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plugin now Elgg 1.8 compatible

  • Great plugin, works fine !! Only problem is that is does not work with hypeframework on elgg 1.8.3.

    Can you advice what to do ??

  • Emmanuel Simond

    File fr.php is not properly encoded (non UTF-8) then é î à ê characters are scrambled

    + 1 translation missing + typos fixes:

    New version:

    <?php $french = array( 'language_selector:admin:settings:min_completeness' => "Quel est le pourcentage minimum d'exhaustivité d'une langue pour qu'elle apparaisse dans le sélecteur de langue? (ex: 70)", 'language_selector:admin:settings:show_in_header' => "Afficher le sélecteur de langue dans l'en-tête?", 'language_selector:admin:settings:autodetect' => "Activer la détection automatique de la langue (pour les utilisateurs non connectés)", 'language_selector:admin:settings:show_images' => "Afficher le drapeau du pays (si disponible)", ); add_translation("fr",$french);

  • @Eman thanks for reporting. The best way it will "quickly" make it to the next release if you provide a pull request through

  • Dosn't works on elgg 1.8.6...., on elgg 1.8.5 its was all right.

    Here is a message in plugins more info:

    Requires Elgg version >= 2011122100 2012061800 ok
    Suggests Plugin: translation_editor any -- Missing
    Provides Plugin: language_selector 2.0 -- ok

    Please, any help? Whery usefull plugin!

  • Sorry, i am forgot to set up Minimum language completeness (e.g. 30) ALL FORKS PERFECT! ))

  • Good plugin, works fine with logged IN users, but for me not for NON-logged IN users. You can select a language and it seems to switch but no translations. Any ideas ? 

    Workaround for me could be to only show flags to logged in users, but using gatekeeper is not allowed and results in http 500 error. I am using 1.8.5 in combination with widget manager and custom index.

  • Hello,

    same thing for me like Gerard Kanters. Have own theme with proper en language file, translated in italian (through Translation Editor) eevrything fine but does not work for logged out users if clicking on the italian flag on the homepage. Also tried merging translations into a php file (through Translation Editor->upload via ftp) does not work. I'm on 1.8.8 with both TE and LS latest releases. No walled garden, seems no conflicts at all.

    Does anyone have any new solution on the issue?


  • Hello,

    finally got the solution: in my case Westors Elgg Manager 1.8.3 free caused the not-logged in issue.

    Tried several times with all plugins and this is the only one, for some reason, preventing not-logged in users to properly view translations.

    Hope this helps somebody, cheers

  • I have the same problem (language selector not working for logged out users) but this happens to me only in the production site in the server. The development version, with the same files and database, works perfectly in my computer, with a WAMP environment. 

  • I wish I could choose the language before login. how to do this?

  • Hi Jeroen and everybody :)

    Hope not to duplicate question but it seems a new one after searching.

    Would (how?) it be possible for users to select default language from the settings page (which is now) and also select one or multiple languages as filter for the river?

    I'm asking because in our case, we're starting to have contet published in few different languages (italian, english, spanish, dutch, german,..) and some users could get very confused on the homepage (dispalying the river) reading stuff in not-spoken languages....



  • @michele the settings, and also this plugin, control the system language. That means interface items like menu items, buttons etc, but not content. There currently is nothing for multilingual content other than a (not so fancy) google translate bar :)

  • Thanks for replying Jeroen!

    Well, I guessed so but was thinking something like (crazy idea maybe...don't know) in settings "show me content on the river posted by people whose default language is: x,y,.."

    This would be a workaround, not perfect because a user could have dutch as default language and publish in english but at least some kind of filter based on other members' default language settings...


  • hoi Jeroen and all members here,

    I'm trying to get into the elgg..

    now i have 2 questions witch are realy importand to go or stop with elgg

    1 is the a option to set up 1 language and no selection for users to change?

    2 is there a forum plugin? 

    (not vanilla and no hyperframework)

    thx in advance!


  • Hi,

    Testing this plugin, and wondering if the event that is fired on change also can happen when no user is logged in?

    elgg_trigger_event("update", "language", $user); In change.php



    Roar L

  • i just saw that earlier versions of this plugin detected the browser language and set the elgg language to match..
    i tested this in my browser and that feature is not functioning here; since it is not mentioned in the plugin description i am thinking the feature is no longer present. is that correct? if so, is there a way to achieve that?

  • @ura that feature should still be working

  • oh ok.. i tested by changing the browser language in chromium to french (french is active on my site) - and the site was still shown in english. i'll test some other browsers

  • ok so.. i just added french to the top of the list of languages in firefox (latest version - win) and logged out of elgg - language is set to english.
    closed the browser.
    opened the browser.
    navigated to my site.. and the language is still english, not french.
    i also ensured that the 'enable autodetect of language (for non-logged in users)' option is set to 'yes' in admin.

  • @ura did you also clear out your cookies? The preference for the logged out user is saved in cookies.

  • aha! i cleared the cookies and the language now changes.
    do you know which cookie is involved? and why the change was denied until i cleared the cookie?
    usually i don't clear my browser cookies (and many don't even know what they do) - so that makes this feature dysfunctional for many visitors.

  • @ura the cookie is only saved if the logged out user changes the language. It makes sense that the cookie will be persistent as you did not change language without a reason. If you never change the language as a logged out user, the cookie will not be created.

  • i wrote a long reply to ur message jeroen - then didn't post it and lost it..
    i'll come back to that topic.. right now i have another issue..
    i am seeing that i am receiving notifications of new comments being added to videos in french - even though all settings (that i know of) are set to english...
    i've checked the language for my profile (which is english) and my browser now only contains english.. so.. is there somewhere else i am forgetting?
    could this possibly be caused by the commenter using french and not english?

  • @ura you are correct, you will always receive notifications in the language of the "sending" user, not based on your personal preferences. That is unfortunately an issue with multilingual sites and Elgg. There is a related issue on github

  • ah i see, ok; i just added a note to github, thanks. :)

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