MicrobloggingService v0.1

Release Notes

This plugin push your wire's post in your microblogging service. For now, there is two services available : Twitter and Identi.ca

Your users choose the service in their configuration user.

This plugin is based in the the twitterservice plugin release by Curverider Ltd.

  • Love the plugin!  Now is there a way to modify it to show the website that posted using the API.  Some sites show 'posted from' then their app name.  Is this possible?  Any thoughts on creating a Facebook one?  Currently there is only a Facebook to Elgg.  Now a Elgg to Facebook would be pretty sweet.

  • I need it the other way round, I want to have my Twitter post showing up in the Wire, is there something like this?

  • @Trinity Rolling : Yes it's possible to show the website that posted the statuses. I will modified my plugin for that this week-end.

    For facebook, I don't use it, but I heard there is a microblogging system too. I don't know the facebook's API, but when I will have time, I will add Facebook in this plugin.

    @Dahaniel : I don't know if a plugin exist for that.

  • I have two modules - Twitter Services (Provides a simple Elgg wrapper around the twitter class written by David Grudl) and Twitter (Elgg simple twitter widget) installed, and can have twitter feeds displayed in a widget.

    I have just searched for them and cannot find them - so no link :-(. Cannot even find it in my download directory ... I think Twitter is included in the elgg download. 

    There is a lot more stuff tagged twitter than there used to be :-)

    Also - I have set my facebook page to read twitter posts and post them to facebook. ie, elgg status -> Twitter post -> Facebook. Now I just need to get Facebook to update the elgg profile and I'll bring the internet to its knees BRUHAHAHAHA.

  • hey can you make it Muti so that users can select Both Indenti.ca & Twitter ,

    or can you please post this Plugin only for Indenti.ca as we have for Twitter,

    so that users see two d/f micro blogging service in their settings


    I think second one would be easy

  • @Shayan Abbas : I will not post a plugin with only Identi.ca but if you want only Identi.ca service, you can modified only one file in this plugin :

    in microbloggingservice/views/default/usersettings/microbloggingservice/edit.php :


      <?php echo elgg_echo('microbloggingservice:service'); ?>
      <select name="params[microbloggingservice]">
        <option value="identica" <?php if ($vars['entity']->microbloggingservice == 'identica') echo " selected=\"selected\" "; ?>><?php echo elgg_echo('Identi.ca'); ?></option>
        <option value="twitter" <?php if ($vars['entity']->microbloggingservice == 'twitter') echo " selected=\"selected\" "; ?>><?php echo elgg_echo('Twitter'); ?></option>


    <input name="params[microbloggingservice]" type="hidden" value="identica" />


    With this modification, the plugin will be only for Identi.ca. Or more simple, the Identi.ca user can activate an option in their Identi.ca account for their notice in Identi.ca will send in their Twitter account.

    Best regards,


  • Nice plugin, Simon Leblanc! That's good idea that Dahaniel said about Twitter to Elgg! I have a question too. Is that possible to make a plugin or some of its function to connect RSS Feeds to wire post, something like twitterfeed or so? In other words all rss feed posts will come up to wire page as wire posts.

  • I jst installed, but didn't work. When I post using identi.ca account I get this message:

    cURL extension isn't loaded !

    using twitter would give me a blank page.

    Using latest elgg 1.6

    Looks like a great idea.



  • here is what the logs say when I wan't to post to identica:

    [Thu Dec 24 03:35:15 2009] [error] [client] *** FATAL EXCEPTION *** : exception 'Exception' with message 'cURL extension isn't loaded !' in /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/microbloggingservice/vendors/microblogging/microblogging.class.php:100\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/microbloggingservice/vendors/microblogging/identi.ca.class.php(18): Microblogging->__construct()\n#1 /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/microbloggingservice/start.php(37): Identica->__construct('myuser', 'password')\n#2 /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/microbloggingservice/start.php(63): microbloggingservice_send('myuser', 'pasword', 'prueba', 'identica')\n#3 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/lib/elgglib.php(1511): microbloggingservice_wire_listener('create', 'object', Object(ElggObject))\n#4 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/lib/elgglib.php(1578): events('create', 'object', '', NULL, true, Object(ElggObject))\n#5 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/lib/objects.php(279): trigger_elgg_event('create', 'object', Object(ElggObject))\n#6 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/lib/objects.php(122): create_object_entity(1629, '', 'prueba', '2')\n#7 /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/thewire/start.php(183): ElggObject->save()\n#8 /var/www/cayambelibre/mod/thewire/actions/add.php(39): thewire_save_post('prueba', 1, 0, 'site')\n#9 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/lib/actions.php(76): include('/var/www/cayamb...')\n#10 /var/www/cayambelibre/engine/handlers/action_handler.php(19): action('thewire/add')\n#11 {main}, referer: http://www.cayambelibre.org/mod/thewire/everyone.php

    I see the password and user are sent as plain text and logged. Does this happen only becuase it is an error? The password is sent to identica via https?

    Best regards,



  • so no it works, I neede to install php5-curl package. I debian it was:

    aptitude install php5-curl

    /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

    Thanks a lot a grea plugin. I post to identica and identica post to twitter and facebook. :)

    The only question I still have is if you use http or https.



  • sorry for posting too much here. Are password store in plain text in the database? That is something I don't like too much :(. Is there another way around, like sharing public and private keys?

    Best regards and thanks for this great plugin,


  • @Dhrup those are great news, thanks

  • @ Simon Leblanc has this been updated to show he website that posted the statuses


  • It doesn't appear to work with 1.7.7. says the plugin is malformed. Any clues on how to reconfigure it? I'm really interested in using it to post to identi.ca and status.net

  • @costelloc

    Thanks that worked. also the plugin folder is one directory down in the zip file.


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