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  • @alapzaj: Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider in our next road map.

    @Jordan: Jordan, Most of the issues you have mentioned are simple php notice and warning. These are not causeing 500 an "Internale Server Error". It might be possible if there is some confliction of plugins. But these error messages are not give me clear info about the exact problem you are getting.

    @al.t:I am happy to see, it is working on your ubuntu server. And for your second issue: You just need to disable onsite video from the izap_videos plugin's "settings" link from the admin panel. Let me know, if i didn't follow your question?


  • Hi izap,
    I have a spot of bother with inserting Videos at the comments. I can add the Videos into the comments field, (shows the yellow flash box) but it doesn`t shows me the Video after saving the comment. Done all the "..some more strict instructions" and I have done the "..remove your browser cache" advice. ..but no Videos shown in the comments. What do I wrong?

    Many thanks!

    PS: using the latest svn and Extended tinyMCE

  • @izap: I am having a similar problem with @jordan.  I'm trying to figure out and getting closer.  when I comment out this code ($area2 .= elgg_view('izap_videos/form')) on line 23 on izap_videos/add.php, the error goes away but obviously without the add form being displayed.  I've changed the plugin setting to disable on-site video and that didn't seem to have made a difference.

    looks like somewhere in the form.php... Any suggestion on how I can trace this without having to go through each line of the code?

  • Hi izap, are you thinking to put some rewrite rule for seo user friendly urls for your plugin?


  • @al.t Thanks for piping in, your insight helped me figure something out. If you comment out the IF statment from lines 81 to 100 in the mod/izap_videos/views/default/izap_videos/forms.php file it seems to work for me. I think I dissabled the on server content from working but all I need is the off server content which seems to work. I hope that helps.

    @IZAP Any ideas what could be causing this problem. I too am using OpenSUSE 11.1 Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Just to bump my previous comment:  Is anyone else interested in the ability to use raw arbitrary video embed code in addition to urls from the pre-defined sites?

  • Everything i try to upload courses:


    Can't get video from the site. Site is not responding.
  • Hello!

    I have no problems with your pougin, it is great! But why do new comments don't appear on the river?

    Regards, Gleb!

  • First thing, thanks for this amazing plugin , it's work's fine with normal condition, but I have a problem,

    I am trying to open video player in popup's and multiple times in a same page. in FF it is fine , but in IE video player is opening for the first time only.
    any idea ...what might cause the issue ?

  • I solved the problem I had with this plugin, I couldn't add any video. I played with the mod/izap_videos/views/default/izap_videos/form.php file as Jordan did, and just changing in line 97 the <? by <? php it worked (I had the same problem with a file of Quoteoftheday).

    But then I had the problem with the CURL matter and I couldn't get any url video. If someone works with Windows xp and Wampserver, in order to enable CURL on a Windows environment, first you must copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll from the DLL folder of the PHP/ binary package to the SYSTEM folder of your Windows machine. (Ex: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

    And after that if you are using WAMPserver, you can enable the cURL extensions by Left-click on WAMPserver tray icon>PHP>PHP extensions> Check php_curl, or you can also remove the semi-colon in front of the ;extension=php_curl.dll line in php.ini, saving php.ini and restarting Apache.

    Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE Now it runs perfect. Thank you for the plugin.

  • I can't play the video after upload.Just see a black sceen player.I use 1.5 elgg and uploaded flv file below 10 mb.

  • What is the limit size of upload file?

  • What a great plugin! Followed instructions as you said and it works like a charm.

    A great addition for the Elgg community... and my website :)

  • Can someone send me links to your video's useing izap I would like to see thank you.

  • hi,

    now embed function doesn't work...i click on video but nothing in the editor ...if i remove the editor i see the code correctly but when i save no video ...:(


  • Is it possible to upload via ftp? Where would these media files be stored? We have elgg on a shared server that only allows 8mb/upload. It would be nice if I could ftp a few of the larger files.

  • When I try to upload a video I get a red warning box that says

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    I cleared both cach's and overwrite the tinymce plugin.


  • Works fine on my 1.6 based web site.

    Along with TidyPics, it's now an essential plugin for me.

  • it doesnt work with my 1.6 all i get is a blank wht page

  • Hello,

    does IZap Video already support archive.org hosted videos? I have an old version installed which doesnt... still archive.org is the best video hoster, licensing wise, for me and i cannot use it with izap.


    How in the world... can you edit a URL once you've embeded it? :x

    Embed videos 
    Video url   <- How 2 edit? D:



  • Hi all,

    i am unable to edit video link which is started by "-" [for ex : -tDwkQamxsc] .. Please tell me the solution ... Thanks in advance


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