Elgg Developer Tools v1.7.0

Release Notes

New features:

  • event and plugin hook discovery
  • language string discovery for i18n

This version works with Elgg 1.7.x. Use 1.6.3 on Elgg 1.5.x and Elgg 1.6.x.

  • This tool is very useful.

    Thank you, Cash!


  • Hello Cash, I have modified the includes/pluginBuilder.php, line 236 of you module to prevent generating modules with deprecated functions:

    $css_reg = "\textend_view('css','{$plugin_name}/css');\n";

    now is

    $css_reg = "\telgg_extend_view('css','{$plugin_name}/css');\n";

    I hope you find it useful for you next version.



  • hey cash,

    i've been looking at getting firePHP debugging to activate for my installation and also have this dev tools plugin installed.

    I found the following: 

    i) where devtools is activated and the firePHP option is set to off: the lines in my code that include the firePHP file (include_once) generated a fatal browser error due to the file being included multiple times (which itself is confusing since I thought 'include_once' was supposed to handle such occurrences). Where I remove the 'require_once' reference from my code the error is not generated and no PHP logs msgs are produced in the browser console.

    ii) if I turn on the firePHP option in devtools i find that I still need to include the line:

    $firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true);

    in order to get any log output to the browser console.. 

    and additionally the log messages are output 3 times, instead of once!

    so it looks to me that the only purpose of enabling the option in devtools is to auto include the firePHP include file.. is that correct?

    if so, then there is a bug because it appears that the file is being included anyway.. even when the option is set to off.


    the issue with the 3 log lines being output is also confusing me since the same thing happens with evan's plugin 'minify'.. both independent of each other.

    if i disable devtools and minify and manually insert the firePHP lines in the appropriate places the debug output is as expected. one line at a time.

    for now I will just disable devtools and minify; but i'd like to know what the intended behaviour of devtools is with regards to firePHP and also if there is a bug or if I am not dealing with firePHP in the way you expected.


  • can we create widget in this plugin

  • @shanu - this will create a plugin skeleton with the views needed for a widget.

  • @cash can u give some documents about this plugin.

  • @cash Thanks for the awesome plugin. This is a must have for anyone beginning plugin development for elgg. So does the current version comply to the new file configuration for elgg 1.8?

  • @Charlie - Most of the functionality of this plugin has been bundled with the "Developer Tools" plugin in 1.8. The plugin here is for 1.7.

  • « Most of the functionality of this plugin has been bundled with the "Developer Tools" plugin in 1.8. The plugin here is for 1.7. »

    Where is FirePHP integration, page creation timing and plugin skeleton creation in the Developer Tools in Elgg 1.8 ???

    This plugin should be rewriting for 1.8 and more...

  • A plugin skeleton is provided in /documentation/examples/plugins in the Elgg install

    No plans to add FirePHP support to the developer tools.

    If page creation timing is not there, it is just an oversight. Pull request?

  • Will this plugin work on 1.8? What plugin replaced it?

  • @KenMc: Elgg 1.8 comes with the bundled "Elgg Developer Tools" plugin that replaces this plugin here.


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 8465
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