Language Selector v1.0.3

Release Notes

Version History
 - added: flag for denmark (da)
 - changed: flag for sweden (sv)
 - fixed: cookie now set for correct path (/)
 - fixed: issue with selecting languages for non logged in users (again)
 - fixed: issue with selecting languages for non logged in users
 - added: flag for zh (chinese) language
 - added: flag for hebrew
 - fixed: current language onclick action incorrect
 - fixed: dutch translations
 - first release

  • It would be wonderfull!

    I need too this great plugin work on 1.7.

    Please answer to the community Jeroen...  ;)

  • @ibon in a few weeks from now a lot of plugins made by us will be updated (this one also), so please have some patience.

  • Thanks Jeroen, I'll be waiting impatiently...  ;)

  • To everyone interested in an update for 1.7, all you have to do is edit one line in mod/language_selector/views/default/language_selector/default.php

    Find the line that says:

    $action = $CONFIG->wwwroot . "action/language_selector/change?lang_id=" . $lang_id;

    ...and change it to:

    $action = elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url($CONFIG->wwwroot . "action/language_selector/change?lang_id=" . $lang_id);

    Works fine after that. Thanks to the author for this module!

  • Thanks @FenixJames!

    It works fine when a user is logged in but it doesn't work when is logged out.

    Anything more to change?

  • What the code says is that:

    if($current_lang_id != $lang_id){


    $action = elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url($vars['url'] . "action/language_selector/change?lang_id=" . $lang_id);

    } else {

    $action = "javascript:setLanguage(\"" . $lang_id . "\");";


    Any clue of what the not logged option is (not) doing?

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