Site Access 2.6. Full working release for 1.7+ v2.6

Release Notes

In this release:

*Added direct email confirmation support (no more use of token or token errors during email confirm)

With Love,Uddhava dāsa

  • Suggestion. I use extra fields for registration using Profile Manger and I have no problem with spam, that may change one day!

  • TahoeBilly,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I downloaded and installed it.  Can you suggest how I should set it up.  The settings are a bit cryptic ( or I'm to dense to get it ).


  • I'm having a problem with email validation.  I'm getting the email with the validation email but clicking it does not remove the registration from the "emails not validated" list. Any ideas

    plugins installed include:

    siteaccess settings:
    My current Registration Options
    Allow account activation via email?  No
    Auto activate account? (does not enforce email validation) No
    Send join events to River Dashboard? No
    Require invitation to register? Requires plugin "invitefriends" (invitefriends is disabled )
    Require coppa to register? no
    Require site Password to register? no

    Plugins disabled are:

  • @MontanaMike

    What are your Walledgarden Options?  Do they match the recommended ones?

  • I have this same question that I have seen asked several times here but not answered yet. Will someone please respond to the question:

    This plug in is NOT sending emails to the user to validate OR for the admin to know that users are pending admin approval.

    The rest of my site will send emails, messages, notifications, etc.. so I know the site is able to send emails out but they are not being sent by this plug in.

    I am using elgg 1.7.3 I am not using walled garden or coppa.

    Everything else on site access appears to be working fine except for sending emails. Is there a setting to change? or does anyone have any ideas?

    Please respond, there are others asking the same thing.

  • Is There Anyway To Disable The Captcha? 
    It Dosen't Display In Our Theme.
  • Has this been tested with 1.7.4.?

  •  @ALL
    I've been trouble-shooting S/A for a client who's using v.2.4 while the latest is v.2.6 and so..
    I did a source-compare -> wtfh !!!
    There is no difference in the S/A code betweeen 2.4 and 2.6 ;-)
    Therefore - if you think upgrading to 2.6 will fix your woes ? diddley ;-P

  • 2.6 Updated: 2010-5-30

    Any plan when the next update will be released? Thanks again for your work on this...

  • Thank you DhrupDeScoop!!!! You were able to fix the issue I mentioned above to allow site access to run the way is says that it can.

  • @Jason ;-) thx for the accolades and you're q welcome.. headaches gone.. smiles can begin ;-)

  • It's a great idea to combine the siteaccess plug-in and log-in by email plug-in

  • I also have the same problem as hmathias does.

    Elgg 1.7.4. Captcha does not work when this plugin is active...

    --- hmathias said ---

    hi i've just been trying to register as a test user and I fill in all the details, then I click register I get an error message saying the it didn't match the text on the screen. I'm assuming that the number that is generated is the cause of this problem. Any ideas?



    help ? 



  • I have the following plugins enabled that deal with registration:

    • siteaccess 2.4 (installed 2.6 but it says ver 2.4)
    • captcha 1.7
    • registrationterms 1.0

    It seems that siteaccess over-rides the view of captcha and registration terms where the latter two actually extend the original registration form.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to use site access with the original captcha and plugins like registrationterms?

    Thank you

  • My work around was to disable captcha and registration terms.

    I used the site access capture (tho It's not a pretty as the default) and I added a registration terms enable/disable to the site access plugin.

    This seems to work fine, Take a look and let me know if you want the modifications published here.

  • If you update site access with my fix for listing users to be activated after they change their email address (see page 4), change "uservalidationbyemail_get_unvalidated_users_sql_where" to "siteaccess_get_unvalidated_users_sql_where" in all 3 places.  This will prevent a white screen of death if you happen to accidently enable the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

  • It would be nice if there was a way to include pattern matching for email validation.  I have noticed that 99% of the spambots that try to register with my site have an, and I would like to be able to just say from the outset !=* or similar. ^^


  • hi Uddhav

    I installed your plugin and i allready had installed the profile manager plugin. In this profile manager plugin i can set custom registration fields. When i enable site acces the custom registration fields arent visible. Is there a way to get these fields visible?



  • @elinQ

    I have the same problem!! And can confirm the issue

  • This plug in is not sending emails to the admin for validate. Tank

  • Hi man! thanks a lot for this nice plugin! I figure out that it replaces the register view,  so the it lose the extensions.

    You should add $form_body .= elgg_view('register/extend'); (I did it above the captcha line) in order to get it compatibile with profile_manager plugin for example.

    Good job and thanks again!

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Monaco} span.s1 {color: #112fc7}

  • Will there be a fix of this plugin?

    Could you specify in what file you made the changes?

    And did it solve the "mail out" issue as well?

  • Okay, what I did!


        $form_body .= elgg_view('siteaccess/register');


        $form_body .= elgg_view('register/extend');

    Save and upload

    But will it solve the issues?

  • Stan

    I made the changes to siteaccess as per your post.  But I'm now getting the following error


    File profile/136small.jpg (file guid:0) (owner guid:136) is missing an owner!

    Any idea how to repair this?


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