to your themer problem but once your site is working, you may want to review to make sure your data directory is not accessible directly through the web browser without Elgg managing it.

    What version of Elgg are you both using? I haven't tested nor updated themer recently - didn't think there is much interest.

  • I just installed a vanilla elgg-1.7.7 and installed themer. THEMER 0.5 DOES NOT WORK WITH ELGG 1.7.7. Since elgg has new theming scheme for 1.8, Themer will likely need some major rewrite. Will keep you posted but for now, dont bother with Themer 0.5 with Elgg 1.7.7 or higher.

  • Drats!  I'd offer to help but I'm more of a designer than a developer (or the "lazy geek" as some call us X-D ).  Hope you get it sorted as I was really looking forward to using this plugin... :-)

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