Language Selector v1.0.1

Release Notes

Provides a language_selector view to use in your theme's.
If you are using a default theme, there is an admin option to extend the header with the language selector
Check the admin settings of the plugin for things to configure.

 - language_selector/default view to use in theme's
 - configure the minimum amount of completeness in the admin settings to exclude minor translations in the language selector
 - handles translation preferences for logged in (user preferences) AND non logged in users (cookies)
 - incorporated autodetection of browser language (only for non logged in users) 
       - this replaces the automagic_translation plugin and requires NO core hack
 - language selector display country codes or flags
       - flags borrowed from translation browser plugin

Version History
 - added: flag for hebrew
 - fixed: current language onclick action incorrect
 - fixed: dutch translations
 - first release

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(c) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

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  • Hi. Does this work with custom_index plugin? I have vasco_mainpage and it doesn't translate anything when you're logged out.

  • How if I dont want to show it on external page ?

  • I also have the custom_index and the language does not change when you click on the flags. Also the Register page remains in English too. It might be something at my end so I'll look into it tomorrow and see if I'm just missing the language file or something stupid like that.

    The little flags look cool too, even though I only have three of them. It looks like I'll be out collecting language translation files during the next days. :)

  • Yes, I was missing some language files though I still have to figure out how to allow the Register form page to be another language.

  • The Swedish flag is not what it should be. It appears to have the flag of Argentina there!

  • I made a new gif for the swedish flag if anyone wants it.

    You can either download it from my site or I can send it to you (hopefully it will be added to the new version of this).

  • anyone has this plugin working properely? When you logged into my site it works but the logged out is not working


  • when i manually change the site language, it work for the logged out page so it's got to be the pluging. I am still looking through it. 

  • I have just gone and killed mine somehow.

    My problem to figure out...

    When you click on one of the flags, it takes you to a blank page with:

    It shows the action without doing the action.

    Now I am taking out each of the language files that I uploaded in each mod folder to see if one of those is causing the problem.

    Elggboy: From memory I had it working when you are logged out. I'm trying to get it back to when it worked. :)

  • Oh, and I forgot to add...

    After the white screen and I click 'Back' in the browser, the language is changed to the one I had chosen.

  • I got it working again having deleted all the 'new' language files. Now I am loading them up one by one into each mod section and testing them to see which one was corrupted.

    It's good to have it back working again. This is a great plug-in.

  • Elggboy: I have just tested and the flags/language changing DOES NOT work on my site when you are logged out so I am in the same predicament.

  • thanks Jeroen, great plugin

    i also have the problem that clicking a flag does not change the language for logged out users

  • @captain do you have a link to the site, so i could check it out?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    How do I enable this plugin for non registered users?

    It works fine once you are logged in but not for just casual visitors.


  • @lou can you try to place the language_selector plugin in the plugin ordering on top? Do you have any other language related plugin active?

  • I just put it at the top, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    My Japanese translation isn't complete yet, but it shows up for registered users as far as I have translated it...


  • strange on autodetect.

    it works perfect on custom_index in localhost but on production site no autodetect and if I can click on languages page is refreshed but no change in language. It is always in english. does Someone have this problem?

    i put this plugin now on top ...but always the same.

  • Extremely useful plugin. Thanks Jeroen.

  • i can't understand the problem about autodetect of language (for non-logged in users).
    on my site it doesn't go.
    then also if I click on flags to change language for non-logged user , it doesn't work

  • @lord55 i'm also puzzeled. I see it working on a lot of sites and i have no idea what is going wrong on your site. Try to deactivate all (additional) plugins and the activate the language selector. Then activate the other plugins to see if there is a conflict.

  • ok Jeroen. there aren't conflicts with others plugins.

    i didn't try a simple thing and now I understand it.

    In Site Admin i had

    The default language for your site: English

    I never changed that, so now I selected  another language and it works

    but if I reselect English again, there is always this problem for no-login-user.

    I put now Italian as default language and also autodetect works well.

  • @lord55 maybe this is something, but i can't reproduce it. Besides, when i look at my code, it makes no sense... Did you use the automagic translation plugin before you started using this one? btw you are using Elgg 1.5?

  • @Jeroen: yes I used automagic translation before  I enabled your plugin but I disabed it first. I cleared simplecash and upgraded the site.

    now I'm on 1.6.1

    As I said you, I had this problem only on production site, no in localhost (there I haven't automagic translation).

    Now your plugin works perfect with another language as default

    Really thanks for your help.

  • @lord55 good to know. The automagic plugin did a core adjustment and if you didn't revert that adjustment, this plugin isn't working. When you upgraded to 1.6.1 you have overwritten the core hack of the automagic plugin and things are working again as they should be. Good luck with your site!

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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