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download izap_videos-3.0(compatible with elgg 1.5, 1.6, 1.7a1


Click me for more details about izap_videos-v-1.6.1-2.5.cr plugin.

To see the working demo of this plugin click here: http://elgg.izap.in

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iZAP Team,

We were notified a bug related to TinyMCE corruption with this plugin. Here you can download patch to fix this issue PATCH for iZAP_VIDEOS 1.6.1-2.5

iZAP has released one more version of this plugin containing ffmpeg binaries for windows. Tested on "XAMP" & "WAMP". Well this package also fine with *nix servers. But must have compiled version of ffmpeg on the server. Containing ffmpeg binaries are compiled with minGW paltform at WinXP 32 Bit. Click here to download.
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  • Hi,

    Have set 200MB for all parameters for htaccess, I get problems with large files still.

    I suspect php is timing out.

    Can suggestions?



  • Hello, i love this Plugin, but there some problems with this version! If i have enabled your Plugin, nobody can´t set images or other formattings in blogs and co...

    Then, Links in Messages are not clickable. I tested this now a longe time, only if i activate izap_videos, there comes this Problems :(

    I use elgg v1.6.1...



  • This seems to create its own Tag Cloud. Where is it getting the data from and are you using another plugin to get this Tag Cloud to work ?

    Other than that, it works OK fo rme on elgg v1.6.1

  • @Sim2k: Automatic tag generation is only in case of YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh. It is also getting description from these sites.

  • i found some problem in default/input/text. some plugins use and id of each element for some operations but now izap_video strips id attribute out of each text field.this cause some problem occur.



    <input type="text" <?php if ($vars['disabled']) echo ' disabled="yes" '; ?> <?php echo $vars['js']; ?> name="<?php echo $vars['internalname']; ?>" value="<?php echo htmlentities($vars['value'], null, 'UTF-8'); ?>" class="<?php echo $class ?>" />


    I think it must be:

    <input type="text" <?php if ($vars['disabled']) echo ' disabled="yes" '; ?> <?php echo $vars['js']; ?> name="<?php echo $vars['internalname']; ?>" <?php if (isset($vars['internalid'])) echo "id=\"{$vars['internalid']}\""; ?> value="<?php echo htmlentities($vars['value'], null, 'UTF-8'); ?>" class="<?php echo $class ?>" />

  • Sorry all, am a newbie to elgg and all, I uploaded and installed the video plugin, youtube videos work fine but when I try to upload a video, it takes me back to the dashboard and reports that the form is missing_token or_ts field.
    how do i reslove this pls.

  • @ Agwalogu Akobundu BobNorman -  This might be because you are uploading a large video.

    You might be uploading a large video, to do so you have to increase the max_upload_size in the .htaccess

  • is there a way to search popular sites (YouTube...) directly from the plugin?  Much like the Videolist plugin?  Your plugin works great on my install and I'd like to add that functionality.

  • im getting this error when i click the "enter URL option" any solution will be much appreciated :D thanks



    2009-12-07 04:42:51 (UTC): "PHP was not built with --with-curl, rebuild PHP to use the curl class." in file C:\xampplite\htdocs\elgg\mod\izap_videos\classes\class.curl.php (line 119)

  • @kaninglamig:
    We have relased a new version of the plugin with so many improvements. and that will give you better info about your environment. Click here to download. BTW, this error is becuase your server is not supporting "CURL". You need to compile CURL with php. And than it would work. Even in the new version, you will get this problem. But will be informed in a better way from server analysis tool.


  • HI iZAP,


    thanks for the response i appreciate it, could you tell me how to compile the CURL? im a newbie when it comes to PHP so my apology.


    Thanks again...

  • Also where can i find/install or modify PHP interpreter? thanks again.... :D

  • @kaninglaming:
    Well your host could answer that better. On linux it expected to be in /usr/bin/php or /usr/local/php/bin/php.

    And on window like "XAMPP", "WAMP", that could be loated under the installation directory of these servers.
    I hope that could help you.


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  • Updated: 2015-3-13
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