iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.1.3b

Release Notes

Version 4.1.3b
Bug fixes:
1. Flv videos should be skipped from conversion process.
2. Wmode transparent for onsrever player fix.

  • Hi Guys need help i get the following error with izap-videos-4.1.2b on Elgg 1.7.15

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_is_active_plugin() in /home/MySite/public_html/mod/izap-videos/start.php on line 26


    Thanks in advance

  • @js: elgg_is_active_plugin() is a function introducted in Elgg 1.8. Therefore, izap_videos_4.1.2b won't work in Elgg 1.7. I guess you need to use a version <=3.9 for Elgg 1.7. Version 3.71b works fine for me on Elgg 1.7.15 - and you don't even need the izap_elgg_bridge plugin.

  • I'm getting an error fetching data fropm remote URL when trying to embed any video. Does anybody have a solution for this? Thanks Much.

  • Hi,

    Love this plugin. I would like to unable regular users to upload or add videos from the main page "VIDEOS" (hide the button for non admin users). But keep the option for Groups. 

    I could disable the ADD GROUPS button in the GROUPS plugin, doing this: http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/766232/how-can-add-the-ability-only-the-admin-can-create-groups-version-18b2


    But i don´t know how to disable the ADD VIDEOS button for this plugin...


    Thanks for your time!

  • @Bitronic Tech.. 

    There are 2 issues in this plugin I am giving this out so everybody can sleep peacefully, without going through what I went through. you should look in to 2 files 

    01.  izap-videos\actions\logged_in\offserver.php Line 15 

    if($videoValues->success != 'false') {

    the issue is $videoValues does not contain a property "success", 

    second issue is in line 16

    $videoValues->filecontent == ''

    if you are using a shared hosing service the "filecontent" might be empty. the fix and the reason for the Invalid URL error resides in the second file

    02. izap-videos\classes\UrlFeed.php 

    first issue we are going resolve "filecontent" being empty the line you need to check is 43

     $obj->filecontent = file_get_contents($obj->videothumbnail); 

    most of the shared hosting services dissables the file_get_contents function, so the work arround to this is use CURL you can replace the file_get_contents function with a little hack

    function getFileContent($filePath){
          $rCURL = curl_init();

          curl_setopt($rCURL, CURLOPT_URL, $filePath);
          curl_setopt($rCURL, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
          curl_setopt($rCURL, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

          $aData = curl_exec($rCURL);


          return $aData;

    That resolves filecontent empty issue, then next is "success" property issue to resolve that just put 

    $obj->success = 'true'; 

    just after  

    $obj->type = $returnObject->type; 

    right above the 

    return $obj;

    That should do it, this was my issue and your could be same or something else.. :)


  • Can anyone help me out with this error messgae please?

    [16-Jul-2012 02:58:10] Deprecated in 1.8: register_entity_type() was deprecated by elgg_register_entity_type() Called from [#5] /home/public_html/mod/izap-videos/start.php:124

  • Hi Guys

    Does any one know how i can get the izap player in the river of my 3 coloumn dashboard. So at the moment it says:

    ABC added a new video Test Vid (an hour ago)  

    Is it possible to have a smaller player included in this post which lets you play the vid from the river?

    Thanks in advance

  • Can anyone tell me how to use the Amazon settings in the elgg_bridge to store videos on Amazon instead of on my server? At least I assume that the Amazon key information in the setup is supposed to be used in that way.  How can I use Amazon to process and store and stream so I can take the load off my server? Thanks in advance.

  • 1) I was getting the" Invalid Admin" error as has been mentioned by others. My izap Bridge was the 2nd plugin, directly below the Developer plugin. I moved the izap Bridge to the very top, above the Developer plugin and that fixed the problem. For me at least, it appears that the izap Bridge must be the plugin on the very top of the list.

    2) I continue to get the "Click on the link to set izap-elgg-bridge API. izap-elgg-bridge" error message on he top of my Admin page. The bridge and the api was installed properly. I get the error message "/admin/plugin_settings/izap-elgg-bridge" with 404 error - I assume this is because, as mentioned above, I am running elgg on a subdirectory.

  • When I select "iZAP Utilities / Server analysis for videos"  I get a Fail message. "PHP interpreter not found. Action: Be sure the provided path is correct in the admin settings."

    I did not have this problem in the elgg 1.7 version. But, the Settings for iZAP Videos for the elgg 1.7 version included a field "Path for the PHP interpreter". The elgg 1.8, iZAP Video Setting no long has this field. Or at least, I can not find it. I can't find it anywhere in any field in any setting.

    Can someone tell me where I need to set the path so that I do not get the PHP interpreter not found error in the iZap server analysis. I can't find that field anywhere.

    Thank you.

  • @Ron Wallace - If you choose "I've enough resources to compile my videos." in the izap_videos settings it will show the place to put the PHP path.

  • @njw - ah, thank you. So then , if I don't choose it, I assume it doesn't matter if the path is entered and correct or not. Think I may enter it anyhow. I don't like seeing error messages. Thanks much.

  • @njw - all fixed. Thanks again. Appreciate it.

  • A word of caution when setting iZap Bridge anti-spam function. Don't set maximum attempts to small. For example, I left the field set at "3" which was the default. Then a user added 3 widgets to his profile. The 4th widget locked him out of doing any other entires. He was logged as a spammer. Users will often play around with thier profile page or their dashboard, adding and removing widgets to see how things look - those attempts and others, will cause the ainti-spam function if iZap Bridge to kick in and flag the user as a spammer.

  • those are 2 very disparate data structures!  ;-) so will need to code some kind of  'export' from videolist (code, code!;) and then 'import; into izap =videos' (code, code!;-) - will take some synapses humming and cell leakage ;-P



  • I take back what I said in an earlier comment "1) I was getting the" Invalid Admin" error as has been mentioned by others. My izap Bridge was the 2nd plugin, directly below the Developer plugin. I moved the izap Bridge to the very top, above the Developer plugin and that fixed the problem. For me at least, it appears that the izap Bridge must be the plugin on the very top of the list."

    I installed iZap a 2nd time in another site. This time I placed iZap Bridge on the very top of the list. But when I activated iZap Video I got the "Invalid Admin" message again. I moved the iZap Bridge down a line and presto, the invalid Admin was fixed. It appears that my original discovery was not true. It wasn't that I placed the iZap Bridge on the top of the list, but the fact that I had moved it, is what appears has caused the iZap Video to work properly. Strange. Fyi, just to be sure, I did move iZap Bridge back to the top of the list again. And, fyi, I did not run upgrade.php between moves. Next time I'll try that.

  • 1) When converting from Elgg 1.7.15 to 1.8.8 - the Comment box disappeared from all the videos, even though the Comment field was ON. I had to select Edit and Save for each video and then the Comment box reappears.

    2) On the Video List screen, next to the Edit, Delete and Like selections is a term that says "Limited", I wonder what that means. Every video says it.

    When I select the "My Favorites" button on the top of the page, the screen is blank. I can't figure out how to make a video a Favorite.

  • regarding #2 above, I now believe "Limited" refers to the user access. Specifically meaning it's Limited to a Group.

  • how does one make a "favorite video"?


  • @ costakisc - I had the same question. It's a bit hidden away. Just found it. When viewing a video, there is a sharing list (facebook, twitter, myspace, Linkedin...) and the very last one with the heart next to it is Add favorite. That does the trick.

  • Hi

    I'm having a problem with generating videos. When reviewing the iZAP Video settings everything appears correct, there are no red line. When I upload a mp4 video I get the message 'Video is queued up for conversion.' but it never gets converted can anybody provide me with a fix for this.

    P.S. I have tested the FFmpeg converstion via command line at it is working just fine



  • i'm seeing: Fatal error: Call to a member function canWriteToContainer() on a non-object in mysite/mod/izap-videos/classes/IzapVideosController.php on line 22

    when viewing a video page.. these pages worked fine for weeks and i have not made any changes to any part of the site i would think would effect the izap video plugin since they last worked...
    so far i have not found the cause of this. anyone know?

  • Hi, Anybody knows the solution to this problem?

    Error fetching data from remote url. Either wrong url or video not found.

    This happens when I try to embed a Youtube URL. No matter how I try.

    elgg v1.8.8       İZAP-Elgg-Bridge v2.1.2          İZAP Videos v4.1.3b  OS: Pardus (linux)

    I looked around. This has been reported before but could not find a solution. I also applied the patches proposed by @DushmanthaGunasingha but did not work for me - or I made a mistake.

    I appreciate any help.. regards.

  • I hope I can get an answer from this even if it does seem a little obvious. I have godaddy shared hosting. I have installed elgg auto install. Can I use izap here on shared hosting? I fear that I can't as there is an issue with ffmpeg and shared hosting.

    Advice would be great.



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