Admin profile fields v1.0

Release Notes

I needed a plugin for my company, which could disallow users to modify backoffice created profile fields on their profile. As a company can wish, i needed also a non intrusive code to replace the default profile fields with the needed ones.

So, here it is. Instead of editing the Elgg file, the plugin allows to define yours profile fieldsand  permits to use admin profile_fields, just using the prefix admin_ on the profile fields names.  For simplicity, it doesn't use custom profile fields but the defaults profile fields used by the engine. This means,  that this plugin uses exactcly the same profile mechanism as the original Elgg one.

  • Admin fields are visible in the user profiles, depending the access of course, as classicals profile fields.
  • Only admin can edit these fields.

To use with your own parameters, feel free to add or modify the samples fields given fo example in the start.php file within the $profile_default array.  Also, edit the corresponding translations in the language directory. That's it.

As Elgg Custom profile fields are named by convention admin_profile_fieldNNN, this plugin will have a side effect if you has decided to use it :(

To activate, be sure that this plugin is situated under the standard profile plugin.


Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-4-2
  • Downloads: 1588
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