iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.2.0b

Release Notes

I am feeling so good while release this new izap-videos version. We have introduced so cool features in this release which would help users who has no dedicated resources. but they want to offer videos uploades to their users. In this realse, we have implemented YouTube development API. Now end users would be able to upload their videos under their YouTube account via your site. Your videos would not be processed by your server they would be processed by YouTube servers. 

For those who can afford videos processing and hosting on their servers would be continue. Actually videos upload can be switched from youtube to onserver and viceversa. 

### Version 4.2.0b ####


  1. Youtube upload via YouTube Developer API.

Bug fixes: 

  1. Some shared hostings has no availability of "file_get_contents". So we have removed that and instead of that, we are doing curl request.
  2. Bugs mentioned by the community in last release.
  3. Removal of Deprecated function.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Of Couse izap-elgg-bridge. You can download it from https://github.com/pluginlotto/izap-elgg-bridge/archive/v2.1.4.tar.gz. Github version must be renamed to "izap-elgg-bridge" after extract. If you do not want to go for this. Than you can download from pluginlotto itself. http://www.pluginlotto.com/store/product/sona/26014/izap-elgg-bridge-version-214-free-elgg-plugin.

How to install izap-videos for (embeddable + YouTube Upload).


Declaration about Arvixe Warninghttp://blog.arvixe.com/a-warning-about-using-izap-plugins-for-elgg-1-8/)

After I finally got the framework, I installed it like you normally install a plugin in Elgg. However, when I tried to use it I couldn’t because I had to register my domain name in their site. In other words, I had to give the address of my Elgg network if I wanted to use the plugin Izap Disk Quota. That’s just plain wrong, because there’s no reason why a free plugin will need my domain name. I find it suspicious, and I believe it sends server information to the developer, which is wrong.

 Above was written by Rodolfo Hernandez

@Radolfo, Your questions are valid. I would like to clarify all.

Why do we need you to register on pluginlotto.com?

Guys, We are poviding video pulling feature in izap-videos. This is something like, Your server will send a request to our server with video url (youtube, 5min ....). Our API recoganize this request with the registered API which is suppose to send with every such request on our server. And for authorized requests, our server is sending back the requested data. This is something like "http://embed.ly". But they are paid. We have created our own API with some sites support (Youtube, vimeo, 5min etc ( have plans to upgrade this support in future ). So we are providing video pulling free of cost which is actually costing me for my dedicated resources. So it is fair enough to atleast authenticate every request we are serving. Hence need to register API by putting your domain.

Can i use iZAP's plugins without putting my url in pluginlotto.com?

Of Couse Yes, If you do not want to use izap-videos plugin, So there won't be any such vidoe pulling request. Than you no need to put your domain name on pluginlotto.com. You can simply download izap-elgg-bridge from github too. I gave url above. And can download any other plugin like "izap-diskquota" etc and use that without putting your domain name on pluginlotto.com. It is only required when you want to install izap-videos plugin.

Are we pulling any servers information?

No, we are not pulling any server information like My friend @Radlfo pointed out. In futere if we need to do that. It will be asked you and if you allow, only than we will do that. But yet we have no such plans.


  • Ok and what about izap-bridge? do u have that installed? I tried to install it but i get a blank white site.. :(

  • Requires Elgg version >= 1.9 2014050600 OK
    Requires PHP extension: curl     OK
    Suggests PHP extension: pdo_sqlite     OK
    Provides Plugin: file_uploading Any -- OK
    Provides Plugin: izap-videos 1.9 --


     Is whats listed in my dependacies

  • Yeah, great, those all looked good for me as well.  But does your list under Statistics>System Info also show all successes?

  • Ahhh, i have never noticed that tab before, Alas i have

    FFmpeg : Fail    
    PHP interpreter test : Fail


  • There you go.  Now if you can change the first one from "Fail" to "Success" you will be my hero for life. ;-)

  • Another thing on that page that I thought was a little weird was that the file/upload values never seem to change.  I believe I've correctly changed them in my .htaccess, but they never get updated on that page, even if I disable and re-enable the plugin.  I'm not too worried because they've always said "Success", but I'm a little puzzled by it as well.

  • I should mention that the offserver mode does work in elgg 1.9.1, in case anybody wants to use the plugin and isn't interested in uploading video files to their own server.  The only problem I've had with it so far is with the group ownership using the "add video" under "Group Videos" within group profiles.  The video gets loaded only under the user, so it never does show up in the profile for the group, resulting in an empty "Group Videos" field; i.e.: "No videos have been added yet."

  • Some time ago this plugin stoped to work with youtube, wgen we upload embed video from youtube we get the error "error saving thumb, unable to write the file on server".  We use elgg 1.8.18. Do somebody have the same problem ?

  • Please use the version released by iionly

  • Vextah, thank you for answer, but can you give me the link where I can download the version you mentioned ?

  • @Alex, we have sorted out the issue which you have faced. There was some issue in plugin lotto API and now it has been resolved. Please try once and let me know if you still face any issue on same.

    Looking forward to your response.



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-3-13
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