iZAP-Videos, Full featured videos plugin v3.54b

Release Notes

Special in this release:

  1. Sqlite implementation to cut down all background processing.
  2. More control in queue management.
  3. Implemented Trash, This will just put videos in trash having any issue. it could be ffmpeg supporting libraries. Admin can delete them or can restore them after fix.
  4. Cron implementation to re-trigger queue in case of sudden interruption in the queue. You can manage cron timing according to your need.

Upgrading from previous release:

  1. Backup your database and izap_videos folder.
  2. Disable izap_videos plugin from your admin panel.
  3. Download and unzip izap_videos version 3.5 and place it in mod directory.
  4. Run upgrade.php. You can find it like http://www.xyz.com/mod/izap_videos/upgrade.php. It will upgrade your old version of izap_videos plugin. Upgrade has been tested from izap_videos-1.6.1-2.5 final and on words releases.
  5. Re-enable this new izap_videos plugin from you admin panel.
  6. You may need to re-enable ON-SERVER support from setting tab of izap_videos plugin settings.
  7. Clear simple cache.

New installation:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin in your mod dir.
  2. Enable it from admin panel.
  3. Clear simple cache.

ONSERVER Prerequisites:

  1. PDO sqlite drivers must be installed. This release and all future release will support queue management using PDO sqlite.
  2. ffmpeg and all supporting libraries.

Optional Prerequisites:

  1. notifications plugin
  2. crontrigger plugin
  3. messages plugin

Optional plugins will give you better control over izap_videos plugin. These optional plugins are only required for ONSERVER support. If you leave them, izap_videos will yet to work with its basic functionality.

Bug fixes:

  1. Access control of uploaded video.
  2. Cutdown elgg-db communications to save resources
  3. Delete video entity will also delete all related media.


  1. Elgg 1.5
  2. Elgg 1.6
  3. Elgg 1.7a
  4. Elgg 1.7

Operating system compatiblity:

  1. *nix (confirmed)
  2. Windows (Under testing)

We are releasing beta release so we could collect feedback from all of you. Post your tickets at https://izapvideos.googlecode.com

I am twitting on: http://www.twitter.com/the_izap

I am blogging at: http://www.tarunjangra.com

Follow below our group discussion:


upgrade.php file is important to run for all who have any version of izap_videos running on their elgg installation. Not require for only fresh installations.

  • I still have the same problem as someone had posted in the previous version.  Queue not running and in the tab shows an .flv with 0kb like

    10_0_1_2_izap_videos_1266385370_test_video_1_c.flv 301.8 KB
    0 B

    Also, the png file is generated and we can see the thumbnail almost instantaneously. couple of warning messages in the logs are

    [Tue Feb 16 21:44:42 2010] [error] [client] WARNING: 2010-02-16 21:44:42 (PST): "in_array(

    ) [<a href='function.in-array'>function.in-array</a>]: Wrong datatype for second argument" in file /

    var/www/elgg/mod/izap_videos/lib/izapLib.php (line 107), referer:

    [Tue Feb 16 21:44:50 2010] [error] [client] WARNING: 2010-02-16 21:44:50 (PST): "Invalid a

    rgument supplied for foreach()" in file /var/www/elgg/engine/lib/plugins.php (line 338), referer: ht


    [Tue Feb 16 21:44:50 2010] [error] [client] WARNING: 2010-02-16 21:44:50 (PST): "file_get_

    contents(/var/www/elgg/mod/themeFriendsfinder/manifest.xml) [<a href='function.file-get-contents'>fu

    nction.file-get-contents</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory" in file /var/www/el

    gg/engine/lib/plugins.php (line 332), referer:


    Ofcourse these are on different pages but overall errors.  

    Even as I write this the queue status is not running and .flv is showing as 0k.

    We have some bandwidth to help fix this if you can point us to the repository...



  • same problem. I updated to the new version but still getting the error.

    in queue status I show the text 

    Queue status: Not running (1)
    queue is not working. videos not convert


    65.34 MB
    0 B


  • other important question: How can I set a crontab in my server to convert all the videos? is there a script that do it and i can set it in the crontab?

  • Izap set up on my server, the clone of my site. They all earned as soon as I updated my site in the main, it was not the conversion to work, I started to look for differences in the plugin to clone the site and on my main site and found one difference in the file: izap_covert_video.php if this line is present: echo "topper hi"; the conversion works, but if it is removed as in the case of 3.54, the conversion will not. Try adding this line. I helped



  • I added echo "topper hi"; in izap_convert_video.php but as I expected queue doesn´t convert videos. I don´t think the problem is that. May be the problem is more complex.

    I will look into the code.

  • There is a problem: where to upload videos, it is loaded into the tmp folder and begins to be converted, after converting the original uploaded video and converted videos are transferred to the folder / izap_videos / uploaded, why keep the original file, it takes place, it is necessary that after converting the original file is deleted .. . All of a problem or just me? happens that the converted file takes up more space than the original file ...

  • @Abrikos:
    That really couldn't be the issue. I put that while diagnosing your server and i forget to remove that. That couldn't be the issue.
    I am also sure, This is really not related to izap_videos script. It needs some configurations on your servers. So today i planned to write a diagnosis process blog. So all of you can check it out by your own.

  • @Abrikos:
    Well we are keeping the original files. This is because, if we may need to show high quality videos in the future just like YouTube HD. than we can directly put original files. But it all depends on future enhancements of flash player. So we are trying to keep such possibilities. Today! i will write a blog and will also let you know how you can achieve this.

  • Remove video from the site, the server also removes all-original videos, the converted video and image, but with the removal of the original video after conversion problem, as I understood the problem may be related to the settings on my server? Sorry, just do not understand very well English, so we have to ask again ... Diagnosis process blog-with the help of this instruction can be configured to check whether the server?

  • @Abrikos:

    No there is nothing wrong with your server configurations concerning to removal of original file.

  • So why is the original file is not deleted, but transferred from the folder / tmp with the converted files in the folder / izap_video / uploaded?

  • i think the problem is the execution of the line
    exec($PHPpath . ' ' . $CONFIG->pluginspath . 'izap_videos/izap_convert_video.php izap web > /dev/null 2>&1 &', $output);
    is possible that for any reason this line doesn't execute?

    any idea why the queue is not converting videos?

    Queue status: Not running (1)

  • @Luckylucciano: Well this should work. But anyhow try follow and let me know if it works?

    exec('nohup '.$PHPpath.$CONFIG->pluginpath.'izap_videos/izap_convert_video.php izap web > /dev/null 2> &1 & echo $!', $output);

  • @Abrikos: This is how it is intended to work.

  • Tests with beta_3.54 showed exactly the same results as with beta_3.53:

    • Videos are not converted - converting just doesn't start. Each new uploaded video is just added to the queue. Only the converting doesn't work. The screen shoot is created.
    • Setting of background and foreground colors has no effect at all. The default 0x0 is used instead.
  • so the original file must not be removed? He needs to work?

  • @iionly:
    You just need to put hexa value of color without #. like  white is #FFFFFF. Than you will put FFFFFF. skip #.

  • okay... was used to hex values to be entered from ver_2.5.

  • =(

    Excuse me for something I do not understand! Need it or not, why he took the free space?

  • @izap

    The size of the flash player is too big. How can I reduce the size of the player?



  • Hi, I tried exec('nohup '.$PHPpath.$CONFIG->pluginpath.'izap_videos/izap_convert_video.php izap web > /dev/null 2> &1 & echo $!', $output); but without success.

    I´m sure the problem is with this code. I changed this line for: include($CONFIG->pluginpath.'izap_videos/izap_convert_video.php) and in izap_convert_video.php file I commented the if statement if($argc > 1 && $argv[1] == 'izap' && $argv[2] == 'web') and then the videos begun to convert in background (the queue status was the same "not running...)

    Could you help me to get the exec working right? May be you could show me an alternative to this code?


  • hi iZAP and thx for your work!

    I'm mainly interestend in embedding videos in my elgg based site.

    Embedding option now have 2 defects (IMHO)

    • The preview (screenshot) of video is not automatically generated (97% of users are not uploading cover image for videos...)
    • Embedding video work only when providing "video embed code" and not the url of the video (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?****************

    Thx in advice, Omar


  • Hi Izap,

    doesn t seem to be working on ubuntu 9.10. Did you happen to test it on version 9.10 as well?



  • I just read in another thread about another problem caused by izap_videos. I can confirm this for izap_videos_2.5 and izap_videos_3.54beta.

    I always wondered why the links in messages are not clickable. I was sure that I had seen links in messages to be clickable on my site and was always wondering why they are not anymore right now.

    It's caused by izap_videos. When izap_videos is disabled links in messages are clickable and when enabled they are not.

    Could this please be fixed? I see no reason why izap_videos should interfere with this functionality on an Elgg site.


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