iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.1.1b

Release Notes

### Version 4.1.1b
1. Critical bug fixed in case of adding video in group, Even though user is not a member of the group.
### Version 4.1b
1. Group related critical bug fixes.
2. Page owner related critical bug fixes.
3. Code optimizations.
4. Better in elgg guide lines.
5. Removed lots of views and function deprecations coming from elgg 1.7.
6. Upload icon in top bar menu will respect page owners (Groups or Users).

  • @izap

    I solve the error, the izap-videos plugin was above the izap-elgg-bridge that was why i got the error. i'm sorry.

    But it is still not working. When i try to embed a video than after the program is finished uploading there is no video. Can you tell me what i do wrong.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • I have some troubles to get izap-videos working on 1.8.1 install.

    For each videos, in the river view, I get apparently weird output as a db query, and in the izap main page, on a video view, output get like : "output":"\n <\/param>\n <\/param>\n <\/param>\n <\/param>\n and browser asks for plugin.

    It seems the db queries are messed up in the debug view.

    I fixed the wrong call to function in the admin, but I still got this error.

    Anyone anyidea?

  • Been looking at this plugin using Elgg 1.8.1 and having some problems. Wondering if you might have a solution.
    When viewing Activity and clicking a video to play, it uses ajax to load on the page. The video shows correctly, but the following also appears next to the video:


    This also appears in the Latest Videos block in the side bar which loads via ajax.
    I've traced it down to having to do with a forward() function. Not sure where. In looking at ajax_forward_hook(), the $reason is 404. Obviously something is being called somewhere and not returning correctly. 

    Any idea what might be causing this?

  • Had time to come back and look at this. Came across a similar issue someone else was having with ajax. Returning true in the page handler function fixed it.

    function izap_pagehandler_bridge($page) {
      // code here
      return true;

  • In doing a few tests retrieving videos from video sites, there are times when something is not receieved. I examined the code and realized a request is sent to your server, a script on your server must grab the video information, and then that is sent back to the script on my server.

    I would like to implore you to release the code and place it in your plugin. The reason being:
    1) If your server goes down, the plugin will not function. Our working sites should not be dependent on yours working.
    2) If you decide to stop supporting the plugin, the video sites might change their apis and make the plugin unfunctional
    3) Allowing an unknown server... yours... to post back data to ours presents a security risk. Not implying you are not trustworthy, but a hacker could get inside and do some things.

    I hope you take these things into consideration. 

  • @rbruhn: Thanks for your suggestion. We would really consider what you are asking for. And in the future we will be back with more secure services. 

    @All: We have upgraded elgg-bridge to be compatible with elgg 1.8.2. I hope, all of you have been upgraded to elgg 1.8.2. Here you can download izap-elgg-bridge(2.1.1) having small fixes and adapting new error type updates given by elgg team.

    If you download link is not working. Than you can go to https://github.com/izap/izap-elgg-bridge/downloads



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-3-13
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