Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin v1.0

Release Notes

This the 1.0 release, ready for Elgg 1.6 and using 3.0 API of Kaltura. You can view the changelog here.

This plugin allows you to add, edit and share videos between diferent users in Elgg:

To install it (now comes with a registration wizard to make this process very easy), please read this page:

To see some videos & screenshots go here:

To read license notes, go here:

Finally to comments bugs go here:

I hope you enjoy it!

  • sorry ...a newbie question -but what is CURL Libary in PHP? Is that common in hosted sites?

  • @ivan can i disable uploading?

  • @darmi, Yes but not easily, probably you have to install your own copy of Kaltura CE and recompile the contribution wizard without this feature. You have to read more information from kaltura.org page.

  • Hey, Ivan! How are you? Great job!!! Can you tell me, is that possible to make custom size of video. We have two options. It would be nice to have video size customization, for example, 600x420 etc.


  • Thanks Serge, yes it's possible.

    You can do it by 2 ways:

    1. By using your own player widgets created in the Kaltura Management Console:

    Go here and sign in with you partner data: http://www.kaltura.com/index.php/kmc

    Then create a new player with your own sizes and colours, this gives you a new uiConfId, then put this number in the definitions.php page (mod/kaltura_video/kaltura/api_client) (change the variable $KALTURA_GLOBAL_PLAYERS).

    The other way is by changing the default widht and height of the default player. You can do it changing the file elgg_helpers.php, you cand add the line in bold a line after this:

    $ob->kaltura_video_widget_m_html = preg_replace(array('/width="([0-9]*)"/','/height="([0-9]*)"/'),array('width="'.$ob->kaltura_video_widget_m_width.'"','height="'.$ob->kaltura_video_widget_m_height.'"'),$ob->kaltura_video_widget_html);

    $ob->kaltura_video_widget_html = preg_replace(array('/width="([0-9]*)"/','/height="([0-9]*)"/'),array('width="600"','height="420"'),$ob->kaltura_video_widget_html);


    But you're right, the next version of plugin I'll try to add size customization of the player.

  • Thanks, Ivan! I'll try it!

  • hi Ivan Vergés, I installed your plugin, if I upload my video files via your plugin, they were ok, but when I upload audio files in Audio tab, like mp3 files, they were success upload but could not play them! I think, The Kaltura player couldn't play audio formats. How do i fix it??? thank you!

  • Hello, have anyone tried the plugin version 1.0 with Elgg 1.5 or is it strictly Elgg 1.6 compatible?

  • It's compatible with 1.5 with few changes:

    You have to change the javascript library, 1.5 still uses the 1.2 jquery library, to do that go to the file:


    Find the line:

    $JQUERY_LIB = 'jquery-1.3.2.min.js';

    And change with:

    $JQUERY_LIB = 'jquery-1.2.6.pack.js';

    Please tell me if that works for you!

  • When the page loads for 'Post a comment' sometimes (most) I get half a page of "/** * Plugin for the tinyMCE editor * * NOTE:" the entire script shows up and you can't post a comment.  Any ideas?  It's the kaltura tinymce script.

  • The kaltura setting were 'try to integrate it' - when I set it to 'simple' things show fine.

  • This is probably a incompatibility with others plugins thats uses a modified version ofthe tinyMCE editor.

    Can you list your other active plugins?

  • kaltura_video, zaudio, pages, messageboard, post_login_update, friends, defaultwidgets, shoutouts, bookmarks, garbagecollector, blog, diagnostics, siteaccess, externalpages, tidypics, reportedcontent, uservalidationbyemail, htmlawed, upload_users, news, logbrowser, poll, categories, embed, notifications, logrotate, riverdashboard, thewire, messages, profile, file, members, event_calendar, groups, jukebox_free, custom_index_widgets, riverfaces, photo_cumulus, tinymce, elggchat, highslide, tasks, wlist, sitemap, questions

    In order from Top to Bottom

  • Thanks, but it really helps if you can disable one by one of this plugins and find wich of them has the incompatibility, then I can fix the issue...

  • okey dokey - I'll play with it tomorrow morning when no one is on.  It's tough to do that on a live site!  Thank you!

  • hello,
    I like the Kaltura plugin.
    you have an idea of prices charged by kaltura?

  • Thanks, kaltura free account provides you up to 2GB/month transfer (please verfy this in kaltura.org website) for free. There are pays plans, check his web!

  • thank you for your information.
    I'll search the site

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