Release Notes

Fixes to known problems from Version 0.4 Beta

  • Width of the collection friend selection fixed
  • Tab Colors/Borders
  • Removed image repeat on the optional logo image
  • Fixed "missing token" error when logging out on an Elgg 1.7 system
  • Fixed login panel width
  • Disables the themer stylesheet when doing system administration to eliminate "garbage" output.  This will also help the admin in case bad color selections makes the rest of the site unreadable.


  • Install like any other plugin by unzipping within the mod directory of your elgg site.
  • Move the themer plugin at the bottom of the plugin list.
  • Disable your elgg site's simple cache (Themer has its own themer CSS caching mechanism).
  • Enable the Themer plugin.
  • Change settings as desired.  NOTE: set Themer caching off while making changes and turn it on after you are done making changes.

New Features

  • Background image option to the topbar
  • Background image option to the header
  • Topbar icon image replacement and link option
  • JQuery Color picker by Stefan Petre ( when editing the custom colors.
  • Option to turn off the Spotlight section (right above the footer section)


Known Issues

  • The profile page haven't been coded for the iPhone and will display rather small because of the scaling. I hope to code this in a much later release.
  • The dashboard with widgets works a bit better with viewing but you can't really edit your dashboard using the iphone.  
  • Drag and drop of the widgets does not seem to work on the iPhone.
  • The friends collection/notification selection also haven't been coded so it doesn't display well on the iPhone.


NOTES: If you are migrating from an 1.6.1 with Themer to an Elgg 1.7 system:

Disable the Themer plugin before you upgrade.

Test your upgraded site before you enable Themer to make sure it works without the customized theme.

If you also have your image url pointing to a file on your site that was uploaded and your URL points to ""  you will need to update the image URL with the new 1.7 download format which is ."".


If you are using Themer on your site, it would be nice if you can share it here by posting a comment or at least click to recommend!  If you are not happy with it, please comment as well.  Many of the fixed issues and new features were inspired by user feedback.

If you want to see a live site with Themer installed please visit

  • Elgg 1.7 - PC version does not work at all, iPhone version not tested.

  • Would you please elaborate on what's not working on your PC such as which browser, what version, what's not working?   If you have it installed on your elgg system, which plugins (other themes perhaps) do you have installed in addition to the base plugins?  Do you have Themer configured as the last (all the way to the bottom) among your plugins?  Please be as specific as you can.

  • Elgg 1.6.1 - PC version not working - Unix/ Apache/1.3.33 Server - Body background image would not load - should it be an absolute or a relative link? - Themer is the last of the plugins installed basic plugins - no other theme plugin installed. Please help. Thank you

  • The links in the advanced section are absolute links and should be the full URL - same thing you that would work with a browser such and should include http://.   This way, you can test it with a browser to make sure you see the image then cut and paste that link.

  • Thanks for your reply. I tried it with the absolute URL also. No dice.

    Is there any other setting that I should know of? For instance, in Site admin, should the view be left as "default"? Where exactly can I add a background image. What file?

    Thanks for your help.


  • To all PHP wizards out there: How do you tailor these pages with the "look and feel" of your main site?? Hacking away..?

  • @rosval - The sample images posted here on this theme have a sample administration plugin page settings with the background image filled in.  Use that as an example.

  • I tried it with both absolute and relative links - same result - It would not load background image. Period. Any other suggestions?

  • Installed the plugin on elgg1.6.1- can access the settings and nothing happens after save, on both IE and FF - do you have some more documentation on the plugin, I would really like to have this plugin working when I pass the site off to the client -It is a great idea for those who don't know css.

  • Make sure you turn off the elgg "simple cache" setting.  Themer has it's own CSS cache mechanism.

  • This theme plugin is great! Which is the only one custom-theme for elgg in the world. (since i search around in google, you are the one.)

    everythings is under fully control,thanks Alex~


  • I'm having the same problem: I've installed Themer, activated it, deactivated simple cache and all...

    But after I make modifications to the themer admin page, nothing changes in the site. :-?

  • Make sure you also turn off the themer cachenwhile making changes and only turn it back on after you're done. Also, the "mobile only" setting should be set to "no" if you want desktop users to also use this theme. Good Luck!

  • Hi Alex... long time ;-) have you had a chance to test & compare Mark's Mobile Plugin code with Themer ? I would be quite very curious to see the internal "techie" style comparisions between your themer for mobiles, Mark's Elgg Mobile and Pedro's IPhone stuff... academic interest here lolz ;-) You three guys should communicate in some detail and figure out maybe some new theming/views technical directions..

  • Hello Dhrup, yeah - seems like it's been a while...., I've been busy with many different things other than elgg although elgg remains close to my heart. I'm afraid I won't be able to dedicate enough time to help with some dedicated effort but will continue to contribute and participate in discussions and share ideas.

  • I understands.... I have same "different things" situation 16 hours every day, 7 days a week ;-( but look forward to your presence now and then.. ;-)

  • I am running Elgg 1.7 after enabling themer .50 I do not have a SAVE BUTTON in settings. Help please

  • Also Running Elgg 1.7 and have no save button. Disabled the simple cache in my database and extracted the files into the mod folder. any help would be nice

  • Im having the same problem with no save button.

  • Please be specific, do you mean in the plugin admin function for themer or some other plugin? A screenshot would also be helpful.

    Sorry it a while for me to reply, been really crazy busy.

  • @Alex im very paitent so take your time I have no save button in the ADMIN TOOLS for Elgg 1.7 i make all the changes to the theme I want but there is no way for me to save them. im sorry about not having a screenshot for you tho. if you need more details just ask. I like the idea of Themer. I've tried mircothemes and it slows down my site too much yours seems much simpler to use and i would rather use it.

  • @Alex im having troubles with Uploading pics so I set a Screen Shot 4 u as my Profile Pic

    Super LOLZ

  • I created a new instance of Elgg 1.7.1 and with nothing on it other than the built-in plugins.  I am but I can not seem to able to recreate the "missing save button" problem.  Can you give a screenshot (updated profile photo :-) of the screen you are seeing?  It may help to troubleshoot if you disable all other plugins first (just for testing of course).

    One possible issue are the color selections you've made.  If you have white-on-white, the button will be there but invisible.  Try hovering over there the button should be and you should see your cursor change.

  • Working Great !!! 

    I Like It..


  • I installed this theme, disabled the simple chache.  The entire site backgond is blue, I went into the theme settings and made some color changes, hit save and the screen is still all blue.  I am running 1.6 on Firefox.



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