iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.2.0b

Release Notes

I am feeling so good while release this new izap-videos version. We have introduced so cool features in this release which would help users who has no dedicated resources. but they want to offer videos uploades to their users. In this realse, we have implemented YouTube development API. Now end users would be able to upload their videos under their YouTube account via your site. Your videos would not be processed by your server they would be processed by YouTube servers. 

For those who can afford videos processing and hosting on their servers would be continue. Actually videos upload can be switched from youtube to onserver and viceversa. 

### Version 4.2.0b ####


  1. Youtube upload via YouTube Developer API.

Bug fixes: 

  1. Some shared hostings has no availability of "file_get_contents". So we have removed that and instead of that, we are doing curl request.
  2. Bugs mentioned by the community in last release.
  3. Removal of Deprecated function.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Of Couse izap-elgg-bridge. You can download it from https://github.com/pluginlotto/izap-elgg-bridge/archive/v2.1.4.tar.gz. Github version must be renamed to "izap-elgg-bridge" after extract. If you do not want to go for this. Than you can download from pluginlotto itself. http://www.pluginlotto.com/store/product/sona/26014/izap-elgg-bridge-version-214-free-elgg-plugin.

How to install izap-videos for (embeddable + YouTube Upload).


Declaration about Arvixe Warninghttp://blog.arvixe.com/a-warning-about-using-izap-plugins-for-elgg-1-8/)

After I finally got the framework, I installed it like you normally install a plugin in Elgg. However, when I tried to use it I couldn’t because I had to register my domain name in their site. In other words, I had to give the address of my Elgg network if I wanted to use the plugin Izap Disk Quota. That’s just plain wrong, because there’s no reason why a free plugin will need my domain name. I find it suspicious, and I believe it sends server information to the developer, which is wrong.

 Above was written by Rodolfo Hernandez

@Radolfo, Your questions are valid. I would like to clarify all.

Why do we need you to register on pluginlotto.com?

Guys, We are poviding video pulling feature in izap-videos. This is something like, Your server will send a request to our server with video url (youtube, 5min ....). Our API recoganize this request with the registered API which is suppose to send with every such request on our server. And for authorized requests, our server is sending back the requested data. This is something like "http://embed.ly". But they are paid. We have created our own API with some sites support (Youtube, vimeo, 5min etc ( have plans to upgrade this support in future ). So we are providing video pulling free of cost which is actually costing me for my dedicated resources. So it is fair enough to atleast authenticate every request we are serving. Hence need to register API by putting your domain.

Can i use iZAP's plugins without putting my url in pluginlotto.com?

Of Couse Yes, If you do not want to use izap-videos plugin, So there won't be any such vidoe pulling request. Than you no need to put your domain name on pluginlotto.com. You can simply download izap-elgg-bridge from github too. I gave url above. And can download any other plugin like "izap-diskquota" etc and use that without putting your domain name on pluginlotto.com. It is only required when you want to install izap-videos plugin.

Are we pulling any servers information?

No, we are not pulling any server information like My friend @Radlfo pointed out. In futere if we need to do that. It will be asked you and if you allow, only than we will do that. But yet we have no such plans.


  • Work like charm. twizanex on the move Recommended

  • @Tom: Thank you for your feedback. Please click on the "recommend" button.

  • one of the best video plugins on elgg, thanks izap.  and tom how did you do the smiley?

  • @costakisk: Please press "Recommend" if you really like. @Tom: yes how did you do this smiley :) Thank you.

  • Tarun:
    The point that Rodolfo's highlighting --> most users do not care that the pkg is gpl, $0 free, whatever free.. most people - human beings - are too selfish and not interested in helping for whatever reasons, even the good reasons. they generally want to -- (a) download the plugin as quickly and effortlessly as possible  (b) install with no issues and no thinking at all  (c)  see it all work beautifully exactly like and as if it was some high-priced piece of software they had just paid for !;-P then they are happy and will walk away.. without even a 'thank you' or a click on the recommend button...;oO   that is called 'human nature' and no one can change this situation... you've got --Downloads: 28525 & Recommendations: 66 ?? that is the (0.0023%) percentage of people who cared enough to give a few seconds back. Those that have care(d) more are.. most likely in your closer circle of.. $clients$

  • @Dhrup: You are absolutely corret. I took it seriously becase i got couple of emails about that. so i thought, i should Declare this issues with explaination. Even i just came to know about a week ago what @Rodolfo has pointed out.

    Thank you for your words.

  • izap, recommended in the past, if i gave me to option to do again i would.  also do you have a donations link somewhere?  and about the smiley, i know how to make it work in the wire (borrowing code from a couple of other plugins)  but i am trying to implement it into hypewall and having some problems, would just like a peek at the code that tom used to make that happen here

  • Thanks. I clicked recommend button. Twizanex simily  The "izap-videos" files has Mac OS ._files. I did not realize it until after unziping the download folder.

    There are afew issues. When I uploaded the video to Youtube, the video uploaded fine. However, there were 2 video duplicates entries  on the river and wire section.
    futhermore, Even thought by default the site uploads is public, the video was set as private. In addition to this, When I tried to to click edit video which was marked as private access, the edit
    the and save went well but now there were 2 more duplicates of videos on the river and the wire after changing the file access from private to public! Then when I clicked like button on the video, 1 more video was posted on the wire and the river section! is it a bug? Twizanex videos


  • The Demo or live video can be seen here   http://www.twizanex.com/videos/play/Thomas/12543/the-pencil-sharpener

    It works... don't forget to click recommend button....

  • I need help how I can use this player to play PPT like this URL does "http://www.slideshare.net/"

  • Videos play from river activity page but not loaded in full page from videos page. Didn't wanna bother finding out why - gone back with webgally video plugin.


  • @ saurabh, The izap videos 4.2.0b plugin can run your site just like Youtube site... If you want it to show videos like youtube or just like "http://www.slideshare.net/", you can try to check this plugin at work on the the Url I posted above... or http://www.twizanex.com/videos/play/Thomas/12543/the-pencil-sharpener

    Roman This plugin work fine for the above mentioned link... Try it before giving up on this plugin

    Let me know if this is how you want your videos to be displayed...


  • Hi there IZAP, great plugin btw! I have the latest version of Elgg 1.8.12 currently installed and upgraded the izap bridge and izap videos plugins to the latest versions this morning, and I noticed in my errorlog in my root folder, I have this repeating over and over:

    [19-Jan-2013 11:30:20] PHP WARNING: 2013-01-19 11:30:20 (EST): "array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given" in file /home/public_html/mod/izap-elgg-bridge/classes/IzapBase.php (line 840)

    I was wondering why, and what can be done to eliminate this and whether you or your team can check into it for me? Thankyou for your time.

  • Hello, 

    I have just installed elgg and the izap video plugin on my localhost wamp. When I go to my profile, video and try to add a vimeo or youtube video, and hit save. It gives and the following error:

    "Error Saving Thumb, unable to write file on the server". 

    It is on my windows machine, rights should be ok, as I boxed out the read only on my windows on all elgg folders.

    Is this a common issue? How can I fix it? I have put the izap elgg bridge on top of my plugins and then it doesnt crash but still the movie does not play and still says "Error Saving Thumb, unable to write file on the server". 


  • ok got it to work. You need to put the bridge at top of all your plugins, and then only make a API of the part it suggests not http://localhost/elegg but just localhost. Then it works!

  • When I go to my video's on my profile, I do not see any thumbnails is there a way to get the thumbnails from youtube and vimeo of each video? So people know what they will start watching?

    Also I can only view from youtube and cannot view any vimeo video's. Whats up with that?



  • I posted a link to a working video link http://www.twizanex.com/videos/play/Thomas/12543/the-pencil-sharpener  using this plugin but the plugin is not active right now. Just wanted to let everyone know the link is not working at the moment-- In case you have clicked the link and have missed the demo I am sorry for the inconvenience.



  • Just wanted to say this is a great plugin.  I haven't upgraded to the new version yet but will soon after testing.  The previous version easily handles many thousands of users a day (on server).

  • @Izap

    First, we are here in the best interest of our users. I am glad that you don't keep/store server information and I would be happy to change that part of the warning. I am aware of the costs of the server and such. However on Install the 'Introduce API' message appears, even if not even using this plugin. Embed.ly is good, but still their TOS is somehow complicated. There are some plugins here that make the same embedding for youtube without API or any communication with server.

    I know you worked hard, and developing plugins is very hard sometimes.

    I would like to discuss further about this situation in private. We're to protect our users. I've used iZap Video and other iZap plugins, but some of them don't work on clean install, and gave fatal errors, that's the main reason I issued that warning. Not only that, you don't have TOS or Privacy for using your API.


    Leads to a 'Not found' so, without terms or privacy, gets really difficult to recommend or encourage our users to use your iZap plugins, since it is not clear whether or not you will store server information or website information. No info on how you would use the user information.

    Again I'm open to discussion, private discussion on Skype. If you get a clear and straightforward TOS clarifying about what's being done with the info or anything, if you upload Izap Bridge in the elgg community, I would change the Warning Issued and clarify everything that needs to be clarified.

    Thanks for understanding and Looking forward to your response.



  • RJ, which alternative without API would you suggest?

  • On the next release can you fix the bug with the https:// to make videos from youtube work for embed option, thankyou. If you copy and paste a link from youtube (which most people will do) they will get the error message, but as michele said if you just use http:// it will work. Thanks.

  • There seems to be an issue where under some circumstances a video will freeze in the queue.  It will appear green and you will see it converting (flv filesize grows) but then it will suddenly stop.  It appears ffmpeg converts the video and finshes but IZAP-Videos does not see this.  It works for some video but not others.  On two where it has not worked I noticed that ffmpeg seems to be giving warnings such as "header not found" and "[mpeg4 @ 0x910df80] Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames detected", however the video still gets converted-- it just that izap-videos seems to freeze and the video gets stuck in the queue.  It seemed like things always worked before but suddenly this started popping up more.  ffmpeg version 0.7.15; Elgg: 1.8.13; Izap-videos 4.2.0b; Izap Elgg bridge 2.1.4

  • Something else (not related to my issue above at least i do not think) I noticed is that any video with a single quote in the title name will not make it to the queue or get converted it seems.  I'm Guessing the HTMLlawed plugin is doing this?  If so it would probably make sense to catch it when the user enters it and handle it more gracefully than making the video show as converting forever.

  • Ive confirmed now with all videos which got stuck that there has been an error or warning of some sort such as "[mp3 @ 0x822b1c0] Header missing" also it leaves the file after converted named <filename>_c.flv and if you simply download this .flv file and upload it again it plays perfectly.

    It seems to me maybe that the warning message ffmpeg is returning might be throwing izap-videos for a loop and it is getting stuck waiting for a return code or such which never comes?  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 

  • I'm still experiencing the aforementioned problem and it is very annoying.  I can workaround it as mentioned but there is the issue that the video is under my username instead of the user's as well as other complications with this.  I guess I will try updating from the current ffmpeg version to the newest stable but I have a feeling this will not be resolved.  It might make sense to also enable the use of something like ffmpeg-php as an interface which as I understand it is far superior and reliable.  It's frustrating because this is a beautiful plugin otherwise.  I might try to learn how to fix it myself but hopefully the author will first. :)


We are leading elgg providers. We have implemented complex combination of applications like "elgg + elasticsearch + cloud infrastructure + comet server for active pages"


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