Release Notes

Fixes to known problems from Version 0.4 Beta

  • Width of the collection friend selection fixed
  • Tab Colors/Borders
  • Removed image repeat on the optional logo image
  • Fixed "missing token" error when logging out on an Elgg 1.7 system
  • Fixed login panel width
  • Disables the themer stylesheet when doing system administration to eliminate "garbage" output.  This will also help the admin in case bad color selections makes the rest of the site unreadable.


  • Install like any other plugin by unzipping within the mod directory of your elgg site.
  • Move the themer plugin at the bottom of the plugin list.
  • Disable your elgg site's simple cache (Themer has its own themer CSS caching mechanism).
  • Enable the Themer plugin.
  • Change settings as desired.  NOTE: set Themer caching off while making changes and turn it on after you are done making changes.

New Features

  • Background image option to the topbar
  • Background image option to the header
  • Topbar icon image replacement and link option
  • JQuery Color picker by Stefan Petre ( when editing the custom colors.
  • Option to turn off the Spotlight section (right above the footer section)


Known Issues

  • The profile page haven't been coded for the iPhone and will display rather small because of the scaling. I hope to code this in a much later release.
  • The dashboard with widgets works a bit better with viewing but you can't really edit your dashboard using the iphone.  
  • Drag and drop of the widgets does not seem to work on the iPhone.
  • The friends collection/notification selection also haven't been coded so it doesn't display well on the iPhone.


NOTES: If you are migrating from an 1.6.1 with Themer to an Elgg 1.7 system:

Disable the Themer plugin before you upgrade.

Test your upgraded site before you enable Themer to make sure it works without the customized theme.

If you also have your image url pointing to a file on your site that was uploaded and your URL points to ""  you will need to update the image URL with the new 1.7 download format which is ."".


If you are using Themer on your site, it would be nice if you can share it here by posting a comment or at least click to recommend!  If you are not happy with it, please comment as well.  Many of the fixed issues and new features were inspired by user feedback.

If you want to see a live site with Themer installed please visit

  • MsFreeman - In addition to turning of Elgg's simple cache, you must also disable Themer's own cache while making changes.  Once everything is to your liking, you should turn it back on for improved performance.

  • i always wanted somthing like that .. i just installed elgg 1.7.4 .. i'll test this themer and post feedback 

  • i installed elgg 1.7.4

    enabled few of the plugins that comes by default with elgg.

    i extracted themer in mod

    disabled simple cash in elgg adminstration

    enabled themer "it's already at buttom of plugins list"

    set Themer caching off  and hit save

    i changed few options from the upper have "didn't change the advanced user section"

    i hit save

    set Themer caching on

    i hit save

    ........... nothing changed ...i'm using google chrome and i though may be it takes few minuts to feel the change... but that was yesterday !!!!


    did i do somthing wrong

  • The Themer Plugin creates a themer_cache directory within your upload directory as set in your site settings configuration.  Please check to see if it got created.  If it is not there, it is likely you'll need to adjust permission settings on your server/directory.

    The other thing to look for is the themer setting called "Mobile Only Theme".  Make sure it is set to "No" if you want to use it on other than mobile devices.

  • ok i'll check that .. but 1- where exactly should i find this themer_cache folder 2- if i didn't find it in the right place then which folder should i adjust permission settings for in order for the themer_cache get created 3- and what is the right permission for it?


    ps i already have the "Mobile Only Theme" to "no"

  • it worked .. i changed nothing since last post and found out that it works but took 2 days to see the effects!!! ...

  • Just wanted to say thanks so much for this plugin. Installed it an hour ago and have my site looking afr better than it did. It's awesome.

    For those having problems, this is what I did...

    Turn off simple cache.

    Turn off plugin cache.

    Change settings as you wish.


    Change settings again in plugin (still don't touch cache!) and save.

    Reload site in anther tab.

    Once you're happy which changing settings in the plugin in one tab and reloading site in the other, if all looks good activate cache in plugin and save.

    And you're done.

  • Thanks for your post and helpful tip.

  • how to create a mobile version for nokia,and for other mobiles with thmer?????

  • There is a section of the code that looks at the browser header information to determine information that is common with the platform it is running on.  You can simply create a simple php page with the code:

    <?PHP echo phpinfo(); ?>

    then look for _SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] PHP variable section for values unique to your platform.

    You can then edit the code to look for that value (replace the value of "iPhone").  You will also need to define/override the screen size settings for the device you want to target.

  • How/where do you disable simple cache?

  • @jckm : Administration >site administration

  • I'd like to alter the default colours for themes. for instance In the turquoise theme I'd like to increase the contrast between the two turquioses:


    I'm looking at: views/default/themer/css.php around line 3517 -3608 but I'm not sure what to do with those variables. What should I change to lighten/darken the foreground/background and how?

    Excellent plugin btw!

  • @jckm2000 somewhere around line 383 or so (in case others have made changes and added/removed a few lines), there is a setting for $themer_canvas = sethexcolor(0x20+$brightness,...

    Followed by $themer_page = ..., etc. Simply change the hex values 0xHH to the values that may work for you. This will take some experimentation to get something that works well.

  • Hi Alex,

    I'm not familiar with hex colors displayed like that, (0xhh) Can I use the #000000 format? Or do I somehow need to convert?


  • You could simply replace the entire value with a constant instead of calling sethexcolor. This plugin was originally created for users who are shy from digging into php code and I wanted to keep the configuration menu with enough flexibility without over complicating it for the user. Obviously, it has limitations. Coding your own values gives you better control.

  • I'm one of those you mention. How would I change the line to make the color a constant?

    $themer_canvas = sethexcolor(0x20+$brightness,$themer_r,$themer_g,$themer_b );

    Please give me an example of the syntax so that I know what I'm doing.

    Cheers, Jon

  • Just replace everything after the = sign and before the semicolon ; with the color value you want in the format '#000000'.
    $themer_canvas = '#000000';

    Will make the canvas area black. Just to further confuse you, you can also replace the CSS further down and not use the

    <?php echo $themer_canvas;?>

    code but replace them with exact values. Anyway, if you are not familiar with coding in PHP or HTML/CSS, this may not be the ideal 'hello world' project. Looks like your past that though.

    Good luck. Not sure I can keep up with this thread much longer.

  • BTW, it may not be obvious but don't forget to turn of themer cache while your trying out your changes or you won't see them take effect.

  • I installed the folder /mod/themer with ftp but it didn't work. I made sure to disable the simple cache in my settings. I made sure to enable themer and move it to the bottom.

    Nothing is happening. Are there certain permissions that are required? Did I do something wrong?


  • Are you able to see the themer settings page as illustrated on the screenshots to the left of this plugin page? If not, then the plugin is either not unzipped properly or the proper permissions are not set on the directory/files. If you are able to see the settings, you must disable Themer's own cache setting while making changes. Once you are done tweaking the look of your site, make sure to turn the themer cache back on for improved performance.

  • hello


    is no way for users can upload a background image?

  • Hi Alex - I can see the settings. I also made sure to say 'no' to Enable Themer Cache'. I tried this multiple times. I disabled cache, enabled it, disabled it and kept it disabled, re-enabled it, etc. Still no luck.

  • @moonslice, please make sure that your Elgg site administration setting has "Use Simple Cache" unchecked.  Also, if you are using a non-mobile browser, make sure that the Themer "Mobile Only Theme" setting is set to "No". 

    If these are already set, make sure you have set appropriate permission in the elgg data directory as that is where Themer stores its cached  CSS files - the user account your web server uses should be able to read and write to the directory. 

    If you are still having problems after you check/do all that, please post a screenshot of your settings - In case its not obvious, you should mask out any sensitive information (site specific) when doing so.



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