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We are feeling so glad to release beta version of Izap-Videos plug-in. I would like to thank to Elgg community who has made this plugin so capable. In this release, we have done lot of core enhancements, Removed elgg bridge dependency which reduces the complexity of installation and helps to improve performance, Compatibility with Elgg new version 1.9 and many other optimisations. If I will talk about features subsequently there are not many changes in features like YouTube video development API, on server / off server video upload, supported formats etc. For those who can afford videos processing and hosting on their servers would be continuing. Actually videos upload can be switched from YouTube to on server and vice versa.

Beta Version 5.0


  1. Core Enhancements.
  2. Code optimizations.
  3. Improve the performance by removing Bridge dependency.
  4. Compatibility to upgraded version of Elgg 1.9.
  5. For Off server video, user will be able to see preview of video after enter URL.
  6. Third party Video previews before posting it on your site.

Bug fixes: 

  1. Removal of Deprecated functions.
  2. Compatibility issues relates to Elgg version.
  3. Bugs reported by QA team.

How it works:

YouTube upload:

  1. If admin activates “Activate YouTube channel to handle uploaded videos.” Radio button subsequently on front end On server video tab will change to YouTube video.
  2. User will add the YouTube video URL.
  3. Subsequently, it will ask to “Grant access”
  4. If user grants success perfectly then user will publish the video. 

On server video: 

  1. If admin activates the “I've enough resources to compile my videos” radio button subsequently on server tab will appear on front end.
  2. User need to upload video from local drive.
  3. Subsequently, user needs to add “Title”, “Description” “Tags”.
  4. User also have provision to give access to specific users like “Public”, “Logged in users” “Friends”

Off server Video

  1. User has provision to add video URL.
  2. After enter URL user can see preview of that video URL.
  3. User also have provision to give access to specific users like “Public”, “Logged in users” “Friends”.
  • I only want to use youtube etc, do i need the api key? Also this plugin messes up the 'likes' It shows half likes box of people who liked posts etc...

    Try to upload a video but get 'Feature unavailable, please try again later'.

  • Also after inputting youtube key, try to save settings and get 'Forbidden'

  • Installed the plugin and tried to upload a on server video :  MPEG-4 File Format (.mp4),   3.35 MB (3,517,172 bytes)  and tried to upload it.

    Took a few minutes and then i got this error

    Error: The size of file(s) uploaded exceeded the limit set by your site administrator ---

    You can not edit/play this video until completion of conversion process

    So my question is: What is the default or minimum limit for a single  video for Izap videos upload.

    Should i adjust the .htaccess file for file upload limit?

    my .htaccess file upload is as follows.

    # upload_max_filesize is the maximum size of a single uploaded file (5 MB)
        php_value upload_max_filesize 5242880

    So, i thought 3MB is less than 5 MB and still I could not upload the video without error

    2. Then I went to mysite/admin/statistics/izap-videos-queue       

    Statistics : Current Queue Status

    Queue status: Not running (2)

    0 B
    0 B
    Not Converted X
    3.35 MB
    0 B
    Not Converted X

    [ Re-trigger Queue | Reset Queue ]
    Refresh after every 5 seconds.



     3. Then, I went to mysite/admin/statistics/izap-videos-converson-fail

    Then this what i saw

    Statistics : Conversion Fail

    Conversion Failed: List Conversion Failed (0)

    No Conversion Failed

  • VextahIf you want to use YouTube video feature subsequently you need to select radio button “Activate YouTube channel to handle uploaded videos.”  Via admin section.

    Before upload video, Please make sure you have selected any option from “Onserver” & “Offserver” video because by default it’s selected as “Disable”

    For sake reference URL: /admin/plugin_settings/izap-videos

    We have already reported Bug to UI team for “Likes” button alignment.  Please check the reference Bug ticket : https://github.com/pluginlotto/izap-videos/issues/13

    We will get to you shortly on same.

  • @tom, As per my understanding, In HTaccess file, you have just mentioned “upload_max_filesize” but didn’t update "post_max_size". If you will update both subsequently you will not get any error.

    Example: We have set the “post_max_size “5MB and “upload_max_filesize” 2MB or 3MB subsequently you will not receive any sort of error in same process.  Please try once again at your end and let me know if you face same issue again. Looking forward to you.

  • good night, unfortunately gave conflicting with my theme. 
    The icon is in the header and active notifications


  • Marcos_Faro, Can you please give us some sort of reference on same so I can resolve this conflict ASAP. Looking forward to you.

  • iZAP Good night, 
    Thanks for the reply, I am by sending an print screen of my site. 
    You see, whenever notifications are activated. 
    I would like the icon to stay in HypeWall 

  • Marcos_Faro Thanks for sharing screenshot. It really helps. We have verified our code / CSS and observed that it's not cause of our CSS/plug-in compatibility. You just need to do some optimizations in CSS to resolve this CSS conflict.  Please let me know if I can help you to resolve this issue. We are always available to provide you support. Looking forward to you.


  • I sent a message inbox for you now

  • Okay @marcos_Faro, I replied you on same. Thanks

  • Congratulations on this important, new release...hope to be able to make good use of it! I'm currently getting a "Fail" for FFMPEG under server info and am unable to upload any videos to my server. Here's what my settings look like:

    Plugin Settings

    iZAP Videos



    Also, we can't save any videos to groups (it saves to the users instead) so no matter how many times we try to add a new video to a group it says "No videos have been added yet":

    Group videos

    No videos have been added yet.

    Add new



  • blab, Thanks for update. We have verified the FFMPEG process and it seems fine at our end. You will only get "Fail" for FFMPEG under server, if FFMPEG is not installed on server or local end.

    To make sure, can you please re-check the FFMPEG installation via accessing below mentioned commands:

    ffmpeg   (Command to check whether it's installed or not)

    ffmpeg -version  (To check the version)

    which ffmpeg  (To check the path where it is installed)

    If you still face any issue on same then please let us know.

    B) There is proper process to save the video in group. Just connect to Group menu and add the video in specific group. When you will add the video in a group subsequently it will also appear in activities, All videos but if you will upload any video individually subsequently that video will not appear in the group. 

    For more queries, You can reach me directly via Email/ Skype for further assistance.

    Skype: jaspreet.izap

    Email: jaspreet.singh@izap.in


    C) I would like to suggest one more technical thing. Please don't share API key publically which will be cause of security issue. If you need more information on same then please reach us out directly.


    Izap support



  • Here's the first couple lines from typing either ffmpeg or "ffmpeg -version":

    ffmpeg version 2.4.git Copyright (c) 2000-2014 the FFmpeg developers
      built on Sep 26 2014 07:11:30 with gcc 4.8 (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1)

    Here's "which ffmpeg": /home/ubuntu/bin/ffmpeg

    That all looks normal to me, yet I still get a "Fail" under server info.  Is there something else I can try?

    I think I have some useful info on the group problem.  When I try to add a "Onserver Video", it seems to be doing the right thing (although it doesn't load presumably due to my ffmpeg problem).  It's when I add an "Offserver Video" that it fails to add under the group.


  • i contact the developers and they are really great. They configure the server, the plugin and integrated into the website and fix some template issues.

    All services. I keep them in my contact list for feature job request and youtube and vimeo works great....

    Thumbs up for iZap developers...

  • Thanks @whitetornado for admiring our efforts! 

  • @Blab, Thanks for your response.

    As per my understanding, all seems well regarding installation at your end. Can you please contact me directly via Skype/Email so we can resolve your issues ASAP.

    My skype: jaspreet.cool

    Email: jaspreet.singh@izap.in

    Looking forward for your response.

    Izap Support


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