Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin v1.1Beta2

Release Notes

Version 1.1Beta2

  • Added security token in all actions (compatible with Elgg 1.5, 1.6, 1.7a)
  • Added 2 configuration options:
  • Globally enable/disable built-in rating system
  • Globally choose the behavior of the editor (kcw then kse, kcw only but allow editing, kcw only and not editing allowed)
  • Solved a bug with custom players (a mistake in the custom player uid)
  • Now when recreate object it will recreate the players to match the custom defined
  • Solved other some minor bugs


  • Upgrading is recommened for all 1.1 Users/testers
  • Bug reporting will be highly appreciated


  • Two issues to report here, Ivan (keep in mind I'm using the hosted version):

    1) When uploading a new video there are no queues to the user that the video is transcoding.  You need to wait patiently for the transcoding to finish, and then the video will play.  Even if you wait patiently, the thumbnail used is always black with the "Get this collaborative video started..." screen unless to you go back in and edit it again to update the thumbnail.  Is there something that can be done to make this a smoother experience for users? (I don't remember the old version having this problem).

    2) When using Webcam recording feature of Kaltura, the video never displays properly.  If you look at the backend area of Kaltura, the video has been created but the Video Remix has not.  Take a look at this screenshot and this quick video.

    1. Simple Cache issue- Custom player- When picking custom player from the dropdown list , the new ui to select the player id does not show up with simplecache enabled.
    2. With edit video off- the pluging still creates a remix video but with no edit options shown so video created fine but video ICON is default to the "get this collabroative video started" and creates an elgg entry with the collab video as the title, (really if posible the elgg title text should default to the kaltura video title text)  and the check box for allow comments is checked even though the global (comments off ) is checked.

      With edit off, it should not create mix videos it should just grab the video name and return the link for the video with out recreating a mix etc.
    3. The permissions dropdown for the video at the title screen page does not carry over after the save, I then have to change the permissions agian instead of right when I create it.

    The good, so much better with the new admin settings for the plugin for custom players, really like the global settings, and once the plugin truly just uploads and returns the video id with out createing a remix first it will save us hours of video upload time.

    (this is in elgg 1.6.1 with the beta plugin.

  • Hi guys I have some issue here, when I try to upload an video and when the transcoding is finish; the result is NO SOURSE and I have to close all. Them on my videos looking for a black screen click on edit and finish with the edition wisth  is very complicated to users.

    This is normal in this mod or something is wrong?


  • Hi, this issue sometimes happens, I'm not sure but I think it's about the player involved. However I can't do anything with this, it's kaltura.com server-player communication. Maybe would be a good idea to put this issues into the kaltura.org forums.


    Thanks anyway to report this, I'm currently pretty busy but I'll try to investigate.

  • Ivan did my post make sesnse on what I was expecting/wanting for the Edit off option to do?

    I think now it still creates two videos, the orig. video that gets uploaded and then a second a remix video that gets returned to the Elgg plugin.W

    Where I think it should just return the orig. video link that was uploaded.

    Hope all is well and thank you for your work on this.

    Brad Clark.

  • Brad it's a good idea to allow creating simple videos without a remix, I thinked about it many times, but It has some dificulties. Has to be a global option?: use mix or simple media. Or, when a user creates a video has to be asked what kind of video he wants. Wordpress plugin works on this way, but I think to many options will be
    annoying to the users.

    Currently, using only mixing videos keeps the plugin code more simple. Keep in mind that mix videos are container that uses the others videos as source, so the time to coding the video will be aprox. the same.

  • Hi I'm having some issues with this plugin aswell, when I upload a video through tools, collabrative videos it looks like the video is being uploaded once complete and I add tag and certify no violations the flash popup disapears then I am back to where I started even after waiting about thirty minute just in case its transcoding I still have no videos on the site.

    I am runing elgg 1.7.11

    Any help would be apreciated.




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