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plugin now Elgg 1.8 compatible

  • i just came to test internet explorer for the first time in a long while..
    the language switching is not functioning at all in IE 10 for me.
    i am clicking the other language links and the page reloads and language remains the same.

  • ok.. i have not made any 'unusual' changes to the languaging of elgg..
    you can see this here:
    this is quite low on my priority list presently.. i will come back to it if you are unable to reproduce.

  • more info: the page does update if i refresh the page after i change the language..
    1. change language.
    2. refresh the page.
    successfully changes the displayed language.

  • I'd like to exclude profiles from this plugin (checking elgg_get_context) since I am using a caching mechanism for profiles but whatever I try, it still uses the browser detected languages. Some strong code there :)

    How can this be done properly ?

  • I have activated kestrel theme and I just activated this plugin. Surprised that nothing happened, nothing showed up in the header. I added the select-language/default to topbar since the theme does not show header for logged in users, still nothing was shown. What can be wrong?

  • @Naska O. Muhammad

    I added the select-language/default to topbar

    How are you did it?

    Did you tried this hook:

    elgg_extend_view("page/elements/topbar", "language_selector/default");

    instead of:

    elgg_extend_view("page/elements/header", "language_selector/default");


    Did you checked your theme's styles for displaying of it?

    Did you deactivated simple caching via Administration?

  • @ RvE I had used elgg_extend_view as you said. I hadn't deactivated simple cache which I did right now and didn't solve it. CSS doesn't seem to be the cause. Thanks for your reply. I still haven't got it to work.

  • I tried to add it to sidebar too just to see if it works. It didn't show up. I even deactivated the theme and it still didn't show up. I'll check to see if other plugins cause the problem.

  • Hi

    I use facebook theme and I added this code in start.php of this theme:

    elgg_extend_view("page/elements/topbar", "language_selector/default");

     this shows language selector in topbar correctly,

    but also I'd like to show language selector in the login page that they can login or register with her or his language , I added this code to \mod\facebook_theme\views\default\page\elements\header.php

    but nothing happened.

    how can I fix that?


  • @olive


    elgg_extend_view("page/elements/header", "language_selector/default");

  • @RVR

    I use "Liang Lee Main Page" plugin  and  it prevents that "language selector" is displayed.

  • Jeroen excellent plugin language selector, I need to consult you and I inserted the plug chinese language and I is not on the top of my page, this will be a 46.73% that does not exceed 50%, I may say as I can do to make it look.  Best regards Daniel

  • @danielc583 you can configure the minimal completeness of a language in the plugin settings

  • Jeroen Good evening, I'm using your plugin language selector, and the top right shows me the language flags but the flags of Greece appears to me, instead of the same letters (a) appears, so does the Basque language flag is not displayed, instead of the same letters (eu), equal to the Urdu language is displayed, you will have some solution. Best regards Daniel

  • @danielc583 not all flags are included in the plugin. You can configure the plugin to always show text instead of a flag

  • 1.9 compatibility: Flags display fine. Change language changes the language but gives "Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views" warnings. (quick test)

  • Today Coldtrick day. So many plugins releases 1.9. A BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT:

    Also for Language selector and Widget manager?

  • Hi @Jeroem, do you have any foresight to upgrade this plugin for Elgg 1.9?. 

    I´ve tested it and doesn´t works correctly, any suggestion to make it compatible with new Elgg releases?


  • What is not working, as i just tested it and it looked like it works fine.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    after activating it seems to work fine on 1.9 but I have a lot of deprecation notices when surfing through pages: "Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views"

    I think they depend on this plugin's version....but not 100% sure :)


  • @michele try the github version. It is free of the deprecated notices. Deprecated notices does not mean it is working, and they will only show for admins. Regular users will only see them if the deprecated notices indicate the plugin uses function that are already deprecated in 2 versions of Elgg.

  • @Jeroem, The Minimum language completeness option to limit which languages show in the language selector menu doesn't work for me, all languages are shown in the menu.


  • @javier it works for me, try to enter a high number like 95 and it should limit it to all languages with a completeness between 95 and 100%. You can see the language completeness percentages if you change your sites language (admin / configure / settings)

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