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The Kaltura Elgg Plugin powers Elgg social engine with interactive video and rich-media capabilities.

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Kaltura Collaborative Video Plugin

NOTE: The main site for this plugin is now the kaltura exchange platform. Please visit the "plugin homepage" (http://exchange.kaltura.com/content/video-media-plugin-elgg) to get the latests updates of this plugin.

This site will be keep updated less frequently than the Kaltura's place!


Kaltura is a online streaming media server with advanced editing capabilities. This plugin enables to use it on Elgg.

For regular users, kaltura.com provides up to 10Gb of bandwidth to create your own youtube like channel.

For advanced users, Kaltura is available for free in Kaltura CE (visit kaltura.org).

This plugin for Elgg allows you:     

  • Create videos very easy from various sources using the contribution wizard application provided in the Kaltura API. The sources can be: Your webcam, Uploaded videos, audio, photos.
  • Easily import all rich media (video, audio, pictures...) from other sites and social networks, such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, CCMixter, Jamendo, New York Public Library, any URL on the web, etc.
  • Edit your videos online with a nice advanced editor provided also by the Kaltura API.
  • Comment, rate you videos.
  • Make a collaborative videos in groups. In a group environment you can start a video, activate the checkbox "collaborative" to allow editing by others users of the group and le the other change you initial video.
  • Integrated tinyMCE features: you can choose in "tools administration" if you want to allow this. If it is allowed (by default) then the users can put videos in any textarea form, containing tinyMCE or not (this show a button witch open the video gallery or editor).
  • Widget: This plugin has also a widget to allow you show a list of latest video in the dashboard.
  • Custom index widget: If you use the custom_index plugin, you can use a widget to show the latest videos on your site.
  • RSS functionality: in the Elgg way, you can subscribe to feeds in any page related with the plugin.
  • Comes with a integrated form to easy register automatically at kaltura if you are not a partner.
  • There is a way to import videos created in Kaltura outsize Elgg, read the INSTALL.txt file in "ADVANCED IMPORT".

Ivan Vergés

Php and Javascript developer.


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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