Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin v0.9.1

Release Notes

This plugin allows to create collaborative video editing by using the api of Kaltura.

Kaltura is the "First Open Source Video Platform" as they say in his web.

I've used his api to develop a plugin to easy create videos in a Elgg site. The videos are hosted in kaltura's site but is transparent for the end user. They provide for free up to 3GB of streaming per month.



Please, read the README file comming with the plugin!

Note that you need to register in kaltura as a cms partner and configure properly the plugin befor use it (end users, do not need to know this steps).

You need also the CURL libraries for PHP (I say this because is the first problem for many people).



Remove the all plugin and put the folder "kaltura_video" in the plugins folder.

Log in as administrator and press the button "Rebuild all the video objects", this is to apply the changes to your currently existings videos.



This version comes with this new features from the version 0.8 (you can find this old version in the community plugin history):

- GUI changes to be more integrated into Elgg standards.
- Added Comments
- Added Rating
- Added details editor (title, description, tags)
- Added videos for groups, this allows to create collaborative videos (the user has to create the video inside the group context and mark the collaborative checkbox). Collaborative videos allows to any member of the group to edit the video (but not the details, title, description, tags).
- New "recreate videos" way. Now can be slower but more reliable.
- Generally speed up process. Now kaltura is contacted only when is strictly necessary, in most cases by ajax.
- Bug fixes (like the update plays status).



This version solves the thumbnail generation problem by ajax metadata update. Other bugs could remain unsolved.


I've named this version 0.9 only to enhance the "Beta" status of the plugin. When all bugs will be solved and more languages are integrated I will rename it to 1.0 and post here.



I you want to help me to improve this plugin you can:

- Translate to your language and send me to include it in the package.

- Help me to test this plugins in diferent Elgg installations.

- You can of course, propose technical changes and help me to implement it if you know how.

- Feature request it's interesting but only for future releases of the plugin.



This upgrade does not solve any bug, just added the NL language (thanks to Truong Dang) and corrected some words in English (thanks to Dany).



Please read the README file to find my email, you can write to me for any personal questions.

To make comments, do it here.



Look some screenshots here (version 0.8):


Ivan Vergés

Php and Javascript developer.


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