Import/Export site and plugin settings v2.0

Release Notes


This module is designed to import and export your sites settings i.e.

The order of your plugins and any settings saved using standard plugin settings methods i.e. get_plugin_setting(), set_plugin_setting(). Any module that uses a custom method of saving plugin settings will not have there settings exported!

i.e. read:

  • No user configuration is exported!
If you have a plugin that you'd like to have it's settings exported using this method (and it's not doing so) then it's probably best to contact the author of that plugin to use the proper method of saving settings for plugins.


You need XMLReader and XMLWriter compiled with your PHP instance. XMLWriter is usually included with PHP by default. XMLReader may not be!?


This version will let you choose what types of settings you want imported i.e.

  • Just the core settings: The stuff you enter when you setup a elgg site
  • Just the plugins: The order of and the settings of the plugins
  • Both: Both of the above
Also I've included a import.php file in this plugin, so that you can run the import from a command line php script i.e. useful if you have an automated/CI build.


I recommend people try this on there development/test sites first. It's ok to export your settings from a production/live site, but you'll probably want to test it out somewhere else before doing a import. 

Also if you import all/core settings for a export file that isn't configured for the site you're importing into then this will break your site as the URL, document root, files folder, database config are highly likely to be different.


  • Great idea and very useful. Could you explain the second warning a little better?

  • Well the core settings are kind of specific for an individual elgg install, so if you import the core configuration from test site A to test site B and they use different database settings then test site B won't work as it's trying to use site A database configuration.

  • Do we have any 1.8-compatible equivalent of this plugin? Looks abandoned, if we don't have any settings import/export for >1.8 I'd adopt this one. @Milan seems to e out for over 2 years now.


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1064
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