iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.2.0b

Release Notes

I am feeling so good while release this new izap-videos version. We have introduced so cool features in this release which would help users who has no dedicated resources. but they want to offer videos uploades to their users. In this realse, we have implemented YouTube development API. Now end users would be able to upload their videos under their YouTube account via your site. Your videos would not be processed by your server they would be processed by YouTube servers. 

For those who can afford videos processing and hosting on their servers would be continue. Actually videos upload can be switched from youtube to onserver and viceversa. 

### Version 4.2.0b ####


  1. Youtube upload via YouTube Developer API.

Bug fixes: 

  1. Some shared hostings has no availability of "file_get_contents". So we have removed that and instead of that, we are doing curl request.
  2. Bugs mentioned by the community in last release.
  3. Removal of Deprecated function.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Of Couse izap-elgg-bridge. You can download it from https://github.com/pluginlotto/izap-elgg-bridge/archive/v2.1.4.tar.gz. Github version must be renamed to "izap-elgg-bridge" after extract. If you do not want to go for this. Than you can download from pluginlotto itself. http://www.pluginlotto.com/store/product/sona/26014/izap-elgg-bridge-version-214-free-elgg-plugin.

How to install izap-videos for (embeddable + YouTube Upload).


Declaration about Arvixe Warninghttp://blog.arvixe.com/a-warning-about-using-izap-plugins-for-elgg-1-8/)

After I finally got the framework, I installed it like you normally install a plugin in Elgg. However, when I tried to use it I couldn’t because I had to register my domain name in their site. In other words, I had to give the address of my Elgg network if I wanted to use the plugin Izap Disk Quota. That’s just plain wrong, because there’s no reason why a free plugin will need my domain name. I find it suspicious, and I believe it sends server information to the developer, which is wrong.

 Above was written by Rodolfo Hernandez

@Radolfo, Your questions are valid. I would like to clarify all.

Why do we need you to register on pluginlotto.com?

Guys, We are poviding video pulling feature in izap-videos. This is something like, Your server will send a request to our server with video url (youtube, 5min ....). Our API recoganize this request with the registered API which is suppose to send with every such request on our server. And for authorized requests, our server is sending back the requested data. This is something like "http://embed.ly". But they are paid. We have created our own API with some sites support (Youtube, vimeo, 5min etc ( have plans to upgrade this support in future ). So we are providing video pulling free of cost which is actually costing me for my dedicated resources. So it is fair enough to atleast authenticate every request we are serving. Hence need to register API by putting your domain.

Can i use iZAP's plugins without putting my url in pluginlotto.com?

Of Couse Yes, If you do not want to use izap-videos plugin, So there won't be any such vidoe pulling request. Than you no need to put your domain name on pluginlotto.com. You can simply download izap-elgg-bridge from github too. I gave url above. And can download any other plugin like "izap-diskquota" etc and use that without putting your domain name on pluginlotto.com. It is only required when you want to install izap-videos plugin.

Are we pulling any servers information?

No, we are not pulling any server information like My friend @Radlfo pointed out. In futere if we need to do that. It will be asked you and if you allow, only than we will do that. But yet we have no such plans.


  • But videolist does not allow you to upload videos. Is is not a big function to lose?

    The best would be if Videolist supported upload to one's youtube account...

  • Hi guys,

    Well As michele said, It is some what true. Actually we are working on a product from last 2.5 years. which is based on elgg core. And we are quite busy there. 

    From last couple of days, i was trying to find some time to take all queries waiting for our response. And would like to Thank Michele, Who actually made me realise that i should get this as soon as possible.

    To here's quick plan.

    This week we will work together to get a new izap_videos release to solve all of your queries. And i would appreciate community people to post issues, bugs and suggestions at github.


    We will fix everything which is suppose to be logged in issues tracker @github

    Thank you guys.

  • @Michele A paid plugin from Webgalli is very tempting. Allows youtube and other uploads. Also shows images and allows playing of videos on river. It does not cost much but (via my business partner) I have a very bad experience with paid plugins (NOT with webgalli but about a theme we bought from a company in south america). I do not want to tie my fate to one company or one person. And community plugins are most likely to work together. Open source is the best!

  • @izap when is the new version scheduled? Thanks

  • @Michele: "all images" means images not connected with the izap plugins but all other images, too? You could try to flush the site cache (and maybe additionally run the upgrade script) after disabling the izap plugins. Maybe this helps. If it does not help, I've not further ideas unfortunately.

  • @Michele: Do you have an index page widget added on your site that lists the most recent videos? If this widget is not added by the izap_videos plugin itself, you might need to remove it on your own in addition to only disable the izap plugins. Or maybe some entries (activity page etc.) are not properly disabled when disabling the izap plugins resulting in the page not loading completely (and especially missing to load the images). Any entities from the izap plugins should get disabled automatically when disabling the plugins. But again you might need to change the config of some other plugins that currently require the izap plugins to be enabled. It should surely not happen that you can't disable the izap plugins. But if it's impossible to deactivate them even after all other plugins' config have (if necessary) updated, it's surely a nasty bug in the izap plugins.

  • Can video urls be used without http://
    Everytime I do without http:// it gives ivalid url

  • The onserver functionality of this plugin is great and afaik there is nothing like it in elgg.  It's a shame to see it stagnate.

  • https problem has been fixed with this plugin. It is not need to upgrade anything at your end. 

    @disha: currently http/https is required. i am working on whole api from scratch. And will update you guys soon with all fixes you have took me in notice.

    Thank you. 

  • When i try to register a new product for this plugin i get:

    Network or server error: Could not complete the registration of the new product. Please try again later.


    Tried multiple times but no luck. Has anyone else has this problem??

  • https://code.google.com/apis/youtube/dashboard/gwt/index.html#settings is the page but it contains unencrypted elements. No matter what i try i cannot finish the registration. the warning triangle is also grey!! Does that mean anything specific??

  • I was hoping you would be able to tell me what your plugin calls to get itself put on the owner_block as IU am wrting a code that removes your link and replace it with one of mine with a custom icon.

  • Can anyone recommend another 'working' video plug in please?

  • Hello, I have a problem with izap-videos 4.2.0b. It was working for some time but recently we discovered that it doesn't work. When we try, for example, to upload an youtube video it return this error: Error saving thumb, unable to write the file on server. When we try to play the saved videos it doesn't play them and doesn't say any error. What coud be the problem ? I set all rights for all users for the website directory. 

    We use elgg 1.8

  • If you just need listing of already hosted videos, you can use this plugin https://github.com/Elgg/videolist

  • @Community:
    We have started around 10 days ago to re-write izap_videos from scratch. And we are coming up with very aggressive plan to launch well maintained, unittest protected plugin. Goal is

    1. Make it compatible with elgg 1.9 code standards.
    2. Make our code more elggish, So all elggers can do code easily and would be able to make updates as per their custom requirement.
    3. PHPUnitTest protected.
    4. Of course, elgg is not on better strategy of UI by using Asynchronous Module Definition.  We are also considering managed js for izap_videos.
    5. we will make it independent of izap-elgg-bridge plugin. Instead of focusing on multiple plugins. we have decided to maintain and focus on izap-videos plugin only. So we are removing all components which were required to maintain other plugins.
    6. It would be upgradable for everyone on older version of elgg.
    7. We will keep language file same. Because we know community has done enough efforts to make it compatible with the language of their interest. So we won't change keys of language file.

    We are in the process of creating list of all of your comments and requests for new features etc. We will consider them all. So please upgrade your comments here.

    I know we could not work from so long here. Actually this is absolutely subject of the time. But it is our passion to get the quality product and on the other hand, we have enough time resources to manage this product now.

    @github: we have made two branches. one is elgg1.8 where old version of izap_videos will be available. And in master branch, we are working from scratch to make this product more better and more compatible with elgg 1.9 version. once we get this deliver. we will also upgrade for elgg 1.8 and elgg 1.7.


    By the end of this month (30th Aug) we will get this deliver.

  • @iZAP: Good news!

    Will the new release still require an API key, i.e. off-server videos will get provided via a feed server, or will the new release work fully independent of a feed server? I really hope for the latter! Last fall the support of the old feed server for the Elgg 1.7 version of izap_videos suddenly stopped without any warning or explanation and I had to make it work again indendently on my own (for youtube, vimeo and dailymotion at least which is enough for me).

    I've intended to start upgrading the old version of izap_videos (pre-izap-elgg-bridge version) to Elgg 1.8 and 1.9 soon on my own - izap_videos being one of the few remaining plugins blocking upgrading my site to 1.8 (or more likely 1.9 now). If you will now release an official Elgg 1.9 version of izap_videos it's of course great news (and would save me quite a lot of time for sure). But please do it:

    • without any requirement of an external feed server to be used,
    • make it backward compatible in case an izap_videos version < 4.0 has been used so far, i.e. old videos still work.
  • HI ! @iionly,

    Firstly, accept my apologies for the inconvenience you faced last time. And for sure we will look into your concern and update you soon with the BEST.

  • Good afternoon friends of the community. 
    I wonder if it is possible to integrate this plugin in HypeWall. 
    So that the charging icon stay in place the icon file load

  • this did not work for me

    Type    Name    Expected Value    Actual value    Comment
    Requires    Elgg version    >= 2012071100    2014012000    ok
    Requires    Plugin: izap-elgg-bridge    >= 2.1.4    2.1.4    ok
    Requires    PHP extension: curl            ok
    Requires    Priority    After izap-elgg-bridge    Before izap-elgg-bridge    error  <------- ???? wtf ???
    Suggests    PHP extension: pdo_sqlite            ok
    Provides    Plugin: izap-videos    4.2.0b    --    ok

  • Is this still being worked on or has it been discontinued? We really need this updating for 1.9.2....

  • I downloaded the latest plugin off of github, loaded it onto my elgg 1.9.1 installation, and set it up to upload videos onto my own server.  However I haven't been able to view any video uploads so far.  Then I noticed under server analysis that ffmpeg was labeled as a "fail".  I'm able to run conversions from the command line so I'm puzzled why the plugin is having problems.  Here's what my conversion command looks like:

    /home/ubuntu/bin/ffmpeg -y -i [inputVideoPath] [outputVideoPath]

    Note that I didn't install the bridge because I got the impression that it was no longer necessary.

  • @blab How did u manage to upload videos? Did u get any error's when u first installed?

  • Installed the videos plugin, but get a forbidden error when trying to save settings. I try uploading / adding a new video but get error "Currently this service is not available. Please try again later"... Something i've missed?

  • The install went fine for me but, no, I wasn't able to upload videos.  It just tells me "Video is queued up for conversion" and nothing happens.  I click the play arrow again on the video icon and it gives me the same message.  I also noticed under Statistics>System Info within administration a "fail" listed in red after ffmpeg.  So I'm hoping once that problem is solved, the video will finally upload.


We are leading elgg providers. We have implemented complex combination of applications like "elgg + elasticsearch + cloud infrastructure + comet server for active pages"


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