Site Access 2.6. Full working release for 1.7+ v2.5

Release Notes

Tested for 1.7. Fully working update.

Installation instructions:Replace actions/register.php in your elgg core codePut the siteaccess folder in the mod/ folder

Enable plugin, and tweak settings to your choice.

With Love,Uddhava dāsa

  • @Uddhava dasa, thank you for all of the work that you have done on this plugin and that you picked up this plugin, for maintenance, after ShellCode abandoned (very strangely disappeared!) the project.  ...Is it possible to provide a full changelog, from where ShellCode left off, until now?  ...Also, have you tested this plugin in conjunction with the Profile Manager from Jeroen?

  • Hello Yakiv,

    I'm glad to be able to contribute. I appreciate Elgg, and i like to give a little bit also.

    The changes have been minimal, and mainly maintenance releases, since i've got little time to add new features, and i feel its already very feature rich. To see changes in code, simply use a find differences command in BBedit, or similar, you'll see its just very few lines since 2.2.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • Thanks!  I will do a diff check.  ...Maybe you can organize a team, for feature development?  There were lots of good ideas, that people came up with, in the ShellCode group, but no one to develop them now.  Anyway, I am happy that you are at least trying to maintain this!  ...I just think that the further we go along, we are going to need this to have tighter integration with other plugins and add new features.

  • Thanks Uddhava for this plugin release. This plugin is a must for a social network. I dont know why Elgg team doesnt use this in core.


  • @Uddhava dasa Thank you so much, this is the MOST useful plugin for Elgg.. afterall without site access would users be able to post photos, videos, blog et al? ELGG core team should really integrate this plugin ASAP!

  • You are welcome Tom, Agus,

    We've got the plugin running, so its not so bad. I would also like to be part of core. But as long as its working, at least we can continue our work.

    Any intelligent community site wants to restrict the users that participate in it. Who wants to become dead with useless content and useless users?

    Hare Kṛṣṇa!

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • @Uddhava dasa - Thanks. Giving it a whirl. First off. Am I correct to assume that if using SiteAcess that we should disable 1) uservalidationbyemail and 2) captcha? I think I remember that's was in earlier version instructions. If true, I think it would be good to have this added in your instructions for first time users to know. --- Let you know how it goes. -ron

  • This plugin works well, however it doesnt pick up the users that where registered but hadn't validated their e-mails before installation; so I still cant manually activate my old users (before install of site access)

  • @Tom  Maybe the Miscellaneous Adminstration plugin might help you. I used it when I could not use SiteAccess, and it did recognized some of the old unvalidated addresses after I converted to 1.7. But it doesn't now appear to work any more now that I've reinstalled Site Access. Maybe it's worth giving it a try.  Here it is.


  • Yes Ron,

    1) uservalidationbyemail
    2) captcha

    Also, better finish with your user queue, and then upgrade to 1.7

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa


  • By the way it works for me, no problem with previous unvalidated users, they still appear on the users list.

  • @Uddhava dasa - Registrations appears to work well. Thank you.

    Question: What is the WalledGarden purpose. I tried to activate it but all it appeared to do is double screens which didn't seem to make any sense. Does this have something to do with Tom's comment above, "afterall without site access would users be able to post photos, videos, blog et al?".

    I don't understand how SiteAccess has anything to do with photos, videos, etc. Does the WalledGarden have something to do with this? It doesn't make much sense for us.

    Anyway, on the registration end, I really appreaciate you getting it working on 1.7. It's very useful. Thanks again. 


  • What did you mean when you said "Also, better finish with your user queue, and then upgrade to 1.7?"  Not quite sure what you mean by that? We've already upgraded to 1.7 on all of our sites.


  • Hi Ron,

    Yeah i didn't understand that photos, etc comment. I think it was a language problem.

    I mean, finish reviewing users who are in queue, authorize, or delete. I have no problem though, it was just as a suggestion if someone is having trouble with the upgrade.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa


  • Uddhava, captcha not working with user registration. It works if the captcha plugin disabled. Any idea ?

  • @ Uddhava, ah, I see.  And, you didn't reply to my other question above. I'd like to know. Here it is again ...

    Question: What is the WalledGarden purpose. I tried to activate it but all it appeared to do is double screens which didn't seem to make any sense.

    @ Agus, the captcha plugin should be disabled. We don't seem to have any problem with captcha and Site Acess. It's not as graphic as the captcha plugin, but it is a group of characters that requires manual entry that would help in stopping spam botts. It appears to be working ok.  What are you seeing? Nothing?

  • "walled-garden" makes the elgg-based site walled-in and content can only be seen by logged-in users except that the "Access Control list of approved pages for walledgarden" defines those pages, etc that may be exposed to logged-out users, e.g. account/register.php, account/forgotten_password.php, etc.. I have walled-garden activated in elgg v1.7b and do *not get the "double screens" that make no sense..

  • Hi, I think this plugin conflicts with the login by email plugin ( Are there any plans to resolve the conflict or to integrate these two great plugins in to a single plugin?

  • @Dhrup 'De' Scoop  Ah, I a see. That explains why the double screens disappear when I log in. As for the double screens, this happens immediately after I turn the walled-garden on and log out. There are 2 screens, the login screen on the left as usual and then another login screen directly to the right and slightly below it, but it has an error warning saying " You must be logged in to view this page". Believe it or not, but I can log into either of the two screens and they both work. Once logged in, the 2nd screen disapears. 

    On the other hand, if I visit the site with a different brower, the 2nd screen is not there. It appears that it's possible one of the two screens are cached. I'm guessing if I refresh the original browser and start over clean, the 2nd screen may disappear. Haven't tried it cause now that I know what the walled-garden is, we won't be using it anyhow.

    In summary, I don't think there is anything broken with the walled-garden - it's just the "how" I was viewing it.

    Hey, by the way, I guess now you know I won't need your assistance with this Site Access. It's working ok. I may come calling for other additional help though.

    Thanks again, 


  • During my registration tests, I'm getting a ton of "Token Mismatch errors --- probably page has expired". Sometimes the registration works, more often than not I get the Token mistmatch error. Any idea what's going on. -Ron

  • By the way, the "Token Mismatch error" I mention above comes after the user gets his validation email, clicks on it to validate it, and then presto "Token Mismatch...".

    fyi - this is a subdomain site - In every instance we are directing to, not ever to


  • I've found more data. I can varify this 100% of the time.

    1) Open Browser, 2) Enter site, 3) Register User, 4) Verify email is sent. 5) Open mail, receive mail, and click link. 6) All goes well. The registration is complete with no errors.


    1) Open Browser, 2) Enter site, 3) Regiser User, 4) Verify email is sent. 5) Closer Browser, 6) Open mail, receive mail and click link. 7) Get a Token Mismatch error every time.

    Thus, if I close the browser after doing the registration, every time I click the email to verify it, the browser reopens with the Token Mismatch error. If I don't close the browser after doing the registration, the registration goes smoothly without any problems.

    Any idea why his is happening? I've tried it on 2 different computers and 2 different browsers. Identical response.



  • I'm  further confused. I deslected "Allow account activation via email?" Now it says "No". But when I register the same message is displayed "Check your email and select the link" - and that email is sent just like it used to be.

    I thought by disallowing account activation by email, would not send the email and thus we would be able to manually activate each user. But it appears that is not what is happening. What is suppose to happen when I select "NO" for the "Allow account activation via email"/

    Am I doing something wrong?


  • The Token Mismatch error appears to be a problem specific to Site Access. I disabled Site Access. Reinstalled the original actions/register.php. ReEnabled uservalidationbyemail. And ran the tests again.

    This time there was NO TOKEN MISMATCH ERROR on either test. It made no difference whether the browser was closed or remained open. The registration went perfectly in all cases. If you are wondering what I am referring to, go back to my message two posts ago to see the tests with Site Access that caused the Token Mistmatch error. problem. 

    In summary, it appears the Site Access has a problem with Token Mismatch; whereby uservalidationbyemail, does not.



  • One last thing. I noticed that the email validation link for Site Access is quite a bit longer than the validation link for uservalidationbyemail. Not sure if that means anything or not, just something I thought was curious.

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