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  • @izap

    man please help we poblem in Video is queued up for convertion

    you not replay to we

  • @izap

    Sorry I'm a bit confused and really still new to coding and elgg.
    I installed the plugin and enabled it. i chose both on and off server.
    After that I went to upload an 5mb flv file. Upload is set to 20mb limit.
    After upload was complete. I got

    Video is queued up for conversion.

    is this because of FFMPEG? I don't know if I have that on the server. How to do I find that and how to install it and other instructions regarding FFMEG?

    Thanks for the help. I will put a link on my site to your site. And even a widget for best results.

  • @ izap  - I have made changes on the "FFMPEG Convert command" and "FFMPEG snapshot command" according your adviced.But still not sure what to do with the PHP interpreter path.Following is my server php info,can you please help me to verify for the PHP interpreter path ? Thank you very much!


  • @Dagorat and @elgg_noob: Try to refersh simple cache and view_paths. I hope that should solve the problem.

  • Nice i like it... I am not going to do video upload right off the bat and I am thinking about turning off embed option cause I don't really want to keep it idiot proof.

    Has anyone had any issues with the embed function if the code is not entered properly.

    What I would really like is a complete list of sites that the url function works with and if it has been tested against Id 10 T errors... I have run enough social platforms to know that the biggest problem you will run into is the end user... :)

    Just a point of refference the Allvideo plugin I have used for joomla supports a tun of video hosting sites... maybe you can sort through there code and release a patch to offer more url supported sites.

  • @johnnystrom:
           Yes you are right. I am totally agree with you. We will keep adding new URL's providing API for video fetching. It would be really nice if some of your can help us to find more sites offering video API. We will consider them in the next future releases.
    And with our plugin, You are independent. whatever you want to use.
    Thanks for your support.

  • @wolvie:
    Are you using dedicated server? On Server feature is recommended on dedicated server. Because, this way you will have complete control on your server. And you can install required libraries need to make it run. Let me know if you are using dedicated server / VPS or Shared hosting. I will suggest according.


  • @Dagorath how do you enable the extra features on tinymce. such as align left/right/centre/full, date/timestamp, preview, print, cut, copy, paste, search, replace, font family and size, erase format and emoticons.

  • @izap. sorry due to budget constraints we opted to be in a shared hosting server because we don't think this will become a huge site anyway. we are only looking at a few thousand members. for now we keep it way within our means. Is this going to have problems? Can we have a painless solution for this? can you also give me some details where to get ffmpeg and how to install it on the shared server? thanks.

  • @sam1

    You have to edit a config file for tinymce. To keep from getting too off-topic here, I suggest you check out the tinymce documentation. :)


    Refreshing the caches doesn't change anything. It still won't embed video. I am, however, testing in a blog only at the moment. I'll test it in something else in a sec but I doubt it'll change the effect.

  • I have a dedicated server and still have not figured out this video queue issue. As far as I can tell, the queue is always running and thus this code is never executed:

    function izapTrigger_izap_videos(){
      global $CONFIG;
      $PHPpath = izapGetPhpPath_izap_videos();
        set_plugin_setting('isQueueRunning', 'yes', 'izap_videos');
        exec($PHPpath . ' ' . $CONFIG->pluginspath . 'izap_videos/izap_convert_video.php izap web > /dev/null 2>&1 &');

    Even when I try to manually reset it in the Admin:Settings tab, the queue remains in the running state.

  • @draelius:
    This seems to me. Your php interpreter is not installed like "/usr/bin/php". If so, than go to settings of the "izap_video" plugin and change "PHP interpreter path". Don't forget to reset the queue from "Queue management". When you next time upload the video, Queue will be automatically get triggered. I hope, That will solve your problem.

  • here you go bud I have not verified that all of these sites are still around but the second table gives a nice list.


  • @johnnystrom:
    Thanks for the list. We will see what more we can add in this plugin.

  • @izap - php path is not the issue. Have to move on to other issues, so I've just set a cron job to run the conversion script every 15 minutes. Works for now.

  • @izap
    i'm on a shared hosting. any ideas how to get around my problem?


  • @izap

    I think it’s the php upload not working. Where or witch folder do hold the converted/uploaded files? Just to check?

    I do use the same server with an other videosytem that is working (Joomla and php upload).

  • Yea...forget about video uploading if your server has a different ffmpeg compilation codes as per request.That's why the only way to fix the issue of "video is queued for convertion" is to host your sites in dedicated hosting package.(very expensive)

    For shared hosting,it only can be fix if the server operator can help you to compile the ffmpeg codes to the video software requirement.( If you are very luckly)

  • @izap:

    is there anyway for the video player to have a preview image in it, at the moment if i have a video put somewhere i see a black box with the video controls at the bottom.  This is for on server videos.

    also i asked about a watermark b4 and i think you said you can do this in the settings page, but i dont see any option for that.

  • @ izap - Can you suggest any shared web hosting that can support your plugin for video uploading ? I have contacted with lots of web hosting company but they told me can't meet your ffmpeg codes requirement.They all suggested me host on dedicated server.

  • @Ken Yeap

    Dedicated hosting is not the only way to solw the issue, I’m on my own Windows XP machine running XAMPP 1.7.1

    So I'm still waiting for some clue on where the files are suppused to be stored so uppload function could be checked.....Then maby the convertion might work.....

  • @Izap and @kenYeap, yes please does any one knows of a good shared hosting service that has ffmpeg :)

  • Hi Izap, thx for this great plugin!

    I have a problem with this, after enable at tool admin, shown this with my website is gone:

    Welcome to Elgg.

    <!-- display any system messages -->


    izap_videos (plugin pack) is a misconfigured plugin.

    i have to delete this plugin via ftp, my website just shown back.

    can you help me?

    Thanx Izap

  • @gondino:
        You copied wrong folder. Just copy "izap_videos" and "tinymce" in "mod/" directory. and re-enable tinymce and izap_videos.

    Simple one! No:)

  • Oh God!

    Miss out ...just cant be wait to try this great plugin!

    Thanx alot! This time is loading fine...


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