Elgg Developer Tools v1.6.2

Release Notes

New feature: you can now inspect global variables like views, actions, and events.


If upgrading, I recommend deleting the previous templates directory as I change how those files are named so that Eclipse's syntax checker doesn't complain so much.

  • hey Is it possible that an API plugin could be made,

    like Facebook & Twitter have their own API???

  • Shayan - already exists in core. The current one has a lot of bugs but we're releasing a new version with Elgg 1.7. It is a REST/RPC hybrid framework that is very similar to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and others. Individual developers will get to define what functions to expose as a part of the API. See http://groups.google.com/group/elgg-development/browse_thread/thread/419de9d6cfa6ef06 for the developer discussion on this.

  • @cash I wanted to share a tip for these tools.  I created a plugin where I was using a few firePHP logging commands.  I sent the plugin to someone else for testing, not thinking too much of it.  When he told me it broke, I realized it was probably because he was not using this plugin (firePHP was not included in his version of ELGG).

    Basically am now checking to see if firephp is enabled before I perform any logging with the following if statement.:

    if (function_exists(fb))...

    This way I can leave the code in there and not worry about whether firePHP is installed.

    I may end up removing it all anyway when I am ready to go into production since I will not be using firephp in my prod site.  But until then, I can pass my development version around for testing without worrying about dependecies.

    Let me know if you know of a better way to do this.

  • Take a look in the includes directory. There is a fake FirePHP wrapper class in there. It is included automatically if FirePHP is off by the main Elgg dev tools class. You could do something similar with all your plugins: test whether the FirePHP wrapper class exists and if not, load the fake class. It's just a stub so that you don't get problems like you describe.

    I think that is easier than wrapping every call with a function_exists()

    To make this work, I always have the Elgg developer tools as the top plugin so I'm sure it includes FirePHP before any other plugins have a chance to load the fake class. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks cash.  I did notice the wrapper class (after my previous post) and thought about re-using in a more complex plugin with extensive logging.  I haven't needed firephp too extensively yet (one or two calls at the moment) but its nice to have it there when I need it.

    Thanks again, this is a great plugin.

  • Wow, awesome plugin.  The plugin builder is just excellent.  I think every elgg developer should use this to get their plugins going as it will help teach people the standard layout, etc.

    I was also presently surprised to see that we think alike!  I also started putting pages in a "pages" directory and extra libraries in a "lib" directory to keep things organized.  I'm definitely going to use this to get myself started with any future plugins.

    I'm surprised this isn't a curvrider-supported plugin.  It seems like a tool such as this would have a big effect on plugin development speed and quality, which is good for everyone.

  • Great plugin, the plugin page creation is great i was thinking in do something like that. I would like to complete it more, with images manipulation, and more stuff!



  • Thanks for the feedback guys. There is a google code project for this here: http://code.google.com/p/elgg-developer-tools/

    I'll probably be releasing a new version soon that has some features for Elgg 1.7.

    If you have ideas to improve, create some tickets at the google code site. We can also work out svn access.

  • Hi Cash,

    Really great plugin, and good to see it promoted by curverider themselves :)

    I have made one really minor improvement to the PluginBuilder class, which you may consider adding to the next release.

    I was running into permission problems, mainly with the manifest.xml file. It basically had no permissions. Here we work in with a variety of php applications that create files and I've never run into this before. To combat this, I added thefollowing line to the createFile method:

    chmod($this->base_dir . $filename, 0777);

    and this to the createDirectory method:

    chmod($this->base_dir . $new_dir, 0777);

    I do understand that this problem could be solved with just a bit of sever admin, but this seemed the quickest way...

    Cheers again!
    Andy :)


  • Hi Cash,

    If I enable the debug mode can you please let me know where are the log files available?

    Can I change the location of the logs?


  • The Apache error log is used by default by Elgg. Its location depends on the operating system/distribution.

    I also have a plugin that redirects error messages to a file of the user's choice but I haven't updated it in more than a year and have no idea if it still works.

  • Thanks Cash....!! Really useful info.....I hope these will be part of your book.


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