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This theme allow each individual user to personalize the color of the site.  It also detects if the device is an iPhone and displays an optimized page based on the small screen. The site admin can also set a site-wide color selection for those who are not logged in or haven't set their personal preference.

Although I have this installed on my site, this is still beta code and I do not recommend it for installation on a production site.  I've only tested this on elgg 1.6 and 1.6.1 and I do not intend to test it on earlier releases.


If you don't yet have experience setting up an elgg plugin or theme, I do not recommend starting with this theme. 

  1. It is installed like any other plugin by unzipping it on to your elgg mod directory. 
  2. Enable the plugin by going the administration menu then tools administration.
  3. This plugin should be the last plugin so position it at the bottom of the list. 
  4. You can set the site-wide color preference by selecting the desired themer setting while in tool administration.  You may want to turn off the themer's built-in cache while you're tweaking the colors but don't forget to turn it on.
  5. Disable/Uncheck your simple cache in the Site Adminstration setting.  This version 0.4 beta has its own caching mechanism.  You must turn off simplecache for this to work.
  6. MobileOnly Mode if you just want the themes to be active on mobile devices.  I've only tested it on the iPhone.  It may only work on other devices after you've signed on and you've selected the appropriate device - not tested other than the iPhone.  If you get it to work on other devices, please post your findings in the comment section below.
  7. Optional Device Selection per user if the Administrators choose to enable user personalization.


Each user can select their personal color preference by going to their settings menu on the top bar then set the tool configuration by choosing the color theme and brightness levels.

Please note that because of the fuzzy logic used, some of the color combination (background color/text color) does not work well and you may need to  try various settings to get the look that you want and still be readable. 

Version 0.4 beta uploaded Friday, Oct 23, 2009.  NEW FEATURES:

  • CSS Caching Feature - Can be turned on/off to preview changes.
  • Option for Background Image URL.
  • Option for Header/Logo Image URL.
  • Transparency Mode - You can define the percentage of opacity.
  • Topbar Menu Color Customization.
  • Optional Override of Fonts.

Version 0.2 beta uploaded Sunday, Sep 13, 2009.  NEW FEATURES:

  • Expanded the top menu area to fix the Adminisration menu overlap with the site title.
  • Added specific font color/brightness for text and links.
  • You can now disable the desktop theme of this plugin but will allow iPhone only view.
  • You can also turn mobile view on/off.
  • Please note that there is a separate site setting under Administration and a user preference override in the users settings/configuration menu.
  • Instead of detecting specifically for the iPhone, it looks looks for Mobile in the browser type - not sure if that will work with other devices but it works ok on the iPhone.

Version 0.4 beta issues:

  • The profile page haven't been coded for the iPhone and will display rather small because of the scaling.  Hope to fix this in a much later release.
  • The dashboard with widgets works a bit better with viewing but you can't really edit your dashboard using the iphone.   Drag and drop of the widgets does not seem to work on the iPhone.
  • The friends collection/notification selection also haven't been coded so it doesn't display well on the iPhone.

IPHONE SCREENSHOTS: visit using your iPhone as it is actively using this theme.

DESKTOP/NOTEBOOK SCREEN SHOT: visit as it is actively using this theme.

Calendar Screenshot


Administration Menu


Themer Variation


Themer Variation - Dark Theme


ADVANCED CONFIGURATION MENU - For Site Administrator Use Only

Advanced Themer Configuration



Themer User Settings Menu


  • Allow for saving of personalized settings/themes and share with other users within the site.
  • Personalized Profile Page.
  • Special themes activated by date range (such as holiday themes).


  • I would appreciate if you'd post screenshots of your site both the desktop view and mobile view if you get it to work.  Any problems, and fixes, feel free to post it here.  This community only works if we contribute and participate!

  • Great plugin!. Couple things I noticed. It narrows the page with by 50px. This can cause some issues, with other plugins that extend the pageshell view. It conflicts with any other widget that adds a link on the toolbar. Example the "help" widget. ( I am trying to fix now.) 

    Also in the new toolbar you have the dashboard named activity. Some sites use the original dashboard and the activity is a separate  page. Little confusing. Love the color ranges and the added discussion link in the toolbar. If I figure out a fix to the toolbar issue I will upload the notes for you.

    Again this is a great plugin. It is just what i have been looking for. Thanks


    I will upload screen shots as soon as I get time to play more with it.  

  • There is way to change the page width under tools administration. You must choose the advanced setting and type in the header width in pixels. You may leave unused options blank.

  • thanks alot. Did that and now it works. worked on the top tool bar and now I am testing with some other plugins if everything goes well I will send you results. so far so go. When I activate the help plugin it works for users now, but still conflicts for the admin view.  

  • Hi,

    You said above that you installed on your site, but where do i find the link to costumize it for my look.



  • I just turned the option to allow user customization on so you can try it out.  The administrator has the option thru the tools administation menu for the plugin to turn user-level personalization on/off and just allow the site-wide setting.  You really should try it out on a system where you have admin privileges to see the full functionality.  I've added a screenshot of the advanced settings.


  • is says the plugin is misconfgured. how can i fix this?

  • You may have permission issue with the themer directory.  Try "sudo chmod -R 777 on mod/themer" directory to see if it disappears.  If it fixes it, you may want to review the best file permission for your site.  If all else fails, simply remove the themer directory to get your site back.  You can then try this plugin out on another test installation.

  • Alex,
    When I make any changes in plugins I get spaghetti text on whole screen until I back out. So I just have to browser back and re enter the "tools menu" everytime. I think this bug is from your plugin, not sure but makes for extra work getting plugin on/off.

  • Bill/Everyone,
    My apologies.   Although I love spaghetti once in a while, I also don't want it in a plugin.  Like you said, it happens everytime you rearrage the plugin or enable/disable one.  I think it is because this plugin generates the css and during plugin management time, my code may not be running optimally so that the CSS comes up after other requests are altready loaded.
    I''ll have to be honest, I haven't digged in deeper - other priorities.  If someone has ideas, post it here and I'll include it in the next release.

  • Although a very good plug-in, I'd prefer having more customised options on my own coding. The newbies would of course find it very useful to get their site up and running.

  • WOW sad i didnt see this earlier i set up a whole server onmy pc just for smooth editing lol. and you toss out a 35KB plugin lol.

    Oh well thank you thank you

  • Excellent template.  A few problems on install: (1) displayed full page of coding instead of normal page after initial installing.  Refreshing page fixed this problems. (2) Initial color scheme was mostly blue and hard to work with until getting a more readable color scheme set up.  Scheme editor worked great and was able to more or less figure out which controls managed which style color elements.  Was able to get a very readable color scheme set up.  Overall excellent template.  I de-installed however because the page elements could not be configured to my liking.  Needed more control over page layout and menus.  (I'm using v.1.6.1 with riverdashboard enabled).  Very good template--light and easy to install and use.  Loss of control over page layout was only negative.  Excellent job!

  • Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with 1.5. Any ideas. P.s. I would upgrade. But of course i'm worried about plugin compatibility. Is there a list of compatible plugins?

  • This plugin was developed and tested only under 1.6.  I've done some light testing with SVN 1.7 and looks like it works.  It works with plugins that comes with 1.6.  It should work with any other plugin EXCEPT perhaps those that have their own CSS files.  

    I would suggest creating a test system, backup and migrate your data, and test the upgrade process before proceeding. You can then enable all the plugins you'd like to use one by one so it would be easy to isolate what works and what does not.

    I've been busy with life and work and haven't gotten a chance to work on the next version.  I'm hoping I'll get to it soon.  I will likely change the structure and how it works now that I know more about elgg and jquery/java techniques.

  • thanks for this theme

    i test for my site

  • I tried it and I got: 

    themer.0.4beta is a misconfigured plugin.

    I am really new to this so I do not know if I did something wrong. 

    I unzipped it

    FTP it to the mod folder

    moved it to the bottom of the plugind

    disabled the simple cache in the Site Adminstration setting. 

    enabled the plug in

    and my page went to this: themer.0.4beta is a misconfigured plugin.

    I couldn't do anything so I had to delete the file from the Mod folder to get my dashboard to open up again. 

    Thanks for any help with this.  Like I stated before, I am really new to this and I have no background or knowledge of development or programing. 

  • Based on the error message you posted, I think the plugin was not unzipped correctly.  The plugin directory when unzipped should be simply "themer" and NOT "themer.0.4beta" and should be within your site/mod directory.

  • Nice work Alex!
    This is "Day One" for me using Elgg and my 1st issue was the placement of the unzipped theme. I tried
    and discovered the correct placement is to be

    I am now using the advanced settings and see I need to refresh Tool Administration once or twice for it to appear in formatted form.

    It would be nice to have a color picker available for the hex numbers. I have seen some nice ones yet here is an example.

    Also Logo Url and Background Url repeat and logo appears under title link "New Elgg Site" I am using type of entry. Is there a simple fix for these to not repeat and to place the logo under the title  link?

  • @emetib.  Sorry it took a while for my reply. Please check out the new 0.5 release I just uploaded.  It now includes a jQuery based color picker.  I've also a separate header background URL and removed the repeat on the logo.

Alex Tanchoco

information technology person at two not for profit organizations


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