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  • @ antracit - I don't think so.I use tinymce from Karsten Schulze.I don't have any problem to upload the video file like flv,mov and so on and it successfully convert and play on my site.I dont need to do any additional ffmpeg compilation work. 

  • Ok


    I still donot know where to look fore the uploaded files? If they been uploaded at all?



  • Good work as always!

    I wish to learn the proper way of removing tinymce from izap editors. I won't be using embedding.

    And I'm still trying to run this on a windows machine with apache, ffmpeg is set up. After sending the video, I get 'queued for conversion', and it won't get converted.

  • @Darkwind Duck:
    We are working on this plugin to be run on windiows machine. We will be back soon with good news :)

  • Would anyone be able to help me get this rather cool plugin working on my site ?

    Running Elgg 1.5 on a dedicated Debian v5 server
    I have installed ffpmeg and it runs fine when I su to the www-data user
    ffmpeg converts a test.mp4 video okay from the command line using the same parameters as the Elgg/iZap video parameters.

    When I upload a test video, it just sits in the queue.
    I can see the uploaded video file in my elgg/data/<elgusername>/tmp directory, which the www-data user has read/write access to.

    I ran a whereis php command and it is in /usr/bin/php   (as listed in the plugin settings)
    The ffmpeg settings are both pointing to /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg and I can run it from there.

    Any suggestions on trying to the get videos picked up from the queue ?

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  • more about tinymce,

    just realized that tinymce began to appear not only on izap inputs, but on all the site, whether tinymce plugin is turned on or not in the site tools settings.

    I'll just try to restore tinymce to the previous state, before the folder in the izap archive was copied, and let you know.

  • @Gib:
    I would suggest you to click on "Reset now" from "Queue management". Than upload new video again. And let me know the results.

  • ok, tried it on an original 1.5 release.

    enabling izap activates tinymce on the site. it's not related with the copied tinymce folder.

  • Thanks izap, I hit the reset now and upload some fresh vidoes.

    They still sit in the queue, but they now have thumbnail pictures on them.
    There is no cpu activty after upload.
    It creates the .png files in /var/lib/elgg/data/<username>/izap_videos/uploaded

    Here are the main settings from the Elgg plugin.
    /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -y -i [inputVideoPath] -vcodec libx264 -vpre hq  -b 300k  -bt 300k  -acodec libfaac  -ar 22050  -ab 48k  [outputVideoPath]
    /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -y -i [inputVideoPath] -vframes 1 -ss 00:00:10 -an -vcodec png -f rawvideo -s 320x240 [outputImage]

    Are there any logs I cna check ?

  • Thanks for your help izap, problem resolved.

    The SITEACCESS plugin appears to be the culprit, in particular the "Enable walled garden" option.
    I tried adding mod/izap_videos to the walled garden exceptions, but it still didn't work when walled garden is enabled.
    If I turn walled garden off, it converts okay via FFMPEG.

  • @Gib - thatnks for this update. I had been having the same issue. A cron job at the server level solved the problem for me. I, too, have confirmed that disabling the walled garden option does indeed fix the problem. Now to go back and see what the implications are and if there is a workaround while having the option enabled.

  • When I attempt to type a URL or embed code to connect to a Youtube or video from any other site, I am unable to type text into the input fields or paste text into the input fields.  If I right click the mouse and choose "select all" then the cursor will show up in the position it should be ready for me to type.  Anyone else experience this problem?  I've experienced this problem with the last version as well.  Please advise.

  • @Mike:
    Please let me know some thing about the browser you are using. I will see this and  be back to you with the possible solution.

  • any idea why tinymce gets enabled on the site when izap video is enabled? any potential files I should have a look at?

  • Am I reading the strings correctly in that this module will NOT work in a shared hosting environment?


  • Great plug in, I really like it alot and will hopefully use it on the live site but encoutered a problem when I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8.0.600. I am unable to ype anything in the text fields (Title, descript, etc) This is the same in the En ter URL, Upload and Embedd tabs. I have tested other plug ins and they work correctly (iun regards tro entering text). I also tried this in other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Sea Monkey, etc) and everyting works fine. What might it be?

    Also, when ever I attempt to upload a video (I have tried several formats all under the size regulation) and get the error "Form is missing __token or __ts fields" is this something others are getting?

    Embedding seems to work flawlessly.


  • Has anyone set up izap_video on a shared web host that has ffmpeg already installed?  

  • @ Roz I get the same issue as well with IE8 ... it seems to work for a few seconds as it loads then you can't type anything into the fields. you need to press one of the formating buttons like "bold" or "underline" to get the fields working... any ideas??

  • @korins, @roz :

    Try disabling tinymce. Looks like related with the bug I've reported. IZap enables tinymce on all site, so perhaps enabling tinymce on your site makes a double reference, or runs a script double times or something...


  • I get this error when I try to add video


    izap was working fine when I first installed it.

    anybody knows what is wrong?

    I'd set settings correctly

  • @dw

    were you able to find a solution to the tinymce bug? I'm having the same problem, tinymce rises from its grave when I enable izap :)

  • When i install this . it seems to work fine but when im going to videos and want to add sometinh. I cant wright anything down. It highlights the bar but if im typing nothing appears. Am im doing something wrong?

  • With small videos it works fine for me, but with a 4mb video, it stays indefinitely in queue.

    I will try with more videos and write here my results.


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