Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin v1.2

Release Notes

- Fully adapted for Elgg 1.7.1, all obsolete functions removed.

- The plugin is no more compatible with Elgg 1.5 or 1.6 (to use the old versions of elgg use the Kaltura plugin 1.1Beta2)

- Added a new widget for custom_index plugin (latest videos), with configuration options in admin (a few strings are added to the language file)

- Minor bugs solved.

  • Thank you, it's a great plugin!

    I am using Elgg 1.7.1. This is an error I kep getting after I upload a video, enter tags, click finish or when I try to edit an uploaded video:

    Fatal error: Argument 1 passed to KalturaWidgetService::listAction() must be an instance of KalturaWidgetFilter, called in /var/www/html/elgg/mod/kaltura_video/kaltura/api_client/kaltura_helpers.php on line 175 and defined in /var/www/html/elgg/mod/kaltura_video/kaltura/api_client/KalturaClient.php on line 4121

    I changed $filter = new KalturaBaseEntryFilter(); to $filter = new KalturaWidgetFilter(); on line 175 in kaltura_helper.php and that fixed the problem! :) Just wanted to share in case other people run into the same issue.

  • Thanks Liang, I'll check this issue and try to find if It can happens in other situations.

  • Hi, 

    being a total newby to elgg this is probably a silly question but...

    I have installed the Socialble Theme and then I installed the Kaltura plugin. How do I now integrate Kaltura into the theme so it will show the upload, delete and other functions of kaltura?

    I installed the widget into my profile page but thats all I managed to do :(

  • George, can you show some screenshots? Did you register into kaltura using the plugin? Can I see your elgg installation with some user (send me a private message if you want)?

  • Thanks for your quick response but I managed to edit the theme's header_contents.php file and I inserted the links for the video tabs there.

    Another question I have is where do I integrate Youtube videos from? I only see Metacafe in the list when I try to add a video and most of the videos from there say they wont play in my region.


  • ok. Youtube feature is disabled in the kaltura.com free account due the massive bandwith required. You must install kalturaCE in your own server (free and opensource) or buy a advanced account in kaltura).

  • Look a nice mod! But i have this error when i try to save the settings on admin panel

    connect() timed out!

    Somebody have this problem?




  • There seems to be a bug with the ELGG code when it writes the embed I am being told,

    "It seems we have found the source of the issue.

    Apparently the KSE in the Elgg system is not uploaded with the sub partner ID (partner ID X100) and so our system does not recognize the call :
    …/p/46592/sp//flvclipper/entry_id/1_y3hvydcm/version/0 (can be seen in Fiddler)

    The solution is to add the sub partner id in the flash vars of the KSE embed code.

    I have looked at trying to fix this but after spending almost 20 hours tryings to figure out how and where to change or add to the embed code that is being writen I am at a loss.
    I think I have tracked it down to a mix of the tinymmce.jscript or somewhere in the kaltura_video\views\default\object\kaltura_video.php

    Any ideas anyone has would be great,

  • i have a problem with this plugin . I enable this plugin and import a video sucessfull. But i can not play video to watch.How to play video? Thanks so much.

  • Apparently some uiconf (the player) fails in kaltura, did you try to change the viewer in administration -> kaltura video settings?

  • Hello,

    i´ve got a problem with the KCW upload window.

    It opens but stays black. An empty dummy video is created after refresh of the browser.




    KalturaCE v3.0

    elgg v1.7.4

    kaltura plugin v1.2

  • Does kultura works in elgg 1.7.5??

  • good afternoon, I like this plugin installed but not as I do? thanks

  • hi, i am trying to use Elgg Kaltura Video 1.2 plugin to connect elgg 1.7.8 to KalturaCE 3.0.0, after I set the Kaltura CE Server URL, Partner ID and login details, then in Advanced tab, click: I agree, please recreate all video objects now!, get an error message: Ui confi id :48411" not found. and from Tools--> corroborative video-->create new video, it just display a black square, it looks like I need to reset the kce/kcw/kse id, where can i find these ids and how to set?

  • Hi,

       I am a total newby to elgg, trying to integrate Kaltura Video 1.2 plugin to connect elgg 1.7.1. At the time of video file upload i can see a entry in  Kaltura Management Console.

        After upload is complete, the videos does not show up in my local site, even i cant see an entry in Kaltura Management Console. Is there any configurations that i need to change?

       Is there any new plugin or updates for exsisting plugin to support elgg 1.8?


  • HI,
    I am using ELGG 1.7.15 and Kaltura 1.2  .  


    1. I go to Kaltura Video Admin->Click on Server

    2.  In "Choose your Kultara Server" I chooseKaltura Community Edition 

    3.  In Enter Kaltura CE Server URL ,I enter http://localhost/elgg-1.7.15/kalturaCE_v5.0.0/

    4.After that I enter the correct Partner ID configuration details


    But as soon as I press save I got the following error


    failed to serialize server result

    404 Not Found

    Not Found

    The requested URL /elgg-1.7.15/kalturaCE_v5.0.0/api_v3/index.php was not found on this server.




    What am I doing wrong?


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