Language Selector v1.0.3

Release Notes

Version History
 - added: flag for denmark (da)
 - changed: flag for sweden (sv)
 - fixed: cookie now set for correct path (/)
 - fixed: issue with selecting languages for non logged in users (again)
 - fixed: issue with selecting languages for non logged in users
 - added: flag for zh (chinese) language
 - added: flag for hebrew
 - fixed: current language onclick action incorrect
 - fixed: dutch translations
 - first release

  • Version 1.0.2 had a fix for the non-loggedin users. It did work in some situations, but for example didn't work on register pages. This version hopefully solves the problem for good.

    If you are testing this make sure to delete the cookies before changing the language.

  • Uploaded new version, deleted cookies, cleared cache and still can't get the language selected as non-logged-in user. (Firefox 3.5.3)

    I then put the plugin at the bottom of the list and again without success.

    On another note...

    Does anyone know how I can center the flags to the middle of the page?

    At the moment they are hard left above the main content and look totally out of place.

    I had a look at mod/language_selector/views/default/language_selector/default.php

    but am not sure how to (where to) add the align="center"

  • thanks @Jeroen for this update


    maybe in next upgrade in:


    add this in the end

    <div id="flags">
        echo $result;

    and in css insert something like:

    #flags {

    or right:50%;

  • After investigating the issues with the language selector on Woodward's site, i discovered it was related to 2 poorly coded plugins. The "Modified Simple Poll Plugin" by alivin70 and the "Tips" plugin by goofbucket.

    If you are also using these plugins the language selector doesn't work for non logged in users.

  • I have just changed my polls plugin to the original poll by John and added his Extended Poll plugin.

    I liked Goofbucket's plugin but I had to remove it for now.

    AND as you have said the language selector is now working for non logged in users.


    Thanks a lot Jeroen!

  • I've installed the langauge plugin. The flags display on my page, but when you click them, the language does not change.  How can I fix this ?



  • @livicrew

    Do you have the translations in the language files of each mod?

    What plugins do you have that don't come with the standard elgg?

    Thanks Lord55 - didn't work with my first try (I have darkelgg theme) though I'll have a play around with it some time over the next days.

  • sadly still not working for me,I don't have those plugins, works when logged in just not when it is not.

  • @kiwi_chris i put a lot of effort in this plugin to make it work for everyone. Unfortunately it still isn't working for you. Woodward had 2 plugins that were badly coded that interfered with the language selector. Maybe there is something specific that makes it not work on your site. If you want me to check it out for you please pm me.

  • @kiwi
    try this..
    disable all other non-elgg std plugins
    enable Jeroen's Language Selector
    deal or no deal ! ;-)

  • I will try your idea dhrup, and will report back, Jeroen you are right there is likely a plugin I have that is affecting yours, I just need to do some work.

    My site is busy 24/7 which makes it a little more tricky to try these things.

  • 24 x 7 x ?     how many many users online at any one time ???

  • can yu post demo???

    & is it avaliable for 1.6.1???

  • I tried the above (my problem about centering) though unfortunately it didn't work, even after experimenting with the css.

    BUT..... Just figured out!

    This is what I did in case anyone else needs it!

    in \mod\language_selector\views\default\language_selector

    The last lines should be:

        echo "<p align=\"center\">" . $result . "</p>";

  • I am new to Elgg and to using Plugins.  Are the updates in this discussion above included already in the Language Selector?  Will it automatically do any updates for me in the future?  Thanks for thoughts.  I need in particular English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese for starters.  Thank you and forgive the general ignorance but this is pretty fundamental for me.

  • I am trying to use your plugin but i dont know where it shows up as i can not find what it has enabled.

    i am using the buddytalk theme.

    where do i have to go to see what the plugin is doine

  • @Kiwi_Chris, you should always have a non-busy development (dev) site available for testing purposes, which is nearly a copy of your current live site, settings and data base.

  • Running Elgg version 1.7b users not logged in cannot change language.

    I have narrowed it down to a conflict with tidypics, but unable to locate where in tidypics it conflicts.

    Any ideas on what to look for?

  • Found the error.

    It was Tidypics that used a elgg_echo function in the language file. When that was deleted language_selector worked again.

  • Hello, I have a problem with plugin, on the page index my site, is no possible switsh language.

    If I identify, this plugin is ok.

    Any idéa ?

    PS: sorry for my anglish is very bad.

    Thank you for the help.

  • @slyhne's solution worked for me too on Elgg 1.6.1. 

    Important to note also that the language selector maps will only show if at least two languages are above the percentage you have set in the plugin's settings.

  • This plugin is no ready on elgg 1.7 :s

  • Hi

    Can you please make this great plugin work for 1.7...? 

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