iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v4.0

Release Notes

This is only compatible for elgg1.8. We will keep supporting elgg 1.7 development. But we won't add

Most stable elgg 1.7 compatible revesion:


Here are installation instruction:

## Installation instructions

  1. Download compressed ball and uncompress.
  2. Move uncompressed folder under "mod" directory and rename to "izap-videos".
  3. Go to plugin installation panel from admin panel. And browse "izap videos". Make sure it is placed below izap-elgg-bridge.
  4. Click on activate. And you are done.

Note: It is important to register your API key at http://www.pluginlotto.com and put register key in plugin settings of izap-elgg-bridge. This will allow you to have access of offserver videos. If you already registered, Than you can use the existing API for that particular domain where you are installing izap-videos.

We have moved all development of izap-vidoes on github. You can find us at http://github.com/izap/izap-videos

Download izap-elgg-bridge 2.0 at http://www.pluginlotto.com/store/product/tarun/7280/izapelggbridge-20

Open discussion thread: http://www.pluginlotto.com/forum/discussion/tarun/7281/izapvideos-40/


We are leading elgg providers. We have implemented complex combination of applications like "elgg + elasticsearch + cloud infrastructure + comet server for active pages"


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-3-13
  • Downloads: 60245
  • Recommendations: 95

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